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PATTERSON, PUCKETT, REED - Sept. 14, 2004 Dempsey Reed married Elizabeth Patterson Sept. 13, 1836.
I found them on the 1840 White River Twsp census.
But where is the family on the 1850 census?
Some of the children who should be listed with them were Jeremiah, b. 1835-36, Mary, b. 1839, Henry, b. 1843, and Amanda, b. 1847. There were other children still unknown.
Jeremiah Reed married Rebecca Puckett, Sept. 14, 1855. She was the daughter of Garrett & Mary Puckett, according to her death record. I cannot find her parents or her on the 1850 census either.
Any clues would be greatly appreciated.
Tim Singleton

ABSHIRE, JONES, MOORE, MYERS, RAINS, WILSON - Oct. 16, 2004 Andrew Moore married Elizabeth Jane Wilson Apr 10, 1859 in Rand. Co. the two are my gg grandparents. Elizabeth was reportedly born in Greencastle, Putnam Co. In Aug 29, 1842.
This info is from the death certificate of their daughter, Clara (Clarissa) Caroline Moore who married my g grandfather James Buchanan Myers in Wells Co. in 1881.
Andrew and Elizabeth are in the 1860 Rand. Co. census. Andrew died in 1864 and she remarried Josh Rains. After that I don't know where they are and I can't find who Elizabeth's parents are.
Andrew may have been the son of James Moore and his first wife Sarah who apparently died at his birth. James is on the 1850 Rand. Co. census with a wife Hannah.
James had two other children by his first wife, both of whom were reportedly born in NC, Andrew was born in IN. I know nothing else about these families.
My other brick wall in Rand. Co. is Michael Jones, my ggg grandfather, who married Nancy Abshire. June 28, 1827 in Rand. Co. there are several other Jones families in the area, but I haven't been able to link him to his.
He was born in Va per census records, but based on what I've found in the other Jones families it's possible that Michael was born in Va during his family's trek from MD to IN. Michael and Nancy were in Wells Co. after 1840 and then Huntington Co. where they died. It was in Wells Co. where their daughter Mary E. Jones married my gg grandfather Joseph Myers in 1854.
Lou Ann Murphy

DUGAN, McGUIRE - Oct. 16, 2004 I am looking for information on Lewis T. Dugan. Lewis was born in 1833 in Preble Co., Ohio. He married Sarah Ann McGuire daughter of Samuel and Eunice Burns McGuire of Rand. Co. Lewis and Sarah were married in Rand. Co. on June 2nd, 1852. Sometime after their marriage and before the 1860 census they moved to Cass Co., IN. Where they were listed as living in Logansport. Lewis was in the Civil War and died while there in 1863. I have his war records. My brick wall is trying to find the names of Lewis T. Dugan's parents. I have looked at censuses for 1859 trying to find him as he would have been 17 years old but didn't have any luck. There is another Lewis Dugan about the same age but he was married to a Sarah Culbranson and it makes it confusing, as this is not my Lewis.
Thanks for any help.
Marilee Mielke

CLEAR, SALLEE, SMIDDY - Oct. 16, 2004 Looking for death date & place of burial for Isaac Clear.
Isaac Clear was b. bet, 1816-1818 in Ohio. Died in prob. Randolph Co. IN. Bet. 1846-1848 as his last two sons were born in Randolph Co. & his wife Urana/Lurana (Sallee) Clear m. 2ndto Robert Smiddy on March 9, 1848 in Randolph Co. In.

Thanks for any help.
Charlene (Sallee) Sidwell

ANDERSON, CARTWRIGHT, CLARK - Oct. 16, 2004 Mahlon Clark, husband of Margaret Cartwright Clark.
Father of Rachel Clark Anderson, Silas Sampson Clark and James W. Clark: he is my brick wall. He came with his parents, according to Tucker's History (see Silas Clark biography), in early days to the county. I know he was at Ft. Wayne from time to time and lived with his wife and children on the Wabash River as a fur trapper.
In 1830 Census he is living in temporary shelter near two other Clarks at Loganport. He died in the Wabash River in May 14, 1835 (referenced in James Clark's obit).
We believe Mahlon was murdered for his furs by Indians from a northern nation, not Miamai's and buried on the river bank. There is supposed to be a reference book somewhere that mentions this. Have never seen the book, but hope someone has seen this record.
After his death, his children live with their widowed mother in Randolph Co. Both sons served in the Civil War.
Rachel married Isaac Anderson, also a veteran of the war. Two of his children, born before Rachel, died as infants; do not have their names yet (referenced in James Clark's obit). The other three children survived and have descendants living today in Indiana, Texas, Tennessee and other locations in U.S.
Cannot determine who Mahlon's parents were.
Perhaps some cousin has a better reference or key to my wall. Speculation has ranged from Mahlon as a brother to Reuben Clark to being one of the unknown male children of Reuben Clark. Do not confuse my James Clark with one by the same name who is a son of Reuben Clark.This James Clark makes a reference in Tucker's History to children wanting to see "white water" and an uncle. I believe this is a reference to Mahlon Clark.
(1) Mahlon was said, in his son's Tucker bio., to be born in Randolph Co. NC. I cannot connect to known parents in that county who came into Randolph County prior to1830s (except for Reuben Clark's family).
(2) Rachel Anderson is said to have told many stories about the families early days of adventure, but where are they written down? This was referenced by her obituary in Jay County records. I can only hope she was intereviewed by a newspaper before her death.
(3) Hope to find some Cartwrights who may have recorded something about Mahlon in their family records, or link them traveling together in order to determine his most likely parents.
(4) Silas' middle name is Sampson. This hints to a surname connected with Clarks?
(5) One of Silas' sons names a child Ruth. Does this hint to Clark connections?
I'd give anything to break through to Mahlon Clark's parents just to know what Clark's we are. Will share any information I can about this and allied lines.

