Randolph  County,  Indiana

1850  Mortality  Schedule

Persons who Died during the Year ending 1st June, 1850, in the County of Randolph, State of Indiana.

Last Name First Name Sex Age Place Born Occupation Cause of Death Month Died
ADDINGTON Calvin S. M 3 Indiana .Lung Fever July
ADDINGTON Celia F 2 mosIndiana .Croup May
ADDINGTON Martin L. M 1 mo Indiana .Inflamation of Brain June
ALLEN George M 18Ohio .Cholera August
ALLEN Ira M 22Indiana FarmerCholera August
ANDERSON John M 63N.C..Fever March
ANDERSON Rebecca A. F 6Indiana .Inflamation of Brain May
ANDERSON Samuel J. M 2 mosIndiana .Croup September
BAILEY Augustus B. M 3Indiana .Scarlet Fever April
BAILEY Calvin M 1Indiana .Liver Disease August
BARNES Catherine F 21Ohio .Spas Affec ?? November
BARNES Mary M. F 4Indiana .Scarlet Fever March
BENNETT Isabel F 1Indiana .Measles February
BENSON Henry M 59S.C.FarmerCholera July
BENSON John S. M 7Indiana .Cholera July
BENSON Noah M 13Ohio .Cholera July
BLOOM Christina F 49Germany .Abortion September
BODKIN Edward W. M 3Indiana .Scarlet Fever January
BODKIN Malinda J. F 3Indiana .Whooping Cough April
BOND Hester Ann F 5Indiana .Worms February
BOWSMAN Lucian M 1Indiana .Inflamation of Brain July
BREWER Arminta F 2 mosIndiana .Fever July
BREWER Sarah Ann F 4 mosIndiana .Diarrhea July
BULLOCK Lucy Ann F 11 mosIndiana .Inflammation July
BURKHEAD Catherine F 34Ohio .Cholera August
CARNEL Nancy F 15Ohio .Fever February
CARTWRIGHT Hezekiah M 76N.C.FarmerCancer May
CATTERMAN George M 28Ohio FarmerCholera October
CHENOWETH Rhoda J. F 25Ohio .Quinsy August
CLARK Martin M 13Indiana .Fever July
CLEVENGER Andrew M 1Indiana .Inflammation August
CLEVENGER Catherine F 3 mosIndiana .Unknown January
CLEVENGER Harbert M 15Pa.Accident February
CLEVENGER Mahlon M 6 mos Indiana .Croup December
COLE Sarah A. F 3Indiana .Inflammation of Brain September
COOK Amanda F 7Indiana .Apoplectic August
COOK Thomas D. M 27Ohio PhysicianCholera July
COX Elizabeth F 77S.C..Typhoid Fever October
CROWN Mary F 59Pa.Consumption October
DAVIS Cecelia M. F 1Indiana .Inflammation of Brain November
DAVIS Nancy M. F 24N.C..Unknown December
DEAL Lucy A. F 3Indiana .Scarlet Fever December
DEBOY Benjamin M 3Indiana .Fever October
DEVOSS John Q. A. M 12Indiana .Cholera July
DICK John J. M 5 mos Indiana .Inflamation August
DICK Martha M. M 19Ohio .Fever May
DIGGS Littleberry C. M 29S.C.FarmerFever December
DOTY Elizabeth J. F 2Indiana .Fever September
DUDLEY Martha A. F 2Indiana .Unknown February
EDWARDS Elizabeth F 20Ohio .Cholera August
EDWARDS John M 1Indiana .Cholera August
EDWARDS Mary A. F 2Indiana .Cholera August
EVANS Susana F 2 mosIndiana .Fever October
FETTERS Leo F. M 1Indiana .Scarlet Fever December
FORD Jane Ann F 4Indiana .Scarlet Fever November
FORD John M 45N.C.FarmerConsumption August
FORD Royston M 39Ky.Congestion of Brain February
FOUBLE John E. M 4Indiana .Croup September
FRAZIER James M 41N.C.FarmerCholera June
GADDIS Allen M 3Indiana .Scarlet Fever March
GADDIS Warren M 1Indiana .Scarlet Fever March
GIBSON Eliza F 15Virginia .Consumption May
GORDON Susan F 32Virginia .Brain Fever March
GOUGH Thomas J. M 1 moIndiana .Unknown January
