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The Heavy Veteran Dead
          James F. Lee  died at his home in Bangor village at 2:10 a. m. Monday, Aug. 15th, 1898, aged 59 years, nine months and nine days. His funeral was held at the Christian church Tuesday afternoon the address being delivered by Eld. E. H. Allen.
          In many respects this was the most remarkable funeral ever held in Van Buren county, as Mr. Lee was conceded to be the heaviest man in the state. A few weeks before his death his weight being 480 pounds, and it was estimated that his weight at death was about 500. The casket containing the remains of Mr. Lee was specially ordered by Undertaker Sherrod, was about four feet in width, and six and a half feet long. This would not go through an ordinary door, it being necessary to take the body out of the house before placing it in the casket. Eight young strong men were selected as pall bearers, and several others gave their assistance, all having plenty to do to get the ponderous casket in and out the church.
          A casket of this size would not go in an ordinary hearse, so a canopy top spring wagon was specially arranged to carry it.
          Uncommon as it is to conduct funerals of this kind it passed off without incident, and a large number of people followed the body to its last resting place in Arlington Hill.
          James F. Lee was born in Indiana, and came to Michigan May, 1862. He served his country during the rebellion, at the time of his entering the service his weight being about 130 pounds. He was married to Miss Emily Willis in 1861. To them was born four daughters, all of whom with their mother survive him.
We desire to express our most sincere thanks to the many kind friends and neighbors who assisted us through the illness and death and burial of our beloved husband and father.
Mrs. J. F. Lee
Mrs. W. C. Stockton
Mrs. C. E. Christian
Mrs. W. H. Babcock
Miss Mae Lee
Contributed by Linda Hartley

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