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-- Contributions --

Contributions to the Ripley County INGenWeb

One of the major objectives of the Ripley County INGenWeb is post information online about the people, places and things of Ripley County, Indiana. The purpose is to provide indexes, articles, family history, county history (just to name a few) of information that is pertinent to genealogy and historical research, concerning Ripley County, for you, the researcher. I cannot do this alone. I need your help!

The Ripley County INGenWeb is in desperate needs of submissions. Do you have a list of marriages for a year or a family; census that you transcribed, a family, building or county history; a deed or will record? Please consider sending information that is genealogy or historiced based pertaining to Ripley County. If you're not sure about whether the information is suitable for the Ripley County site, send me an email.

How do you contribute information?

I will accept attachments to an email. However, you must first contact me to let me know what information you are emailing and when you will be sending the information. Otherwise, I may delete the email! I don't want to do that, so please let me know. Or, if you prefer to send by snail mail please send me an email to let me know that so that I can send you my address.

Linking to Your Website

I will consider linking to a website that is genealogy or historical based and only related to Ripley County, Indiana on a case-by-case basis. The purpose of this website is to have genealogical or historical information available for you, the researcher. There is nothing wrong in linking to other websites, but I would like to develop Ripley County INGenWeb into a clearing house of information that researchers can use on a daily basis for research.

Information Suggestions That You May Consider Contributing

A Word About Copyright

Copyright is held by the person contributing the information to the Ripley County INGenWeb. I will post each person's name and copyright notice on the webpage attributed to information that has been contributed by that person. Please do not send me information that you have copied from another website or book unless it is in the "public domain". If you have any questions about this please contact me.

For more information about Copyright, check out USGenWeb's Copyright page.

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