Lorene Lambert

DIXON, HARLAN - Oct. 16, 2004 Brick Wall, where are the following Harlan's buried at?
Valentine Harlan, the father of Joshua Harlan who is the father of John Valentine Dixon Harlan.
We are at a loss to figure out where Valentine is buried at.. The "Family History" book just says buried near Union City, Joshua was listed as buried at South Salem, but I got his obit and it states his services were at South Salem and burial was at Hoover, John V.D. is buried at Union city Cemetery.
There are several Valentines but this one died in 1861.
I would like to know where Valentine is buried and more details about Joshua since there is no stone for him or his wife at Hoover (She was a Dixon and there are a lot of Dixon's there)
I would like to know if there are old funeral home files to look at for some more info to glean from.

Andrea Long

BURK, CORBIN - Oct. 16, 2004 My g-grandfather, William Henry BURK married Quintilla CORBIN on 2 Oct 1869 in Winchester, Randolph County, IN.
On 8 Jun 1873 Quintilla died in Winchester. She was buried there at the time, but was later moved to the Keffer Cemetery in Union County, IN to be buried next to William Henry BURK. I haven't been able to find anything on Quintilla's family.
Her name has also been spelled Quentilla, Quintella, etc.
She was born 8 Nov 1852 in Indiana.
Bill Burk, Albuquerque, NM

HOBBICK - Oct. 16, 2004 Henry Hobbick b. 1806 Germany and his wife Christena b. 1818 Germany appear on the 1840 Jackson (Hobbouk), Wayne County census , the 1850 White River Twsp census (Hobich).
I cannot find them on the 1860 census.
By 1870 Henry, wife and children relocated to Vermillion County, Illinois. I believe this family left RCI about 1865. Their unmarried children in 1860 would be, Mary b. 1841, Elizabeth b. 1843, Christian b. 1844, Catherine b. 1848, Michael (twin) b. 1849 and Sarah Lucinda (twin) b. 1849.
I found his two children that were married by 1860 living in Ridgeville. All of the children were born in Indiana.
Some variations of the spelling are: Habich, Hobick, Haubick.

If you have any information, please contact me.
Paula Hobbick

CANTRELL - MAY 20, 2008) Zebulon Cantrell b. (1771 in VA) d. (1879 - 1830+)Resided in Monthgomery and Bath, KY. Traveled on to Greene, OH in early 1830' s. Resided in Ohio until mid 1830's then on to Randolph, IN abt. 1837. He is listed on the 1840 census with his wife (Hannah). No record of Hannah except 1840 census after that time. Possibility, of a previous marriage before 1830's when he was found on land records with Hannah..
Children identified from probate records found in Randolph, IN. in 1847. Children identified as John?; David (3 marriages)--went to Clinton, OH; Mary M. b. <1805> (m. Samuel Rook); Zebulon Jr. b. 1808 d. 1888 (m. Elizabeth Borders) this family also located in Randolph, IN; Sarah b. 1810 (m. Samuel Manley) in KY in 1850; William ?; Joshua b. 1814 (m. Lametta Beam); Elizabeth (m. William Turner); Christopher b. 1818 (m. Frances Rhinehart); Matilda b. 1821 (m. John Good); Hannah b. 1823 (m. David Phillips) this family settled in Jay, IN.
Zebulon m. Abigail Patterson and his daughter, Hannah, m. David Phillips in Randolph 1845.
I can find no death records for Zeb. Sr., or eiher of Zebulon's wives.
Any help finding birth, death, or burial places for Zebulon Sr.,Hannah, or Abigail would be greatly appreciated

