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The  1882-83  Polk's  Business  Directory


Is Situated in Washington township, Randolph county, 10 miles south of Winchester, the county seat and banking town, and 4 southwest of Lynn, its shipping station, on the G. R. & I R.R. Daily stage to Richmond; fare, 75 cents. With a population of 200, the village supports United Brethren and Methodist churches. Isaac N. Beeson, postmaster.
Baldwin G. W, physician.
Bales Joel F, blacksmith.
Batcholer J. W, cooper
Batcholer & Nichols, druggists and grocers.
Beeson & Bales, General Store.
Bright George H, general store.
Chamness John, hotel.
Cranor William, live stock.
Davisson William, shoemaker.
Engle A. S, carpenter.
Hockett & Duke, saw and flour mill.
Hodson Jonathan Rev, (Friends).
Hutchens J O, wagonmaker.
Johnson & Son, blacksmiths.
Kenny Dr, physician.
Lennon John Rev, (Methodist).
Morris N., carpenter.
Nichols John, carpenter.
Wall J L, physician.


Sometimes called Buena Vista, is the location of 100 persons, on line between White River and West River townships, Randolph county, 7 miles southwest of Winchester court house, the banking town and place of shipment. Friends and United Brethren churches are sustained. J. M. Johnson, postmaster.
Brady Thomas, tile manufacturer.
Coyers A W & Bro, steam thresher.
Heaston D, wagonmaker.
Hiatt John, shoemaker.
Johnson J I, Blacksmith and Agricultural Implements
Oharra A, ex agt.
Sellers B F, live stock.
Starbuck R S, general store and hotel.
Vaughn Bros, Saw Mill.


Sixty-seven miles northeast of Indianapolis, on line of C.,C., C. & I. Ry., is an incorporated town of 700 inhabitants, located in Monroe township, Randolph county, 8 miles west of Winchester, the county seat and banking town. It is free from debt, and contains Methodist, Christian and Friends churches, a graded school, 1 hotel, 2 saw mills, and 4 flour mills. Grain and live stock are the principal exports. Ex., U.S. Tel., W. U. George B. Watson, postmaster.
Bacon Charles E. Rev, (Methodist).
Barker & Oren, harnessmakers.
Bates James C, grocer.
Branson & Carter, hardware.
Brinkley Alonzo, meat market.
Clark & Meeks, agricultural implements
Davis James S, dry goods.
Davis Lewis N, physician.
Davisson William J, jeweler.
Devoss L C, lawyer.
Dick & Addington, flour mill.
Gable & Bly, drugs.
Good & Bond, flour mill.
Gray Nathan E, furniture and undertaker.
Grimes James W, stoves and tinware.
Grooms John, meat market.
Johnson Isaac R Rev, (Christian).
Leverton A J, blacksmith.
Macy David, stoves and tinware.
Moore Cyrus S, dry goods.
Moore George A, barber.
Moorman John A, lawyer.
Moorman Malinda Miss, dressmaker.
Mull Kendrick L, boots and shoes.
Penrey Hamilton, saw mill.
Pretlow Joseph J, dentist.
Reeves John L, general store.
Retter George E, Restaurant, Main.
Robbins & Merridith, druggists.
Robinson John w, saw mill.
Simmons Nathan C, dry goods.
Smith Calvin, physician.
Smith William W, livery.
Spilers Samuel, barber.
Stanley Charles H, flour and grist mills.
Stanley & Harbour, general store.
Stinson James H, boots and shoes.
Studebaker Henry, flour mill.
Taylor Elisha M, furniture and undertaker.
Wasson David, justice of the peace.
Watson George B. general store.
Watson House, George B. Watson, prop.
Wilson William W, blacksmith.


