Randolph  County,  Indiana


Photo Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Comments
 Page 1 ADAMS Charles C. 02/11/1873 09/09/1889 S.S. as Jennette and John
  ADAMS Jennette 01/11/1835 06/02/1887 S.S. as John and Charles
  ADAMS John O. 10/12/1831 03/14/1901 S.S. as Jennette and Charles
  ADDINGTON Samuel L. XXXX XXXX Son of J. & J. Addington (Sunken Stone)
  BRADRICK Sylvester M. XXXX 07/17/1858 Son of W. & M. Aged 4Y 4M & 15 D
  BRINKLEY Margaret XXXX 09/13/1871 Aged 58Y 4M & 15D
 Page 2 COUGILL Arabella Teresa 1836 07/26/1859 Daug of John & Nancy Aged 22Y 6M 7D
  COUGILL Emly XXXX 03/31/1854 Daug of R. & E. Aged 13Y 1M & 1D
  COUGILL Filinda XXXX 07/28/1858 Daug of R.B. & E. Aged 10Y 2 M & 23D
  COWGILL George XXXX 06/15/1865 Aged 72 Years
  CRAIG Eliza XXXX 06/29/1892 Wife of John Aged 77Y 8M & 24D
  CRAIG John XXXX 06/28/1890 Aged 77Y 4M & 27D
  CRAIG Samantha XXXX 11/06/1863 Daug of John & Eliza Aged 25Y 8M & 18D
 Page 3 DAVIS Mary J. XXXX 07/01/1860 Daug of J. & N. Davis (Sunken Stone)
  FOWLER Minors L. XXXX 03/07/1863 Co. C. 19 IND Inf (Two stones)
  GODWIN Ella E. XXXX 02/10/1895 Wife of M.E. Aged 35Y 6M & 20D
  OLVEY Louvisa 1858 1927 XXXX
 Page 4 GROVE Abraham XXXX 09/29/1876 Aged 71Y 9M & 28D
  GROVE Charlie E. XXXX 07/08/1878 Son of D.H. & S.A Aged 7M & 8D
  GROVE Matilda J. XXXX 09/11/1858 Daug of David & Susan Aged 3Y 2M & 21D
  GROVE Susan XXXX 01/03/1878 Wife of D.H. Aged 43Y 3M & 12D
  GROVE William R. XXXX 01/28/1877 Aged 42Y 10M & 1D
 Page 5 HAMMERS Arthur L. XXXX 04/03/1879 Son of E.O & E. M Aged 13Y 1M & 26D
  HAMMERS Laura R. XXXX 08/31/1862 Daug of Joseph & Achsah Aged 4Y 10M & 12D
  HAMMERS Mary L. XXXX 08/28/1862 Daug of Joseph & Achsah Aged abt 2Y (1860 Census)
  HAMMERS Sarah Ann XXXX 01/18/1856 Daug of J. & A. Aged 25D
  HARRIS Aaron M. XXXX 11/21/1858 Son of ? & E. Aged 9Y 4M & 15D
  HARRIS Eliza J. XXXX 12/15/1858 Daug of J. & E. Aged 1Y 5M & 21D
  HUFFMAN Charles D. 1867 1907 Stone next to Margaret West Huffman
 Page 6 HULDERMAN Henry XXXX 06/03/1863 Aged 53Y 10 M & 20D
  JARNAGIN Mary B. XXXX 06/15/1859 Daug of G.W. & N.J. (Sunken Stone)
  KEEVER George XXXX 12/20/1886 Aged 83Y 1M & 9D
  KEEVER Inda XXXX 10/27/1868 Daug of G.W. & M.J. (Sunken Stone)
  KEEVER Infant Daughter XXXX 02/25/1858 Daug of A. & M.J. (Sunken Stone)
  KEEVER Infant Son XXXX XXXX Son of A. & M. (Sunken Stone)
  KEEVER James L. XXXX 01/30/1865 Son of George W. & Mary Ages 1Y 6M & 22D
  KEEVER Lena R. XXXX 01/12/1875 Daug of G.W. & M.J. Aged 10M & 9D
  KEEVER Mary J. 1831 1926 XXXX
 Page 7 LIKINS Hiram XXXX 10/12/1870 Son of P. & M. Aged 24Y 5M & 8D
  LYKINS Emmily 1847 1919 XXXX
  LYKINS Matilda 1819 1887 S.S. as Philip