Thanks,Karleen Phillips  

EAGY, HIATT, REDMAN - Oct. 16, 2004 My late husband's grandmother was Susan Jane Redman, b. 10 June 1863, died 18 April 1895. Married Charles Wesley Eagy 17 July 1884.
I think she was born in Muskingum County, Ohio.
I think she is the daughter of James Knox Polk Redman and Sophia Coby, but have no proof. Might be someone with the same name and same birth date, right?
At any rate, she died 4 days after the birth of her 3rdchild, my husband's mother, Hazel Susan Eagy HIATT, who may have been raised by her "Aunt Nan", who may have been Nancy Abigail Eagy, born 13 Jul 1844. And I think she died the day my husband was born, January 1, 1927, in DuPage Highlands, Illinois, which I think is now incorporated within Chicago itself.
The courthouse with Bob's birth record and Aunt Nan's death record burned down. Bob's family moved and moved and moved. And show up only on one census. Heck, it took me 4 years to find Bob's only living cousin, right there in Winchester, Randolph County, Indiana.
Hazel Susan Eagy's siblings died before she was 18, and she then married her childhood sweetheart, DeLoe Robert Hiatt b. 31 Jul 1896, Winchester, Indiana.
We ended up filing a delayed certificate of birth for Bob when he was 65.
Yes, a few brick walls have been encountered every now and then. All help graciously and gratefully accepted.

Karen Hiatt, Rocky River, Ohio

BESWICK, BOWMAN, JACKSON, TURNER - Oct. 19, 2004 Bevans Turner.
Bevans was also recorded as Bivens, Bivans, Blevins, etc. His son, Minus Turner, recorded it as Bevans. Bevans is my great great great grandfather.
Bevans Turner came to Randolph (and Wayne Counties) as a widower with three children (William, Minus and Jane), children of his first wife, Priscilla Beswick, in or around 1823 where he bought a tract of land in the 12-mile Purchase. Another record shows him having arrived here around 1830-31. He is said to have married Deborah Bowman but am unsure if it was in Randolph County or Delaware.
She died and he married a Mrs. Butcher. After her death, he married a Mrs. Jackson.
Bevans shows up in Delaware county at age 85, living with his son Minus. After that he disappears. Logic tells me he died and the Delaware County History book shows that he died in 1863.
However, I find no record to support that and no burial. There are several options: He could be buried with any of his numerous wives but I've not found a listing in Delaware County, Randolph County or KY where is first wife is buried. There is what we believe is a headstone base we discovered behind Minus's grave in Beech grove Cemetery in Muncie, but Beech grove has no record of Bevans being buried there. They will not say he isn't either as the earlier graves there have not been recorded in all cases. It's also possible that Bevans had children by these other marriages, mostly likely the earlier one(s) in Randolph County. Is there more family I'm unaware of and, if so, is Bevans buried there?

Shirley Pearson

BRANSON, GREENWALL, GREENWOOD - Oct. 19, 2004 I am looking for information that will lead me to find the parents of either Andrew Branson's parents or his wife Elizabeth(Greenwood/Greenwall)'s parents.
They are seen on the 1850 Randolph Co., Indiana Census and been tracked to Effingham and Cumberland Co., Illinois but no clues to their lineage.

Any and all help would be appreciated.
Susan Crow

CLARK,CONN, HELMS, MUHL, SHAFFER - Oct. 19, 2004 My gg grandfather, Ernst Heinrich "Henry" Schaeffer/Shaffer/Shafer, came from Germany in 1848; he and his family settled in Wayne co., IN by 1850.
They had removed to Randolph co. , Franklin twp, before the 1870 census.
I am seeking any leads on this family. "Henry" was born about 1812 in Germany.
His wife Elizabeth was born about 1823 in Germany. Children born in Germany were Hannah (married George Muhl in Wayne co); Mary Ann (married James Clark); Henry, David (my ggrandfather)--married Margaret Helm/Helms).
After locating in the states other children were born: Elizabeth, John, William, Charles, Harmon and Mary L.(married Anderson W. Conn) "Henry" died before the 1880 census.

If anyone has any help on this family, I would sure appreciate it. Thank you.
Marjorie Freeman

CONKLIN, DICKSON, ECHENRODE - October 25, 2004 Sarah Angeline Conklin born 1857 Randolph county Died 1909 Married Alonzo Eckenrode 3/19/1874. They have a son Carl Echenrode born 1876 died 1918. Sarah or also went by Angeline and Carl are buried in the Union City Cemetery Near her father Samuel Clarence Conklin.
Would like more info on her.
Priscilla Conklin born 1830 in Ohio moved to Randolph county mid 1830's married John R. Dickson Dec. 9, 1846 and had a son James Dickson in 1849.
Would like more info on her Descendents.

Al Worthen

DILLON, WRIGHTSMAN - October 25, 2004 I am trying to find out any information regarding James and Jane Dillon.
They are found in the 1860 census for Randolph County. James was 25 and Jane 23.
They had children Viola (5), M.E. (3) and Melinda (11 months) living in the house with them, as well as Adelia Wrightsman (67), who might be Jane's mother.
I am particularly interested in who the parents of James might be.