Is a station and postoffice located in Wayne township, Randolph county, 5 miles east of Winchester court house, and 4 west of Union City, the location of nearest bank. Population, 125. Grain and lumber are shipped. U.S. Ex. B.F. Albright, postmaster.
Albright B F, Grocer.
Anthony W, grocer and shoemaker
Davenport D S Rev, (Christian).
Davenport & Hollinger, undertakers
Fertembaugh John B, carpenter.
Fouse L D, huckster.
Fouse & Frick, pump manufacturers.
Fuits David, lumber.
Owen J K, physician and justice.
Robeson George, blacksmith.
Scott Miles, insurance agt.
Smith & Bros, saw and flour mill.
Whitsel Tobias, painter.
Wirner David, flour mill.


Contains 150 inhabitants and is situated on E. Div. I., B. & W. Ry., in Nettle Creek township, Randolph county, 17 miles southwest of Winchester, the county seat, and 8 north of Hagerstown, the location of nearest bank.
Grain and live stock comprise its exports. Ex., U.S. Lemuel Wiggins, postmaster.
Bradfield W H, blacksmith.
Canaday M L, justice of the peace.
Frank H P, dentist and physician.
Holiday M M, notary.
Horn William, shoemaker.
Johnson R B, lawyer.
Kiger John, saw mill.
Lake & Templin, General Store.
McCollum J E, grocer.
McCollum William, carriagemaker.
Murray C C, blacksmith.
Rawlston James, carpenter.
Snodgrass & Holliday, saw mill.
Spence M, wagonmaker.
Sulteen John, blacksmith.
Trent I N, physician.
Wiggins Lemuel, Flour Mill, Hotel and General Store.


Is the location of 400 persons, in Washington township, Randolph county, on the G. R. & I. R.R., 9 miles south of Winchester , the county seat and banking town. One Methodist church is sustained, and grain and live stock are shipped. Ex. U.S.
Barker Samuel, shoemaker.
Blair J S, physician.
Chenoweth J B & N N, lumber.
Cox W L & Bro, general store.
Engle T. S. grocer.
Farmer Isaac T, Drugs.
Fetty & Hawkins, lumber.
Frist & Fickle, tile manufacturers.
Halliday Bros, general store.
Hamilton R W, physician.
Horner & Cadwallader, saw mill.
Hutchins Samuel, tile manufacturer.
Jackson I A, blacksmith.
Kinshaw Z E, blacksmith.
Locke A M, blacksmith.
Platt, Jacob H, General Store.
Platt Levi, hotel.
Smith John R, dentist.
Sletler J H, hotel.
Thomas John F, harness.


A county postoffice in Stony Creek township, Randolph county, 15 miles southwest of Winchester, the nearest bank location and county seat. Farmland, 7 miles north, on the C., C., C. & I. Ry, is the shipping point. A. Canfield, postmaster.
Canfield A, Postmaster and General Store.
Shaffer Joseph, blacksmith.


Locally known as Morristown, situated in Monroe township, Randolph county, on the C., C., C. & I. Ry, 12 miles west of Winchester, the county seat, and 63 miles northeast of Indianapolis. Muncie, 10 miles distant, is the banking town. Supports 2 churches and a graded school. U.S. Ex. George R. Rinard, postmaster.
Byrd G H, General Store and Flour Mill.
Deal Peter, shoemaker.
Dotson Charles, grain.
Dragoo B F, carpenter, justice and meat market.
Friddle E M, blacksmith.
Good J M, flour mill.
Gunkle I C, grocer.
Gwin M M Rev, (Friends).
Hinchman H, hotel, R R and ex agt.
Jones John A, justice of the peace.
Jones W G, carpenter.
Karns L H , insurance.
Knapp A, blacksmith.
Meekes J & J, live stock.
Orr D F, physician.
Rogers A G, physician.
Ross W D Rev, (Christian).
Scott John R, general store.
Shaw A, flour mill.
Watson William W, harness.
Wilson T E, saw mill.
Wood & Rinard, General Store and Drugs.


