Randolph  County,  Indiana

Scott  Cemetery
aka  African  American

aka  Cabin  Creek  South

This is  NOT  a complete list of burials.  Information was contributed by researchers and taken from the remaining tombstones.

BARRAY, Sarah E., 1872-1972

BOWLIN, Charles Henry, 1878-1938

BOWLIN, Edward, 1840-1925

BOWLIN, Lydia A., 1848-June 3, 1889, Wife of Edward Aged 40 Y 10 M 6 D

CLARK, Eliza Clara, 1858-1923, Daughter of E. Bowlin

DAVIS, Odessa A., 1890-1949

GLADLY, Almire, 1868-1927

GLADLY, Harry, 1876-1925

JENNINGS, Eveline, 1812-1902

JENNINGS, Samuel, 1864-June 10, 1879, Son of W& E Jennings Aged 15 Y 2 M 11 D

JONES, Joanna, December 17, 1972, “Daughter”

LADD, Screlda, 1887-February 11, 1904

LADD, John W., 1894-February 11, 1962, “Dad”

LADD, Leacy A., 1875-1950, Same stone as Samuel H. Ladd

LADD, Samuel H., 1865-1924, Same stone as Leacy A. Ladd

MOORE, Alfred, CO. F. 23 U.S.C.I.

MOORE, Josephine, June 5, 1923-November 16, 1985, Same stone as Willard A.

MOORE, Willard A., July 20, 1919-????, Married Dec. 26, 1945, s/s Josephine

MORRIS, Nancy P., 1835-1906

OGLESBY, Elmina, 1868-1927, Same stone as Harry Oglesby

OGLESBY, Harry, 1870-1925, Same stone as Elmina Oglesby

REED, Bessie, 1892-19??, Same stone as John E. Reed

REED, John E., 1876-1954, Same stone as Bessie Reed

SAWYER, (Infant) Daughter, 1922

SAWYER, Clara B., March 31, 1884-March 1978, “Mother” Same stone as Thelma & Seth

SAWYER, Garnet R., 1921-1922, Daughter of S.T & C.B Sawyer

SAWYER, Marcus, 1864-1936, “Son” Same stone as Rachel Sawyer 

SAWYER, Rachel, 1840-1915, “Mother” Same stone as Marcus Sawyer 

SAWYER, Seth T., 1880-1955, “Father” Same stone as Thelma & Clara 

SAWYER, Thelma, 1908-19??, “Daughter” Same stone as Seth & Clara 

SCOTT, Anderson, 1840-1902, Same stone as Margaret A. Scott 

SCOTT, Annias, 1843-1920,Same stone as Irena Scott 

SCOTT, Arie, 1847-19??, Same stone as Martitia E. Scott

SCOTT, Bertha, 1887-1888

SCOTT, D. Alice, 1879-1901

SCOTT, Elizabeth, 1820-November 18, 1883

SCOTT, Hannah, 1819-November 4, 1870, Wife of J Scott Aged 50 Y 3 M 7 D

SCOTT, Irena, 1856-19??, Same stone as Annias Scott

SCOTT, James R., July 23, 1870-1953

SCOTT, Kissiah J., 1844, December 7, 1885, Wife of Eleazar Scott Aged 41 Y 4 M 19 D

SCOTT, Levi, 1833-1903

SCOTT, Margaret A., 1847-19??, Same stone as Anderson Scott “His Wife”

SCOTT, Martin, 1797-August 22, 1883

SCOTT, Martitia E., 1859-1923, Same stone as Arie Scott

SCOTT, Mary B., 1866, August 1, 1898

SCOTT, Mary E., August 4, 1885, Daug. of J & H Scott Aged 32 Y 2 M 3 D

SCOTT, Sarepta A., December 1876-May 3, 1893, Daug.of E & K Scott Aged 16 Y 1 M 27 D

SCOTT, William E., 1872-December 11, 1891, Son of E K Scott Aged 19 Y 5 M 19 D

SMOTHERS, Charles A., 1890-1891
Children of Charles H. and Cora Smothers

SMOTHERS, Clara R., 1887-1890
Children of Charles H. and Cora Smothers

SMOTHERS, Clarence B., 1892-1892
Children of Charles H. and Cora Smothers

SMOTHERS, Cora B., 1869-1896, Wife of Charles H. Smothers

SMOTHERS, Cora M., 1917-1918, Same stone as P. Juanita

SMOTHERS, Mary J., 1857-1911

SMOTHERS, Nancy A., June 19, 1884, Wife of C.H. Smothers (stone date1882)

SMOTHERS, Nancy I., 1895-1896
Children of Charles H. and Cora Smothers

STAFFORD, Glenda Adeline, December 1925-April 1926

STAFFORD, Margaret E., February 13, 1872, December 8, 1889, Daughter of Enos & Caroline

STEWART, Perlie A., March 19, 1910, Daughter of S.W & M.E. Stewart

STEWART, Birtie, December 28, 1896, Son of S.W & M.E. Stewart

WEAVER, Mary A., 1805-January 16, 1914, Aged 108 Y & 3 M

WOOD, Alice, 1879-1901

WOOD, Rena B., 1874-1899

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