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A  Randolph  County  Area  Newspaper
        A Losantville family of four was killed on U.S. [?] just southeast of Muncie Friday night when their car skidded out of control on the icy road and crashed into an oncoming tractor and trailer.
          Dead are  Basil Holcomb,  31, his wife  Joyce Ann,  28, and their two daughters,  Penny,  6, and  Valerie,  9.
          The truck driver,  George E. Kimmel,  Know, said the accident occurred about 10:15 p.m. and gave this account of it.  He was traveling west approaching Muncie when he saw two cars coming toward him, both apparently skidding out of control.  He swung to the berm on his right and the first car cleared his truck, but the second, the Holcomb vehichel, rammed the truck's left front.
          The car spun backward from the impact, its doors open, and went off the south side of the road.  Bodies of the Holcomb family were thrown from the car.  Valerie's body was found 50 feet east of the impact point.  Bodies of the other three members of the family were tossed to the west of the crash point.  Holcomb's body was found 70 feet west of the impact.
          Kimmel's truck passed over two of the bodies and clipped off a utility pole before stopping in a jackkniffed position near the edge of the highway.
          All four members of the Holcomb family were dead when police arrived.
          A witness in the crash,  Elizah Johnson,  Cincinnati, Ohio, who was following the truck, gave a report similar to that of the trucker.
          Holcomb was employed at Delco Battery, Muncie, and was reported to have left work at 10 p.m.  Mrs. Holcomb had driven from Losantville to pick him up.
          The bodies were taken to the Reynard Funeral Home, Losantville [several words missing].
          Survivors include Holcomb's parents,  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holcomb,  near Losantville;  Mrs. Holcomb's  parents,  Mrs. Mary McCunegille,  Losantville and  Ralph McGunegille,  707 E. Washington St., Muncie, two brothers,  Gerald McGunefille,  Muncie, and  David McGunegille,  Ft. Bragg, N.C.
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A  Randolph  County  Area  Newspaper
        LOSANTVILLE, Ind. -- Funeral services for  Basil Holcomb, 31, his wife, Joyce, 28, and their two daughters, Penny, 6 and  Valerie, 3, killed Friday night on icy U.S. 35 after their car collided with a tractor-trailer near Muncie, will be conducted at 2 p.m. Monday at the Reynard Funeral Home, Modoc, with the Rev. Charles Lacy officiating.  Burial will be in Riverside Cemetery, west of Modoc.
        Friends may call at the funeral home after noon Sunday.
        Survivors include Mr. Holcomb's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holcomb, near Losantville; Mrs. Holcomb's parents, Mrs. Mary McGunegille, Losantville, and  Ralph McGunegille, 707 E. Washington St., Muncie; two brothers of Mrs. Holcomb's, Gerald McGunegille, Muncie, and  David McGunegille, Fort Bragg, N.C.; a sister of Mr. Holcomb, Hildred Lillard, Washington, D.C.; and two brothers, William and  Richard, both of New Castle.
        Mr. Holcomb was a member of the American Legion and had served four years in the Navy.
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