Is located on the Mississinewa river, in Franklin township, Randolph county, at crossing of G.R. & I and P., C. & St, L. R.R., 9 miles north of Winchester court house, and 84 northeast of Indianapolis. It was incorporated a town in 1868, has a population of 1,000, is entirely free from debt, and supports 3 hotels, 1 bank, 2 churches Methodist and Baptist- a graded school, good college, and a weekly newspaper- the Leader. Real and personal property, $200,000. Two flour mills, 1 handle factory and a tile mill comprise its manufactories. The surrounding country is quite fertile and produces large quantities of grain and live stock, which comprise the chief exports. Ex., U.S. and Adams, Tel., W. U, Elisha T. Bailey, postmaster.
Addington James A, carpenter.
Allen Charles W, agt U S Ex Company.
Allen Seymour B, druggist.
Anderson Silas, barber.
Brooking & Stratton, Restaurant, Furniture Dealers and Undertakers.
Carver L B, agt P, C & St. L R R and Adams Ex Company.
Clew William, wagonmaker.
Collins Eliash E, live stock.
Cook George W, grocer.
Cook Lewis N, livery.
Cool Felix E, blacksmith.
Cunningham & Boswell, grocers.
Dowell William H jr., agt G R & I R R.
Eagle Hotel, E T Reid, propr.
Farquhar Allen H, physician.
Fetters Andrew, gunsmith.
Franklin Santarrelli S, grocer.
Gegner George L, harnessmaker.
Ginger Samuel, gunsmith.
Graham Thomas A,, hardware.
Harrison Orange S Rev, (Methodist).
Hiatt Christopher C, druggist.
Hiatt John A, physician.
Hiatt Joseph, shoemaker.
Hiatt Milton R, druggist.
Hiatt Nelson B, dry goods.
Hiller James B, grocer.
Hope John I, jeweler.
Hollowell James M, saloon.
Jack Robert M, boots and shoes.
James & Co, propr Walnut House.
Kitselman Bros, hardware.
Kitselman, Seany & Co, dry goods.
Kitselman Sisters & Co. milliners.
Lemaux George, grocer.
McKew & Edgar, dry goods.
McKinney Michael, boot and shoemaker.
Marot Joseph D, furniture.
Minton Charles A, barber.
Overman & Brooks, blacksmiths.
Payne Sylvannus B, stoves and tinware.
Polk John R, Publisher Ridgeville Leader.
Press A K & Co, handle manufacturer.
Reid Edward T, propr Eagle Hotel.
Retter John C, blacksmith
Reynolds Frank A, physician.
Ridgeville Bank; capital, $30,000; Thomas Ward, prest; James Charles, cashr.
Ridgeville College, S D Bates, prest; M R Hiatt, sec.
Ridgeville Leader, J R Polk, Propr.
Seigler George, grocer and baker.
Shoemaker William, physician.
Sipe Orlando, Agricultural Implements.
Stanton John A, Barber.
Starr Jacob, flour mill.
Sumption House, M T Sumption, Propr. (See adv.)
Sumpton Mahlon T, Propr Sumption House (See adv.)
Swain E Mrs, milliner.
Wait Bros, tile manufacturers.
Walnut House, James & Co., proprs.
Ward & Smith, live stock.
Wellinger John, meat marker.
Whipple & Addington, flour mill.
Williamson Garland D, lawyer.
Williamson James H, lawyer.
Winner John, shoemaker.
Wood Andrew J, grocer.
Corner Main and Walnut Sts., - RIDGEVILLE, IND
M. T. SUMPTION, Proprietor
Free Bus to and from trains. Good Sample Room on first floor.


Called also Warren, is a station on the P., C. & St. L. Ry, in Ward township, Randolph county, 8 ,miles northeast of Winchester court house. Population, 200. Union city is the location of the nearest bank. Grain, lumber and live stock are exported. Ex., Adams and U.S C. Bousman, postmaster.
Bousman C, General Store, R R and Ex Agt, hotel and Livery.
Bousman C Mrs, milliner.
Davis & Diehl, blacksmiths.
Evans G S, physician.
Girten L P, shoemaker.
Lucas J R, justice.
Pogue Jefferson, undertaker.
Pogue & Brouse, carpenters.
St. John J B, saw mill.
Warren J, general store.


