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American Revolution

William Collins
Joseph McDonald
Edward Pendergast
Ninnian Beall
William Lipperd
James Grimes
Ephriam Wilson
William Bassett
Ninian Beall
George Benefiel
John Boldrey
John Buskirk
Daniel Baumgardner
Geroge Buchanan
John Burchfield
Robert Burchfield
William Collins
Lemuel Chapman
Philmore Davis
Conrad Dowers
Jacob Dowers
James Delap
Wilbourne Gibson
James Grimes
Samuel Gookins
Gideon Hyatt
Benjamin Hamilton
Benjamin Hall
Richard Hodges
Thomas Johnson
Philip Johnson
Roswell Johnson
Issac Levi
William Lipperd
Samuel Marquist
Joseph McDonald
Daniel McMillin
Henry Myers
Jacob Mitcheller
John O'Neal
Peter Newcomer
Edward Pendergast
John Parr
James Rolf
Peter Resor
Ephriam Robbins
Peter Rutledge
Henry Thomas
Samuel Stephens
Peter Vanbibber
John Tucker
John Ward
Issac Way
Daniel Welsh
Ephriam Wilson
Jacob Wycoff
John Whitaker
Joseph Henegin

Revolutionary War Plaque In Ripley County Courthouse

This is a copy of the Bronze Plate that was inside the Ripley County Courthouse that the following paragraph talks about. This photograph was taken in 1991.

William Mavity, Sargent Major of the 4th battalion, 2nd regiment of the Henry Co. VA militia and was at the Seige of Yorktown. He moved to Ripley Co somewhere around 1825 and is in your list of first settlers. A family researcher did some research back in 1930 or so and said there was a bronze plate inside the Ripley Co courthouse with all of the Rev War vets that had served and had lived in Ripley Co.  William Mavity was on the plate but I understand that the plate is missing and that somebody has a written record of the men but it does not show my ancestor now. Provided by Brian Mavity -- California

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