GRANDY Nancy A. F 20Ohio .Consumption January
GRANDY Rachel F 15Indiana .Scrofula April
GRANDY Rebecca J. F 1Indiana .Inflammation of Brain January
GRANDY Stephen M 17Indiana .Consumption January
GRAY Juliann F 17Indiana .Fever April
GRIST Mary F 25Ohio .Dropsy July
GULLITT Ezakiel M 25Ohio FarmerInflammation of Brain April
HANCHEY Joseph M 3 daysIndiana .Unknown March
HARRIS William M 27Indiana FarmerInflammation of Brain June
HART Elizabeth F 1Indiana .Congestion of Brain June
HEASTON Ancil M 1Indiana .Cholera August
HEASTON Christina F 25Ohio .Cholera August
HEASTON David E. M 37Virginia .Cholera July
HELM Ezra M 2Indiana .Fever May
HENDRICKS Infant M .Indiana .Stillborn May
HEYMOND Allen U. M 8Indiana .Inflammatio February
HIATT Mary F 1Indiana .Inflammation of Brain October
HILL Levina A. F .Indiana .Stillborn March
HOAKE Ellen F 1Indiana .Flux August
HODGINS Ruth F 2 mosN.C..Cholera August
HOLLISTER Cornelia F 1Indiana .Whooping Cough April
HONNICUTT Daniel M 78Virginia FarmerCancer October
HORNER Sarah A. F 18CD? .Whooping Cough May
HOUSE Matilda J. F 2Indiana .Inflammation of Brain September
HOWELL Eleanor F 45NG? .Fever October
HUFFMAN Elizabeth F 6 mosIndiana .Inflammation of Brain September
HUFFMAN Mary M. F 24Pa.Dropsy June
HULINGS Lydia F 11Indiana .Scarlet Fever March
HULINGS Orpha F 12Indiana .Dropsy April
HULL John M 84N. J.Brick MakerCholera August
HULL Phebe F 77N.J..Cholera August
HUNT Melvina J. F 10 mosIndiana .Cholera August
ILLIS Jonathan M 1Indiana .Inflammation of Brain July
INGLE Rachel F 28Indiana FarmerCanker July
JAY John M 28Indiana FarmerFever October
JELLISON Joseph M 3Indiana .Winter Fever February
JOHNSON Lydia C. F 2Indiana .Whooping Cough March
JOHNSON Moses M 3Indiana .Scarlet Fever January
JOHNSON Paulina F 6Indiana .Scarlet Fever January
JOHNSON Robert R. M 2Indiana .Scarlet Fever January
JOHNSON Susannah F 6Indiana .Scarlet Fever January
JONES Benjamin M 42Virginia FarmerConsumption March
JONES Edward O. M 12Virginia .Fever November
JONES Ira E. M 2Ohio .Scarlet Fever March
JONES John M 3Indiana .Scarlet Fever March
JONES Rebecca A. F 6Indiana .Scarlet Fever March
JONES Serepta E. F 10 mosIndiana .Disentery August
KEY David M 2Indiana .Scarlet Fever September
LASLEY Permedia F 40Indiana .Cancer February
LEEVER John M 7Pa.Scarlet Fever January
LEWALLEN Sarah J. F 1Indiana .Bronchitis December
LINTON George McCanM 1Indiana .Scalded April
LONG Lucinda F 60Tenn .Fits January
LYKINS Rebecca F 3Virginia .Inflammation of Brain May
MALTBIE George W. M 4Ohio .Lung Fever June
MARTIN Nancy F 5Indiana .Fits March
MASTERSON Charles F. M 11Indiana .Influenza October
McINTIRE Albert M 3Pa.Lung Fever November
McINTIRE Joseph M 1Pa.Dropsy November
McINTIRE Sarah E. F 4 mosIndiana .Diarrhea August
McINTOSH Nichodemus M 34Ohio FarmerConsumption November
McPHERSON Sarah F 16Ohio .Consumption November
MEADOWS Amanda F 8Indiana .Scarlet Fever December
MENDENHALL Nathan M 27Indiana CooperCong. Fever March
MENDENHALL Sarah A. F 33Indiana .Unknown March
MOORE David H. M 2Indiana .Scarlet Fever December
MOORE Elizabeth F 7Indiana .Scarlet Fever December
MORRIS James M 60N.C.FarmerCholera October