Any information would be very helpful.
Carla Perkins

CLARK, LEACH, JONES, FOUTZ - December 13, 2004 My most difficult brick wall is William CLARK b 1844 IN. John & Julia LEACH's daughter Susan, b. 1841 Spartonburg, Randolph Co. married 'my' William Clark 5 Mar 1863 in Howard Co. I have searched for years for the parents/siblings of this William. He died in 1876, age 32, in Howard Co, apparently owning no land and leaving few records.
Wm & Susan's children were: Lulu, Edward Hemlin, Earnest E and O. A. (Oran Alphonzo). O.A. was my grandfather. Since I think I have exhausted all possibilities in and around Howard Co, I am now trying to learn if William's family could have lived in RCI sometime before 1863; he and Susan had to meet somewhere!
John LEACH is another of my brick walls. He and wife Julia Jones Leach came to Randolph Co in the mid to late 1830s from Butler Co. OH. I find them in Greensfork Twp, Spartonburg, in the 1840 thru 1860 census.
In 1870, a John Leach of the right age is in Butler Co OH in 'an infirmary', apparently a county home; he is listed as partially blind. John's census records indicate a birth about 1796 in New York.
An Ohio history has this: "Among the first members of the Methodist Church in the 'Miami district' of Butler County, Hamilton, were a Mary Leach, William Leach, and John Leach." Is that this John?
I have not yet located any information about this William Leach.
John & Julia's children were: William (another clue?); John Kastner (Julia's father was Kastner Jones);Calvin; Eliza (mar Daniel FOUTZ); Angenette (mar John FOUTZ); Susan (mar Wm CLARK); Lydia & James.
Is anyone here researching this line? I would like to verify John's parents and learn about any siblings.

Jane Clark Small

ARNOLD, FIFE - Jan. 15, 2005 ELIJAH ARNOLD was born about March 09, 1791 in Virginia, and died July 18, 1859 in West River Twp.,Randolph Co., Indiana.
He married RHODA FIFE September 30, 1824 in Wayne Co., IN. She was born October 11, 1808 in Tennessee, and died November 23, 1867 in Indiana.
Elijah was a counterfeiter, some of his legal documents show a Lewis Arnold, Thomas Poole and a David Moore all as replevin bail for him. Possibly they were family or good friends.
Elijah Arnold lived near the "fallen Timbers" he and his comrades.
This taken from page 57 History of Randolph County 1882……February, 1826, full bench. Two days, eight or ten cases. August,- 1826. Amos Lane, Prosecutor, full bench. Three days, nine pages of record. Elijah Arnold's name appears for the first time on the record (to keep the peace). It appears often after this, for, perhaps, twenty-five years. He has been dead some years. He was a wild, troublesome, reckless man. He was reckoned to belong to a gang of counterfeiters, thieves, etc., with headquarters in the "fallen timbers" in the south part of the county. Old residents of that region are full of tales of the reckless mischief of Arnold and his comrades in daring and crime. The gang was broken up after a long time.
He and his wife are buried in Economy cemetery. His tombstone listing his date of death and age as 68 years 4 months 9 days. He went by an alias of Alijah at one time.
They are both buried in Economy Cemetery, Economy Indiana along with some other Fifes (Rhoda's Parents?).
The 1850 census says Elijah came from Virginia while I believe Rhoda came from Tennessee. Elijah can be found in the Randolph County History book as a troubled man always in trouble with the law (I have a long list of his legal woes). He is also noted as a gang leader and a counterfeiter who lived near the "Fallen Timbers". There are a couple of Elijah Arnold's from same time line but spouses and dates do not match. So I am bricked walled with Elijah and Rhoda (Fife) Arnold.

Phil Arnold

CASKEY, EIB – Jan. 17, 2005 I am looking for any information about my gr-grandfather, Ambrose Jefferson Caskey.
He married Mary Eib on May 20, 1875 in Randolph Co. IN. I found them in Drake Co., OH in 1880 census, this is the only census I have found them on anywhere.
I think his father's name may have been Harrison Ambrose as he named his first born this name. His son, Harrison Ambrose died in infancy.
The 1880 census stated that Ambrose Jefferson Caskey was a horse trader.
My grandmother talked about them moving around all over the country in two covered wagons. They moved to Arkansas in the late 1800's.
They were going back up north, he took pneumonia and died before getting out of Arkansas and was buried on route at a unknown location.
Mary came back to Woodruff Co. AR where two of her daughters had married and settled, she died around 1911 and is buried in Woodruff Co., Arkansas.

Any clues would be greatly appreciated.
Imogene Vanderburg

ENGLE, DENTON – February 11, 2005 A Garnet Engle was born in Farmland, Randolph Co., IN on 18 May 1896.
According to her SSAN application, her parents were Cora Mae Denton and George Engle.
I have found Cora Denton's parents, but I have not been able to get a lead on George Engle.
I see that there were lots of Engles in Randolph Co., IN about that time, but I have not been able to find this George Engle among them.