A station on the G. R. & I. R. R, of 40 inhabitants, in Washington township, Randolph county, 5 miles south of Winchester, the seat of justice and bank location. J. H. Platt, postmaster.
Platt Jacob H. General Store and R R Agt.


In Grunfork (sic) township, Randolph county, 12 miles southwest of Winchester, the county seat. Union city is the banking town. Lynn, 5 miles southwest on G. R. & I. Ry, is the nearest shipping point. Population, 175. Stage to Union City daily; fare 40 cents; and Arba; fare, 25 cents. J. W. Taylor postmaster.
Berry J S, physician.
Bunch James, carpenter.
Clark James W, wagonmaker.
Clark John W, hotel and grocer.
Clark Levi, saw mill.
Christ Jacob, meat market.
Curtis J H, notary public and harnessmaker.
Dunham W H, shoemaker.
Elliott R, carpenter.
English James, barber.
Hill J W, general store and hotel.
Horn Mary Miss, milliner.
Hough Thomas, justice.
Hunt & Morgan, tile manufacturers.
Knox J C, painter.
Locke J W, furniture.
Lott Elijah, grocer.
McDonald H, blacksmith.
Manning George, shoemaker.
Morgan Clark, blacksmith.
Morgan R H, physician.
Pierson Ludlow, wagonmaker.
Shaw B R, lawyer.
Taylor Frank, tinner.
Taylor John W, Drugs.
Taylor J H, drugs, paints and oils.
Williams J H, blacksmith.


Known also as Huntsville, a town of 300 inhabitants, in Westman (sic) township, Randolph county. Winchester, the most convenient shipping and banking point, and the county seat, is 9 miles northeast. Lumber is the chief shipment. Mary Ann Paschall, postmaster.
Cox Edward, druggist.
Cropper Daniel, hotel.
Garrett S Mrs, milliner.
Gordon & Willis, drain tile manufacturers.
Harvey James C, carriage and wagonmaker.
Harvey John H, shoemaker.
Harvey John I, blacksmith.
Harvey Z, blacksmith.
Hiatt & Mann, saw mill.
Hunt Henry C, physician.
Hunt T M, Drugs and Physician.
Jacobs & Gwin, carpenters.
Kable Bros, general store.
Kepler & Lamb, flour mill.
Lamb David B, justice of the peace.
Pastures Charles, wagonmaker.
Paschall Mary Ann, Postmaster,
Stierling Phoebe C, florist.
Wall J S, physician.