MORRIS John M 76N.C.FarmerFever July
MORRIS John M 73N.C..Fever July
MULFORD Mary E. F 3Indiana .Worms September
MULLEN Christina F 59N.J..Cholera August
MUMBOWER Jane F 76Virginia .Dropsy December
MURPHY Asa M 5Indiana .Scarlet Fever June
NICHOLS Malachi M 46N.C.FarmerCholera July
NICHOLS Sarah F 45N.C..Cholera January
OLVA Noah M 19Indiana FarmerDiabetes November
OUTLAND Angaline F 23Indiana .Consumption January
OUTLAND Benjamin M 4Indiana .Unknown July
OUTLAND Elizabeth F 8 mosIndiana .Unknown November
OUTLAND Infant M 2 mosIndiana .Fits November
OUTLAND Mary A. F 21N.C..Unknown July
OUTLAND Nancy F 17N.C..Unknown January
OUTLAND William M 12Indiana .Unknown March
PARKER Mary F 14Indiana .Flux August
PARKER Perina F 9Indiana .Fever October
PASCHAL Elizabeth F 48Tenn .Heart Palp March
PENDEGRASSBenjamin M 44N.C..Horse Injury December
PHILLIPS Robert K. M 1Ohio .Croup June
PIKE Nancy A. F 28Tenn .Consumption April
PINGREY Lafayette M 5Indiana .Scarlet Fever February
POOL Rachel F 34Tenn .Small Pox June
POWELL Lovina J. F 34Indiana .Whooping Cough March
PURKINS Samuel M 2Indiana .Worms October
RICHISON Selby C. M 8 mosIndiana .Inflammation February
RIDDLEBARGER Lewis M 30Virginia CarpenterConsumption March
RODGERS Rebecca F 31N.J..Unknown January
SHAW Marietta F 1Indiana .Croup May
SHERMAN Sarah E. F 5Indiana .Scarlet Fever October
SHIMER Jane F 15Indiana .Cholera August
SHIMER Washington A.M 5Indiana .Cholera August
SIMMONS Noah M 1Indiana .Scarlet Fever August
SIZEMORE Easter F 65Tenn .Influenza July
SLAUGHTER Elizabeth F 1Indiana .Cholera July
SMIDAY George M 8Ohio .Unknown January
SMITHSON Eliza J. F 17Indiana .Labour January
SNIDER Rebecca F 17Indiana .Consumption September
STEVENSON Serephena F 13Ohio .Consumption September
TEAGLE Rachael F 4Indiana .Croup December
THARP Israel M 60PaFarmerInflammation May
THOMAS George M 24Ohio .Typhoid Fever June
THOMAS Susannah F 23Indiana .Typhoid Fever July
THOMPSONDavid M 18Indiana .Typhoid Fever October
THORNBURG Charles M 3 mosIndiana .Croup October
THORNBURG Edward M 23Indiana FarmerConsumption April
THORNBURG John A. M 2 mosIndiana .Consumption Aprol
THORNBURG John A. M 2 mosIndiana .Consumption April
THORNBURG Mariah F 3 mosIndiana .Croup October
THORNTON Jemima F 22Indiana .Consumption June
UPTEGRAFF Isaac M 33Ohio .Infl. Stomach August
VANCE George M 2Indiana .Consumption June
VANCE Juliann F 1 moIndiana .Unknown December
VEAL William H. M 2Indiana .Drowned August
WALKER Angeline F 3Indiana .Worms March
WAY Matthew M 46N.C.TeamsterCholera August
WEAVER Elijah M 47N.C.FarmerConsumption June
WEAVER Malissa F 20Indiana .Congestion Fever March
WILLIAMS Charity F 60Indiana .Dropsy July
WILLIAMS Jesse D. M 48N.C.CarpenterCholera May
WILLIAMS John M 2Indiana .Croup May
WILLIS Elizabeth F 4Indiana .Scalded December
WORST Jane F 31Virginia .Consumption September
WRIGHT Reece W. M 38Ohio FarmerLung Fever April
WRIGHT William R. M 31Ohio FarmerLung Fever September
WRIGHTSMAN Isaac M 1Indiana .Unknown February
Not Named.F 1 moIndiana .Unknown November
Not Named.M 2 moIndiana .Unknown November
Not Named.M 3 moIndiana .Unknown February

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