Randolph  County,  Indiana
Green  Township

Steubenville  Cemetery
also  known  as
Cherry  Grove  Cemetery

Steubenville Cemetery is on the east side of State Road 1 at the south side of the Mississinewa River.  The old cemetery was started in the 1830's.  When the road was straightened, after the covered bridge was gone, it left the cemetery without an access.  That has been taken care of at the present time.  There is a grassy lane that runs back to the cemetery. Parking is available beside the hitching posts. This cemetery was also called Cherry Grove.

Tucker's History Page 129.
Green Township, Section 13, Town 21, Range 12.)

Benjamin Morris, March 28, 1846, 88 years.
Moses Meek, March 22, 1846, 75 years.
Hannah, wife of Moses Meek, September 1, 1862, 80 years.
William P. Gray, november 7, 1860, 72 years.
Mary, wife of William P. Gray, October 18, 1861, 72 years.
Hannah, wife of John Dull, January 3, 1876, 50 years.
Elizabeth, wife of Zebulon Cantrell, July 2, 1872, 61 years.

A church was built here in early times, but never finished, nor was it ever used for worship.

This in NOT a complete list of burials.  Information was taken from Tucker's History, existing tombstones and contributed records.  Many of the tombstones in this cemetery are broken or covered with lichen.  If you have any additions or corrections, please contactPhyllis Miller Fleming

Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Comments
BENNETTElizabeth August 22, 1877d/ J.M. & M.E 7m 22d
BOOHERCatherine  w/John no stone
BOOHERDanielMay 13, 1819190384y
BOOHEREmma Sarilda April 16, 1885d/ Henry & Mary J. 6m 13d
BOOHERJacob1834February 11, 188248y 10m 7d
BOOHERJohn  h/Catherine no stone
BOOHERMaryFebruary 1823December 4, 1876w/ Daniel 53y 10m
BOOHEROren18851887s/ Levi & Emma 1y 4m 17d
BOOHEROris  s/ Levi & Emma twin of Oren
BOOHERSusan 1860d/ Mary Booher 16y no stone
BOOHERSusannahApril 18, 1818June 30, 1852w/ Daniel 34y 2m 12d 2 stones
BOOTSAaron September 4, 186846y 5m 10d
BOOTSGeorge April 27, 1871s/ A. & N. 17y 11m 1d
BOOTSMary J. May 9, 1868d/ Aaron & Nancy
CANTRALLAusley November 20, 1870s/ G.W. & D.J. 1y 5m 19d
CANTRALLElizabeth July 2, 1872w/ Zebulon 61y
CANTRALLGeorge W. November 30, 187237y 5m 9d
CANTRALLInfant August 11, 1869Twin s/ G.W. & D.J 4m 11d
CANTRALLInfant August 22, 1881Twin s/ Francis M. & Mary E.
CANTRALLInfant August 22, 1881Twin d/ Francis M. & Mary E.
CANTRALLInfant August 17, 1869Twin s/ G.W. & D.J 4m 17d
CANTRALLJohn E. January 9, 1873s/ G.W. & D.J. 7m 17d
CANTRALLZebulon February 14, 188879y 11m 11d
DEARMONDMargaret J. October 4, 1872(Gordon) w/ Osro 20y 2m 1d
DULLHannah January 3, 1876w/ John 50y
GANTZGeorge W. March 7, 1850s/ J. & Elizabeth 5y 11m 1d
GANTZSarah R. March 26, 1850d/ J. & Elizabeth 1y 11m 5d
GORDONCatharine August 18, 1891(Life) w/ Silas T. 62y 18d
GORDONChildren  Children of F.M & L.A No dates
GORDONLaura A. September 23, 1896w/ F.M. 36y 19d
GORDONMalissa October 31, 1852d/ S.T. & C. 11m 16d
GORDONPersilla A. July 6, 1870d/ Wm H. & M.S. 2y 11m 13d
GORDONSusan March 30, 1850w/ Silas T. 32y 5m 10d
GORDONWilbur H.March 13, 1892April 25, 1896s/ F.M. & L.A.
GORDONWilliam H. 187232y
GRAYCaroline August 9, 1841d/ Wm & Mary 20y 8m 28d
GRAYCatherine  w/ John No dates
GRAYElizabeth A. April 21, 1853d/ John & Catharine 11y 11m 20d
GRAYJames Edward July 8, 1860s/ John & Catharine 17y 5m 11d
GRAYJohn A. March 16, 188873y 16d
GRAYJohn W. April 28, 1855s/ John & Catharine 4y 26d
GRAYMary October 18, 1861w/ William P. 72y
GRAYMary E. April 11, 1851d/ Edward & Nancy 10y 11m 19d
GRAYSarah E. July 13, 1849d/ Edward & Nancy 2y ?m 21d
GRAYWilliam P. November 7, 1860h/ Mary 71y 8m 1d
GREENAnn E. September 20, 1851d/ L. & M.J. 6y 1d
GREENGranville October 28, 186922y 9m 16d
GREENMary B. June 30, 1857d/ L. & M.J. 18d
GREENPhebe J. June 2, 1856d/ L. & M.J. 8m 12d
HALLInfant May 8? 1865d/ Peter & Mary
HALLJulia A. January 21, 1870d/ Peter & Mary 5y 2m 18d
HALLMary November 14, 1877(Cantrall) w/ Peter 36y 19d
KEENERRebecca January 11, 1856d/ A.L. & J. 10y 3m 16d
KENTHenry September 18, 1851s/ M. & M. 9m 26d
KENTMary May 18, 1843w/ Merrill 38y 2m 28d
KENTMary E. March 29, 1839d/ M. & M. 3m 4d
KENTThomas E. December 31, 1862s/ M. & M. 22y 4m 22d Co. E 36 Ind Reg
LAMBEmmaline May 30, 1871w/ John 26y 4m 29d
LOPERRebecca J. May 26, 1876w/ C.P. 42y 9m 24d
MEEKHannah September 1, 1862w/ Moses 80y 5m 21d
MEEKMoses March 22, 184675y
MILLERSarah M. August 19, 1860d/ John & M.A. 1y ?m
MORRISBenjamin March 28, 184688y or 82y
PHILLIPSElias April 2, 186636y 11m 2d
PHILLIPSGeorge December 27, 1870s/ L & R.J. 14y 5m 1d
REEDYAbraham O. November 9, 1879s/ A. & C. 9d
REEDYJames E. July 27, 1883s/ A. & C. 1y 4m 10d
REEDYLevi E. July 22, 1873s/ A. & C. 14d
REEDYSamuel F. September 24, 1862s/ A. & C. 1y 4m 21d
REEDYWilliam O. January 26, 1879s/ A. & C. 10m 16d
SLOANJoseph October 31, 184671y
SMITHDaniel Webster June 29, 1879s/ J.A. & Elizabeth 3y 4m 14d
SMITHDavid June 30, 1866s/ S. & H. 15y 5m 4d
SMITHElizabeth July? 14, 1862d/ S. & H. 6y
SMITHSamuel 186225y
STEE[?]Elizabeth February 1850d/ Moses & Elizabeth 10m Stee?
WEBBLycurgus August 27, 1862s/ A.B. & P.R. 11y 9m 8d
WEBBPrudence October 3, 1855d/ A.B. & P.R. 10m 9d
WINSHIPSarah 1868w/ W. H. 19y
WIRTElizabeth August 23, 1874w/ Israel 71y 6m 4d
WIRTIsrael F. August 9, 188073y 2m 27d

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