The chief commercial and manufacturing town, in Randolph county, is a handsome place of 4,500 inhabitants, located on the Ohio State line, about midway between the Ohio and Indiana capitals, (each distant 85 miles),
In a rich, productive agricultural district. It is distant from Winchester court house 11 miles. Union City was settled in 1854, incorporated a town in 1860, and has probably had the most rapid growth of any town in the State. It is the western terminus of the D. & U. R. R., and is traversed by the P., C. & St. L. and C., C., C. & I. Rys. The town has a bonded and floating debt of 55,000 is lighted by gas and electricity, has good water, a fire department, 7 churches, high and graded schools, a good opera house, 4 hotels, 2 banks, and is compactly built, having good business blocks and handsome residences. Three weekly newspapers, the Times, Eagle and Plain Dealer, are published. Its manufactories are quite extensive, and comprise 3 saw mills, 1 stave factory, 2 brick yards, 4 flour mills,1 furniture factory 2 planing mills, 1 handle factory, 1 cooper shop, 2 hub and spoke factories, 1 flax mill, 1 butter tub factory, 1 tile yard, 1 foundry and a trunk slat factory. Grain, lumber, live stock and produce are the chief exports. Ex., Adams and U.S Tel., W. U. Abraham B. Cooper, postmaster.
Adam Adolphus, livery.
Alexander & worth, grain dealer.
Anderson Edwin L, grocer.
Anderson William, blacksmith.
Austin House, Thomas C. Austin, propr.
Baker Oscar A, lawyer.
Bell & Ross, lawyers.
Best Newton, jeweler.
Bothist George, brick manufacturer.
Bowers A J S & Bro, dry goods.
Bowsman Noah, saloon.
Bradbury Edward A, manager W U Tel Company.
Branham House, Branham & Son, proprs.
Branham William, restaurant and barber.
Buckingham Benjamin F, florist.
Bunch Vesla J. Mrs, hair goods.
Burket Moses, flour mill.
Butterfield Amos, livery.
Cain John Mrs, saloon.
Carson Joseph D, grocer.
Carter Samuel L, trunk slats manufacturer.
Castle & McDonald, meat market.
Central Hotel, Harrison Dill, propr.
Chopp Charles, saloon.
Citizens Bank; N Cadwallader, prest; E M Tansey cashr.
Clark Robert J, baker and confectioner.
Clevenger Walter C,barber.
Commercial Bank; capital, $60,000; Charles S Hardy, prest; James F Rubey, cashr.
Commons William N, physician.
Converse & Co, flour mill.
Cowdery Diah B, dentist.
Cowdery Ester Mrs, milliner.
Cox Joseph W. flour and feed.
Cox Leonidas N, Blacksmith.
Curtner Anna Miss, dressmaker.
Dill Harrison, propr Central Hotel.
Dubois Benjamin I, blacksmith.
Eberenz Arbogast H, baker and confectioner.
Eisenhour & Gruber, harnessmakers.
Eisenman John, shoemaker.
Evans C S, physician.
Ferguson David, physician.
Fey Henry, meat market.
Fisher Electric Company, A B Fisher, prest; S A Fisher, sec.
Fogger Martha A, dressmaker.
Frank John L, flax mill,
Galloway Preston R, cooper.
Gard Joseph, saloon.
Gimbel Henry, blacksmith.
Gist H T & Co, grocers.
Gordon & Thomas, boots and shoes.
Grabill Jacob D, physician.
Grahs Grank, shoemaker.
Grahs & Son, merchant tailors.
Gray & Gray, lawyers.
Green John H, physician.
Griffis & Vinson, grocers.
Gruber Dennis, saloon.
Haney & Buffington, agricultural implements.
Hanlan James A, grocer.
Hardy Charles S, druggist.
Harrison H H, physician.
Harshman Edward J, harnessmaker.
Hartzell John T, spoke and hub manufacturer.
Hertzel & Williams Misses, dressmakers.
Hill & Ryar Misses, milliners.
Hoke Seth, jeweler.
Hommowun Levi, cigar manufacturer.
Hook Bros, butter tub and pail manufacturers.
Hutchinson Alonzo A, grocer.
Jackson Joseph R, loan agt.
Jaqua & Co, hardware.
Jellison & Lambert, Saloon.
Johnson Alfred, boots and shoes.
Johnson Robert T, agt C, C, C, & I and D U RRs.
Jones Benner & Elbert, lumber.
Jones Bros, grocers.
Kee Hop, laundry.
Keller William G, horseshoer.