Looking for any leads.
Don Erickson, Colorado Springs CO USA

FINCH, SHOEMAKER – February 11, 2005 Sisters Sara B. 1826 D. Before 1853 and Martha Shoemaker B 1836 D. ca 1857 Randolph Co.?, Married brothers Wm Finch 1814- 1894 and Leander B. 1832 Ohio D. 1902 Jay Co IN.
Sisters Sara and Martha died along with several children.
I can find no record of these details other than family lour. Please help. Wm Married 2nd Mary Ann Atkinson 1853, Leander m 2nd Elizabeth Bonecutter 1861

FINCH, SHOEMAKER and all allied

GRAY, SMITH – February 21, 2005 I have come to a dead end after several years of research on the family.
If anyone has anything I would be most grateful.

Nathanial Gray (1792 - 1862) Born in New Jersey and died in Randolph County Indiana. Can be found in the 1850 and 1860 Census in White River Township.
He had two wives; 1) Katherine Smith - their children were Amos, Nance, George, Mary Ann, Benjamin, Rebecca, Lemuel, William and Catherine.
Katherine I believe was born in Virginia around 1794.
2) Sarah Corlen - no record of any children from this marriage that I have found.
The information I am trying to find is the Parents and siblings of Nathanial and Katherine.

Thank You
Michelle Fox

GRAY, SIMMONS – February 21, 2005 I am looking for the ancestry of Phebe Ellen Simmons, born in IN abt 1841, married John Gray in Randolph Co 22 Nov 1855. They lived there until abt 1870 when they moved to MN, where Phebe died before 1880. I have a number of candidates for her parents, but no definitive connections.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
Larry Mason

ELLISON, KIRKMAN – March 20, 2005 I am looking for information on my great-grandmother Nancy (Kirkman) Ellison.
She married James M. Ellison in 1874 in Richmond, IN.
They are in the 1880 census; he is listed as Mathew Ellison.
They had 2 sons James Franklin Ellison b. 1877 and Stephen Edward Ellison b 1880. Frank married Lulu Snell in 1898 or 1899. Edward is listed in the 1900 census in Randolph Co. the later in Wayne Co.
James M. Ellison aka Mathew Ellison is in the 1900, 1910, and 1920 census for Randolph Co. In 1920 he is listed in the Randolph Co. Infirmary and later that year he died and is buried in Snell Cemetery.
I have not been able to find anything on Nancy after the 1880 census.
I do know Nancy did have some ties with Whitewater Friends in 1874 and New Garden Friends in 1878, after that I do not know.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Roger Ambrose

FARMER – March 28, 2005 I hope someone can help me, I am trying to locate a death date and burial location for Daniel C. Farmer, died around 1902, and his wife Anna C. Farmer, died around 1914.
Most family researchers have them died in Miami Co., OH, but I have them on the 1900 census in Wayne Twp., Randolph Co., IN. She is on the 1910 census for Wayne Twp., Randolph Co., IN., with her son William H. Farmer.
That leads me to believe that they must have died in Randolph Co.

Can anyone help?
Mervin Austin

LEWIS – April 18, 2005 Searching for the ancestors of Alfred B. Lewis (b. 1842 - 1870 Federal Census or b. February 22, 1837 in Randolph Co., Indiana – (Family Records) who married Nancy Barnhill (b. March 1, 1849 in Argos, Marshall Co., Indian) on Feb. 24, 1869 in Marshall Co., Indiana.
I would like to clarify the date of birth of Alfred and determine what happened to him after Alfred and Nance divorced (bef. 1880).
My last record for Alfred is the 1880 Federal Census in Argos, Marshall Co., Indiana.

John McCain

KELLY – April 18, 2005 I have been searching for information about Lewis Kelly: born in 1823 in (W) Va.
He and wife are listed in 1850 census for Randolph county, Ind.
He is living next door to Jemima Kelly with Jemima's two daughters Susannah Johnson and Polly Light also on either side.
Have been unable to document connection with Jemima: he could be son, grandson, or nephew. Jemima died in 1853/4 but unable to find information concerning Lewis' death.
Would be most interested in learning about Lewis' parents and about his connection to Jemima.

Ford D. Kelley

GRAY, STEWART – July 12, 2005 I have a definite brick wall.....
Gray Family in Randolph......
Looking for my great-grandmother Madonna Alverna Gray. Born ca. 1875 in Indiana and died 1931 in Ohio. My grandfather had told my mother that she was brought up in an orphanage and nobody knew who her parents were. But my aunt says that she got the names James Gray and Talitha Ann (Stewart) Gray from her mother, Donna Louise Lamb (Madonna´s daughter).

