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-- Family Stories --

Do you have a story about Ripley County or your Ripley County ancestors that you will share with us? These stories to not have to be about a hero or heroine (I'll accept those, too), but about everyday life (as well as memorable events) in Ripley County. Did your grandmother win a blue ribbon for her apple pie at the Ripley County fair? Do you have a bit of history about Ripley County that others may enjoy? Your short story or anecdote will be published here, and updated periodically.

The following story was sent to me by Willim Dodd Brown of Chicago, Ill and descendant of Finely Brown , brother to Elijah . Both were the sons of Benjamin Davidson Brown.

One time when Charles Everette Brown was a boy, his father told him about one of the Browns coming home after the Civil War. This man had fought in the Union Army and had his kneecap broken in the war. Someone in the family , out of kindness, gave him a pair of trousesrs to wear. They were linsey- woolsey and like many homemade clothes had been dyed a butternut color. Well, it happened that butternut was also the color of the Confederate soldiers uniform , and this Brown man was so angry about the color of the pants, he wouldn't wear them.
This was the story to me over the phone by Everette Bown in November of 1987.

Trouble was that Everette didn't know the name of the man or how he fit into the family . I found the pension record on William Brown son of Elijah and Sarah, which said William had received "shell wound of the right knee joint....Would recieved in action at the battle of Chickamauga." So, once I worked it out, William Brown was a first cousin of Everett's grandfather.
I think William Brown moved to Indianpolis and died there.
This information was from William Dodd Brown

A word about Dodd Brown , he has been researching the Brown family for over 20 years, and has been most gracious in sharing his information.
Charles Everette Brown researched the Brown family for over 30 years. Mr. Brown passed away in May of 1994 at the age of 94.
Contributed by Ilona Manion