Kennedy Cornelius G, grocer.
Kerr Mattie Miss, milliner.
Kerr William, hardware.
Kingsley James, shoemaker.
Kirsch Charles L, shoemaker.
Kirshbaum & Co, Dry Goods and Clothing.
Knapp & Merkel, sewer pipe and fire brick.
Knight George W, grocer and notions.
Koontz John, furniture.
Kuntz Peter, lumber.
Kuntz & Willson, planing mill.
Lahiff Patrick, saloon.
Lambert J W & Co, handle , spoke and hub manufacturers.
Lambert, Parent & Co, grain dealers.
Lanter Lorenzo D, grocer.
Lenox Alfred, restaurant.
Lewis Spencer, flour mills.
Lingle David A, barber.
McFarland N, physician.
McKenzie & Lambert, harnessmakers.
McKissor Peter, meat market.
MacKay & Keister, grocers.
Malen Loyd, saloon.
Masslich Bently, propr Union City Eagle.
Masslich & Schricker, grocers.
Mearick William, furniture manufacturer.
Meranda Macy Miss, milliner.
Meyer Conrad, saloon.
Michael Kate Mrs, dressmaker.
Michaelis A Rev, (German Lutheran).
Moon Albert L, grocer.
Moore Nancy J, clothier.
Mote Elijah B, photographer.
Murphy & Thorn, saloon.
Newbern Joseph R, boots and shoes.
Oake William H, barber.
Orr House, W A Orr, Propr.
Orr Wiliam A. propr Orr House.
Parsons Robert J, druggist.
Patchell George W, propr Union City Times.
Pickett Charles T, lawyer.
Pioneer Mutual Insurance Association, J L Reeves, Prest; John Butcher, vice-Prest; B W Simmons, Sec; R B McKee, Treas.
Plain Dealer, Stephen M Wentworth, propr.
Prior Charles, livery.
Proctor J A &Son, druggists.
Quinlan J H Rev, (Catholic).
Rainer Joseph, wagonmaker.
Raisor Charles, saloon.
Read Bowman H, furniture.
Reeves John L, physician.
Rodman Frank H, confectioner.
Roller Harry F, agt P C & St. L Ry.
Ross George W, wagonmaker.
Ruby Samuel B, physician.
Ruff Andrew, general store.
Schaknet Frederick, shoemaker.
Schrowz Joseph G, barber.
Schuyler Amandus B, insurance agt.
Shank Joseph M, stoves and tinware.
Shaw John T, dry goods.
Shockney & Woodbury, lawyers.
Shugar Bros, stoves and tinware.
Sigler & Benson, saw mill.
Simmons Andrew L, coal.
Simmons Joseph W, saloon.
Six Barney, billiard hall.
Sloan J F Rev, (Christian).
Smith Bros, Engine Builders, Saw Mill and Grain Dealers.(See adv.)
Smith Coppy C, livery.
Smith John D, jewelry and notions.
Smith William K, boots and shoes.
Snook Jacob H, brick and tile manufacturer.
Snook Scott O, wagonmaker.
Spencer George W, grocer.
Stall Isaac G, dentist.
Starbuck J S & Co, coal.
Starbuck J W & Son, druggists.
Staudt & Richards, grocers.
Stewart & Wright, grocers.
Stoner Henry, marble works.
Stumpp Godfrey, grocer.
Sullivan Timothy Mrs, saloon.
Sutton & Bunger, pianos and organs.
Swain & Platt, books.
Taylor Periander A, agt P,C & St. L Ry.
Thokey William F, merchant tailor.
Thompson George, physician.
Tritt & Julian, meat market.
Turpen & Harris, grocers.
Union City Carriage Company, carriage manufacturers.
Union City Eagle, Bently Masslich publisher.
Union City Times, G W Patchell publisher.
Vore Samuel T, boots and shoes.
Walden Rufus H, grocer.
Wallace James, saloon.
Wallace Michael, saloon.
Wallace Patrick, saloon.
Waymire Alexander, undertaker.
Weaver George J & Co, Produce.
Wentworth Stephen M, propr Plain Dealer.
Whitham, Anderson & Co, planing mill.
Wiggins Hugh, staves and heading.
Wiggs Felix G, grain dealer.
Williamson James H, physician.
Wilson Sarah J Mrs, hair goods.
Wilson Thomas T, photographer.
Wimer William, physician.
Witham, Anderson & Co, hardware.
Wolf Levi C, blacksmith.
Worthington Willian T, sewing machines.
Wright William W, furniture.
Wunder George O, flour mill.
Yergin Henry H, physician.
Yergin Henry H Mrs, milliner.
Zeighler W H Rev, (Presbyterian).
Zeister Samuel W Rev, (United Brethren).
Manufacturers of
Boiler feeder, Steam Jet Pumps,
Force Pumps. Flour Mills Built of Improved Plans.
Special Attention Given to Repairing Engines and Flour Mills.