I have found a James & Talitha Gray in the 1880 Green Forks census with about 5 children.....one born in 1876 by the name of Lillie M. Gray who is the closest I get to that age group. Also, a James Stewart is registered at the same address as a father-in-law.... proving that Talitha was a Stewart. I have a picture of Madonna in 1896 and it was taken in Spartanburg. She married Olbert Bernard Lamb (a Quaker) in 1898. They had only one child.... Donna Louise Lamb.
Any ideas or info on Madonna would sure help.
Amy Kimball Stoddard
Middelfart, Denmark

CAIN, LINDSEY – July 12, 2005 I am seeking information on Samuel Cain (d. 1846), who married Jane Lindsey. They had children Daniel, Caleb and Huldah. I understand that Samuel is buried at Clear Creek Cemetary. Jane proceeded him and would like to know when and where she died. When Samuel died, both Caleb and Huldah (b. 1834) were minor children. I think Jane was the daughter of Jeremiah Lindsey and Mary Ward, but have no details on her birth. I have no idea who Samuel Cain's parents were or where or when he was born. Jane and Samuel may have been married in 1812 in Green Co., Ohio.

Thanks for any help.
Susan Mayer

ENGLE, STEVENSON – July 12, 2005 I have reached a brick wall on the death of Robert Engle (b 1837), brother of James Engle.
I have been through Fountain Park where most of the Engles are buried, and he isn't listed there. (There is another Robert Engle in Fountain Park, family of Edmund Engle, different Engle.)
The last record I have of him is living with his daughter Susan Engle Mills (husband, Luther Mills, Farmland area) in Randolph Co census of 1900.
Robert was first married to Datie Ferguson, and after her death, he married Mary (Thornburg) Stevenson or Elizabeth (Thornburg) Stevenson (Mary Elizabeth Stevenson Engle).
A Mary Stevenson was buried in 1927 with her first husband, William Stevenson, in Cherry Grove Cemetery.
I need confirmation this Mary Stevenson is the same as Elizabeth Stevenson who married Robert Engle.
I believe it is, but the "Mary Stevenson" on her tombstone adds to the confusion.
If there was a divorce, then the children could have reverted back to her Stevenson name. Robert and Mary/Elizabeth seemed to be living apart in 1900.
I need confirmation that she is the mother of the Earl Stevenson (everyone called him Foxy) I used to know from Carlos ... that the "Mary Stevenson" buried with William Stevenson is the same person who Robert Engle married.
Also what happened to Robert Engle.. when, where he died, where he was buried and if there was a divorce.
I'm searching for anything on Robert Engle as I have hit a wall after 1900.
He must have been buried in Randolph Co somewhere!

Thanks in advance for any information,
Nina Thomas

PETERSON, VANORNAM – August 15, 2005
William Peterson 1801- 7 Apr 1875. Wm died in Indianapolis but his body was shipped.
Don't know where to.

Frederick (1781- ?? 1850+) and Mary (1780- 1850+) Van Arnum/Vanornam/Van Ornum/ Van Norman or any other spelling variant. I've seen it so many ways. Their last address is Randolph County in the 1850 census.

Thanks for any help you can provide. I'm stumped.
Linda Schwenn

DOHERTY, LINDLEY – August 15, 2005 I am looking for the parents of John W. Doherty born 1854 I believe in Indiana.
He married Emma Lindley, daughter of Zenas Lindley. They are both buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetary, Randolph Co, In.
I have hit a brick wall, I am trying to find John's parents, and siblings. I believe he had a brother Eber Monroe, who married Emma's sister Florence and she is also buried at Pleasant Hill.
John died in 1903 from an accident on a railroad bridge and the family continued to live in Union City until Emma's death in 1933.
This all the info I have. Someone said John's father could be John also or Joseph, but I can not find any info on this.
If you could help me, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,Kristy

ENGLE - January 21, 2006 My ggg grandma was born in Ridgeville Indiana.
Her name was Lettie or Luticia Engle.
I am searching for my ancestors.
She was born 1861 or 1864. She moved later to Ohio and married a Nicodemus.
Where did the Cherokee Indian come from and can anyone help find her mom or dad or family for me?

Thanks,Helen Ryan

MCCANDLESS – June 10, 2006 Broke through Brick Wall . Will gladly share information on Beeks

Searching now for death of Sarah E. McCandless 1882 + and her daughter Nellie

GARY – June 10, 2006 I am searching for Joseph and Susan (Nahl) Gary who reportedly died 1 day apart approximately 1898 in Randolph County IN. Their last known record was 1870 Census Putnam County West Virginia. They are listed in the Randolph County History book which says they were buried in Hopewell Cemetery. I have been unable to locate them with census, cemetery or death records in Randolph County.
Mary L. Gary

BRANSON – June 10, 2006 My brick wall is an Andrew Branson married to an Elizabeth Greenwood or similar sounding name. They were both born in Virginia circa 1804-1810. Their first son my great grandfather lists his birth place as Patrick Co., Virginia. They are seen on the 1840 and 1850 Census in Randolph Co., Indiana and later moved to Cumberland Co., Illinois about 1850. Andrew is dead before the 1860 Census.