  LYKINS Philip 1823 1887 S.S. as Matilda
  LYKINS Rhody XXXX 04/27/1863 Wife of Philip Aged 70Y 9M & 3D
  McCARTNEY Lloyd 11/14/1904 10/04/1948 Ind F1 US Navy
  MOORE Infant Son XXXX XXXX Son of G.S. & L.J. (Sunken Stone)
  MOORE Jane XXXX XXXX Daug of G.S. & L.J. (Sunken Stone)
 Page 8 MORRIS Cloyd XXXX 09/04/1890 Son of C.E. & Marietta Aged 5M & 11D
 8 MORRIS George Dice XXXX 12/22/1867 Son of G. & M. Aged 2M & 7D
 8 MORRIS Marietta XXXX 05/07/1890 Wife of Charles E. Aged 20Y 5M & 6D
 54 PUGH Barbara A. XXXX 10/10/1858 Wife of S. J. Pugh
 54 PUGH David W. XXXX 10/20/1858 Son of S.J. & B.A. (Sunken Stone)
 42 PUGH Flavius J. XXXX 10/14/1858 Son of S.J. & B.A. (Sunken Stone)
 28 PUGH James L. XXXX 10/10/1858 Son of S.J. & B.A. Aged 8Y 4M 2D (Broken)
 28 PUGH Samuel O. XXXX 02/01/1859 Son of S.J. & B.A. (Sunken Stone)
 42 RICHWINE Mary E. XXXX 07/20/1892 Aged 42Y 2M & 10D
RICHWINE Vandaver G. XXXX 09/02/1868 Son of J.L. & Mary E. Aged 4M & 15D
 52 SIMMONS John W. XXXX 09/27/1853 Son of J.L. & E. Aged 2Y 1M & 27D
 53 STEEL Joseph R. XXXX 11/20/1853 Son of P. & R. Aged 11M & 13D
STEEL Rebecca XXXX 9/15/185? Wife of Perry Steel Aged 45Y & 29D (Broken)
 36 TAYLOR Henry L. XXXX 09/18/1851 Son of H. & Elizabeth Taylor
 54 TAYLOR William J. XXXX 09/13/1854 Son of Elizabeth Taylor Aged 1Y 1M & 15D
 u28 UNKNOWN Ann XXXX XXXX (Broken Cemented) Next to Morris & Windowmaker
 u49 UNKNOWN Elias XXXX 11/5/18?? Son of ? & ? Next to Grove
 u36 UNKNOWN Ernest XXXX XXXX (Sunken Stone) Next to Keever & Bradrick
 u42 UNKNOWN Infant XXXX XXXX Stone is illegible next to Keever
  UNKNOWN Infant XXXX XXXX Stone is illegible next to Keever
  UNKNOWN Mary O. XXXX 01/06/1859 Daug of ? & ?
  UNKNOWN Roseta XXXX 07/02/1854 Daug of G. & L. Aged 1Y 7M & 11D
  UNKNOWN Unknown XXXX 1/7/18?? 22Y 3M & 21D (Broken) Next to Moore & Taylor
 Page U COWGILL Celia XXXX 07/02/1867 Wife of George Aged 82 Years
 Page U GROVES Infant Son XXXX 07/01/1865 Son of David & Susan Aged 9 Days
 Page U GROVES Laura E. XXXX 05/29/1875 Daug of David & Susan Aged 2Y 9M & 11D
Page U LYKINS Jesse 1862 1924 XXXX
 Page U McCARTNEY Marcella XXXX XXXX Written in Cement above Lloyd's Military Marker
  UNKNOWN Unknown XXXX 06/09/1853 2Y 1M & 20D (Broken) Next to Moore & Taylor
 42 WEST Claibourne XXXX 04/10/1863 Aged 36Y 4M & 21D
 45 WEST Margaret J. 03/30/1828 09/03/1903 Wife of Claiborne, later wife of Henry Huffman
 30 WILLIAMS Mary Jane 1849 1896 XXXX
 53 WILLIAMS Willie H. XXXX 12/21/1874 Son of G.W. & M.J. Aged 5M & 21D
 40 WINDOWMAKER Elizabeth (Miller) 02/07/1785 07/14/1863 S.S. as Jacob
 49 WINDOWMAKER Jacob 03/04/1781 10/04/1855 Soldier of the War of 1812

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