Situated in West and White River townships, Randolph county, 8 miles southwest of Winchester, the banking town and seat of justice, and 6 miles south of Farmland, on the C., C., C. & I. Ry, its shipping station, is a village of 200 inhabitants. A flour mill, blacksmith and shoemaker are its requirements. J.W. Pfisterer, postmaster.
Abernathy W A, blacksmith.
Allen J G, general store and woolen mill.
Batkin Thomas W, live stock and physician.
Howard S, gunsmith.
Ledbetter E, live stock.
Lumpkin J R, agricultural implements.
Mendenhall A A, general store.
Mendenall B F, junk dealer.
Pfisterer J W, General Store.
Phister John, wagonmaker.


The county sear of Randolph county, is located at crossing of the G. R. & I. And C., C., C. & I. R. Rs, 75 miles northeast of Indianapolis and 67 south of Fort Wayne. This is a pleasant incorporated town of 2,200 inhabitants, surrounded by a rich farming district, and containing good country buildings, several handsome church edifices, excellent public schools, 2 banks 2 hotels and 2 weekly newspapers- Journal and Herold. Its manufacturing establishments comprise 1 handle factory, 1 flax mill, 1 glue factory, 1 woolen mill, 1 brick yard, 1 flour mill, 1 tile factory, 2 saw mills, 1 foundry and 1 tannery. Grain, flax and produce are the principal shipments. Ex., U.S. Tel., W. U.
Alexander James W, meat market.
Ashton William E, saloon.
Bales Pleasant W, livery.
Ballard Morris, dentist.
Ballinger Mahlon, grocer.
Bates Bros & Co, flour mill.
Best Alonzo m, grocer.
Best Thomas & Son, grocers.
Bosworth R, physician.
Boyce James, flax mill.
Brandon Mary C, milliner.
Brewer Jacob, dry goods.
Brinkley Alonzo, meat market.
Brown Kent, barber.
Bundy Benjamin F, dry goods.
Campfield Aaron G, saw mill.
Canada & Marsh, lawyers.
Carder Alfred, restaurant.
Carter Henry, butter and eggs.
Carter John D, woolen mill.
Carter & Gill, wagonmakers.
Carver Andrew C, druggist.
Chapman Ferdinand B, harness.
Chapman & Ginn, carriagemakers.
Chenoweth J T, physician.
Clinger Thomas, shoemaker.
Commons John, propr Winchester Herald.
Conner Jesse, confectioner.
Cottom James S, sewing machines.
Coughlin George, dentist.
Cox Cyrus, physician.
Cranor Bros, stoves and tinware.
Cranor J & Co, lumber.
Dean & Tisor, photographers.
Diggs Calvin W, collector.
Diggs J W, undertaker.
Diggs & Way, dry goods.
Edgar George N, county auditor.
Engle E & Son, dry goods.
Farmers and Mechanics Bank; capital, $80,000; Nathan Reed, prest; T F Moorman, cashr.
Fitzmaurice William, foundry.
Fudge Daniel, milliner.
Gaffey Michael C, county surveyor.
Gardner & Horen, carriage manufacturers.
Ginger John W, gunsmith.
Gordon Thomas, agricultural implements.
Gutheil Charles, tanner and glue manufacturer.
Harter James, livery.
Helms & Bishop, hardware.
Hiatt Allen R, hardware.
Hiatt Jonathan S, news depot.
Hiatt & Hiatt, photographers.
Hickman Stephen T, justice of the peace.
Hinshaw J A & Son, harnessmakers.
Hirsch Adam, furniture.
Hoffman Daniel E, marble works.