Any and all help is appreciated.
Some of Andrew and Elizabeth's children were born in Ohio.

GREEN – June 10, 2006 I'm looking for the grave or anything on my ggreat-grandmother Julia Belle Green if anyone has information please let me know I have tried to find her for years and I just found her son Thomas Jefferson Green but have not found her husband Joshua Green they are from Redkey Indiana .
Thank you,
Sheila Hisey

RAINS – June 10, 2006 Hello! My ggrandfather was William R. Rains b. 1837 in Ohio and I found his brother Joab and wife Nancy with family in the 1850 census Randolph Co. Indiana.
Any help would be appreciated.
Darrell Lester Rains

CALHOUN, CROSSLEY - September 11, 2006 Prescilla Crossley married 1827 Temple Calhoun Smith in Randolph County.
Born 1808 Adair Co KY nothing in 1810 or 1820 census. Mason Co KY has some Crosley Familes nothing listing a girl age -2- 1810 or -12- 1820,
Could their be a Crosley/Crossley family in 1810/1820 census Randolph Co?
Thanks so much for your help.

HAMMER, PAGE - September 11, 2006 WILLIAM SINCLAIR PAGE married MARY HAMMER in Randolph County on January 16, 1840. They had two children, Nancy J. born, 1842, Randolph Co. who married George W. Phillips in Randolph County on Apr 15, 1882, and Sinclair John Page birth date unknown. Does anyone have William and Mary's death dates and place of burial.
Mary Hammer was born in Greene Co., Pennsylvania around 1820. Know nothing about William's birthplace.
Any help would be appreciated.

CAMPBELL - June 1, 2007 Cassius James Campbell was born 7 June 1856 in Indiana to Alexander and Sarah Campbell.
Alexander died in 1865 (and is buried in Randolph County). Sarah died in 1866 (and her will was recorded in Randolph County). This left Cassius as an orphan when he was about 10 years old.
Where was he in the 1870 census? With whom did he live after his parents died?
I have been able to cross several candidates off my list of potential family members who might have taken pity on Cassius and with whom he may have been living in 1870:
Cassius' older brother Taylor Campbell, who was living in Illinois.
Cassius' half-brother Hezakiah Campbell, who was living in Wells Co., Indiana.
Cassius' half-sister Ruth Campbell (married to Nathan Faulkner), who was living in Wells Co., Indiana.
Cassius' half-sister Caroline Campbell (married to Andrew Dye), who was living in Randolph Co., Indiana.
Cassius' half-brother George McAdams (executor of his mother Sarah's will, which left everything to Cassius...ouch), who was living in Switzerland Co., Indiana.
Other potential people:
Someone in Sarah's family...except I don't know her maiden name. (At some point her surname was McAdams, because she gave that last name to her son George, mentioned above.) Someone in Alexander's family...except I don't know if he had any siblings. One of the witnesses of Sarah's will...except I don't know whether they were family friends or merely witnesses to all the wills written in 1865. An orphanage?
Here is the transcription of Sarah's will:
Campbell, Sarah A [of Winchester]
Son Cassius Campbell to have estate after payment of debts etc. In case Cassius Campbell should not be alive at time of his mother's death then son Taylor Campbell to have the property.
Exec - George McAdams, son
Wit- John Richardson & K Kritzer
Dtd 6 Jul 1865
Rec 7 Apr or 7 Oct 1866
Bk 2 pp 118-119
(Source: "Randolph County Indiana Will Records: Books ABC & 1-5, 1821 - Jan 1906", compiled by Ruth M. Slevin. p. 47. 1973.)
Thanks again for having this resource available...I would love to be able to solve this family mystery!
Sincerely,Alyssa Manes

BYRD, OSBORN - June 1, 2007 Looking for family members of Green Hutchin Byrd b. 1819 NC--d. 1898, IN. Buried in Fairview Cemetery, Randolph Co., IN
I believe him to be my great grandfather but need confirmation and any other information for his parents, sibs, etc.
Samuel Edwin Byrd, his son, is my grandfather whom I never knew. I posted an obit for Samuel on the website.
Any help appreciated.
Phyllis Byrd Long

GREEN - June 1, 2007 I am looking for information on the Green family.
Specifically the link from Jesse L. Green Jr. to his father Jesse Green. I'm also looking for Siblings of William S. Green and their families and/or children of William S. Green and Christina Bowers. My grandmother is Helen Louise Green of Stone Station, IN, Randolph Co. who married Robert Donald Hiatt.
Thanks,Renee Rule

