Randolph  County,  Indiana
Greenfork  Township

Spartanburg  Cemetery

Located on the North edge of Spartanburg, on the West side of County Road 700 East, this cemetery is very old. Many pioneers are buried here.  Revolutionary War veteran, Christopher Borders  is buried here.  A memorial dedicated to all soldiers and sailors living and dead who served the United States in any of its Wars was erected in 1931.

Tucker's History Page 129.
Spartansburg (Greenfork Township, Section 10, Town 16, Range 1).

Ephraim Bowen, Sr., August 20, 1858, 89 years.
Hannah Bowen, September 1, 1844, 67 years.
Elizabeth Ranney, September 7, 1859, 72 years.
Elizabeth, wife of Abram Manning, February 16, 1862, 69 years.
Caleb Manning, August 22, 1864, 64 years.
Mary Jackson, August 5, 1863, 66 years.
Hosea Knox, January 3, 1869, 73 years.
Jesse Manning, August 4, 1871, 75 years.
John McKim, May 26, 1873, 61 years.
Mary, wife of Thomas Hough, July 1, 1873, 66 years.
James M. Bailey, October 22, 1873, 64 years.
Margaret, wife of Philip Hulvey, August 21, 1874, 73 years.
Elizabeth, wife of William Sasser, January 1, 1877, 64 years.
Mary Ann Patchin, February 27, 1879, 65 years.
Edward Jackson, February 26, 1879, 79 years.

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