Huddleston Albert F, physician.
Huddleston Hiram P, dentist.
Irvin House, S O Irvin, Propr.
Irvin Sylvester O, propr Irvin House.
Irvin & Son, jewelers.
Kaufman Benjamin, clothing.
Kayser Christian, boots and shoes.
Keller & Meier, grocers.
Kemp Joseph S, dry goods.
Kizer & Shaw, druggists.
Klamburg Louis, jeweler.
Klink Thomas sr, wagon manufacturer.
Knecht & Thomas, pumps.
Leavell Richard A, real estate.
Lennon Edward, saloon.
Lesley Daniel, abstracts of title.
Lewis Charles L, lawyer.
Litschert Robert J, jeweler.
Luellen Oliver F, county recorder.
McAdams George, stoves and tinware.
McCuster Theresa, hair goods.
McKee Charles E, stoves and tinware.
Macy John W, Lawyer, Abstracts of Title and Real Estate.
Manderbach William, saloon.
Martin Elisha, restaurant.
Martin William A, tile and brick.
Miller W B, agt C L & Ft W R R, and Adams Ex Company.
Miller William E, dry goods.
Miller & Neff, lawyers.
Mills & Alexander, blacksmiths.
Mouks Christopher C, meat market.
Morrow Robert B, general store.
Murray Ralph V, sheriff.
Neff David, saloon.
Neff John, grain.
Neff, Kelly & Macy, handle manufacturers.
Newton John W, lawyer.
Newton & Moore, lawyers.
OHara W A, agt C., C., C. & I Ry and U S Ex Company.
Patty Alonzo H, justice of the peace.
Pottle James W, shoemaker.
Poyner Isaac L, grocer.
Puckett Calvin, county treasurer.
Puckett Luther G, grocer.
Randolph county Bank; capital, $100,000; A Stone, prest; Dennis Kelley, cashr.
Reed William, druggist.
Reed William W, druggist.
Reinheimer Peter, hotel.
Reinheimer William H, grocer.
Rice & Vaughn, saw mill.
Smith & Markle, physicians.
Snattinger M & Co, clothing.
Spence Thomas A, lawyer.
Stakebake Andrew J, lawyer.
Stedke J H Rev, (German Evangelical).
Study Levi W, lawyer.
Thomas James M, billiard hall.
Thompson & Marsh, lawyers.
Thornburg Richmond, merchant tailor.
Watts Isaiah P, county clerk.
Watson & Chaney, lawyers.
Watson & Engle, lawyers.
Way Ella, milliner.
Williams John W, grocer.
Willits Levi R, restaurant.
Winchester Herald, John Commons, propr.
Winchester Journal (weekly), A C Beeson, propr.
Winters & Ballinger, grocers.
Wolverton Charles W, boots and shoes.


A village of 300 inhabitants, situated in Stony Creek township, Randolph county, on the Delaware county line, 12 miles southwest of Winchester, the county seat, and 2 miles south of Parker, the shipping station, on the C., C., C. & I. Ry. Muncie , 10 miles distant, is the most convenient bank. J. L. Thornburg, postmaster.
Amburn Samuel, live stock.
Arment William O, flour mill.
Chenoweth N T, physician.
Cowgill Robert, flour mill.
Davidson & Heikes, blacksmiths.
Dick Jacob, justice of the peace.
Dixon A J, blacksmith.
Dixon G W, wagonmaker.
Heikes John E, notary public.
Heikes & Randolph, carriage manufacturers.
Newhouse John T Rev, (Christian).
Sackman O Y, carpenter.
Smith J J, live stock.
Terrell Boxer, grocer.
Thornburg Joseph L, General Store.
Transcribed By: Gina Richardson

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