PENCE, VANCE – July 24, 2008 George VANCE wife Margaret (?) Thomas Winter PENCE and wife Elizabeth VANCE
Searching for any information on George Vance ca. 1776 PA. and or his wife Margaret (?) Vance ca. 1784 PA. and any information on the many Vance or Pence children in Randolph County (and possible Preble County Indiana???)
I have a copy of the 1850 Indiana, Randolph County, Ward Twp. with (line 41/42) George and Margaret Vance living with (line 35/36)Thomas and Elizabeth Pence. What little bit I have on George and Margaret Vance is stated on the census.
I would like any local Vance and Pence families history, documents etc. that might be available.
Thomas Winter Pence and his wife Elizabeth Vance Pence and any of their children, I think I have most of the names of the Pence children but not sure. I know my 2nd great-grandparents Thomas Pence and Elizabeth (Vance) Pence were married in Randolph County 28 Apr. 1842.
I think most of their children were possibly born in Randolph County? My Great-grandmother Melissa Ellen Pence born 26 Nov. 1858 possibly Randolph County?
Would dearly love to find the history of my Vance Family and additional history on my Pence family. But can give anyone interested Thomas Winter Pence line back to Jacob Pence (Bentz/Benz) 1710.
Thanks for any help or suggestion you can give me on these guys and pictures would be an added bonus. I can only go back to Melissa Pence and her husband Thomas (Howson) Houston for a picture. prob. taken 1910 -1930; The Vance's and Pence's are my father's maternal linage.
Regards,Iris Mendell Miller

BROUSE - July 24, 2008 My great grandfather and great great grandfather both lived in Saratoga and are buried around there.
I think there was quite a Brouse family group that lived there at one time. My great grandfather was Barzilla Leroy Brouse and his father was Elkanon Brouse.
I would like to begin communicating with someone from Randolph County, in the hopes of finding out a little bit more about the Brouse side of my family.
Thanks!Nancy Pulley

MAURER - July 24, 2008 I have recently discovered that my gggrandparents are buried in Winchester, Indiana.
Their names are Fredrick and Godlove Maurer. They are buried in New Dayton/Bearcreek cemetery.
One of their daughters, Elizabeth Maurer married William Henry Smith and they are also buried at New Dayton/Bearcreek.
Elizabeth and William Henry have 2 children (Lala and Ralph Smith) that are also buried there together, sharing a tombstone.
Elizabeth had a brother Jacob, that lived and died in Clark County, Illinois. Jacob was my ggrandfather.
I would love to communicate and share pictures with anyone that is connected to this line. If there is anyone left in the area, with information on this family, please contact me at pamelad_p@yahoo.com.
I have several pictures of Jacob, but none of the rest of his family. I would be happy to compensate for any photo's. There are also many other children that were not listed in Fredricks obit from the Muncie newspaper and that has me stumped.
Elizabeth Maurer Smith

PUCKETT, BUTLER - March 8, 2009 I have two brickwalls. The first is Nancy Puckett who lived just about 1/2 mile north of Mt. Zion Cemetery in White River Twp, RCI in the 1930's. She was quite elderly then but I can find no information about her.....I just remember living down the road from my grandparents.
The other is Butler. I've found a bookful of Butlers in my family tree. I graduated in 1949 from WHS with a James Butler and I'm curious if we were related. He was in the USAF after he graduated BSTC, married Beverly Shockney or Shockley and then they died in their sleep from carbon monoxide fumes.
I'd appreciate any help I may be able to get to soothe my curiosity on these two.
Phyllis Harris DePoy

MULL, BERRIMAN - March 8, 2009 My grandfather Melville Eli (possible alternate name is Marvin) MULL was born in Randolph County in about 1854. His death certificate notes that his mother’s name was Sarah Jane BERRIMAN and his father was unknown. I am trying to find a record of Melville’s birth or anyone who can help me connect a few dots. I found a Sarrah Jane MULL and a Matin V. MULL in White River at the time of the 1880 census and a Melville Eli MULL living next door with a David MULL who is too young to be his father.
In 1880 my grandfather was about 17. My grandmother told me that her father Melville was an orphan and didn’t know anything about his family so if in fact he was living next door to his family for some reason I would like to be able to prove that this “Matin” was his father through his birth certificate but as I understand it county birth records only go as far back as 1882.
I have also run into a brick wall for Sarah (or Sarrah) Jane BERRIMAN anywhere in Indiana except on Melville Eli MULL’s death certificate so I am interested in any birth or marriage records for her that might be associated to these possible names: Melville M MULL, Matin MULL, Marvin MULL, Milton E. MULL.

HARTY, ROSS - March 8, 2009 I am looking for information on my gg grandfather Thomas F. Harty, he was born abt. 1846 and died abt. 1879 in Randolph Co., he married Rachel Ross Dec. 24, 1867.
The 1860 Randolph Co., Census has a Thomas Harty that is 14 yr. old his parents are Henry and Louisa Harty. There are several other Hartys in the Randolph Co., Area and I would like to find out how they are all connected any information would be appreciated.

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