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Rush County, Indiana
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Charles H. Parson M.D.

Centennial history of Rush
County, Indiana
Edited by A. L Gary and E. B. Thomas
Rushville, Ind.
In Two Volumes

CHARLES H. PARSONS, M. D., who died at his home in Rushville in the spring of 1921, was one of the oldest and best known physicians and surgeons in this section of Indiana, a member of one of the old families of Rush county, for many years a recognized leader in the social and civic life of his community, a man whose good works and useful achievements had endeared him in the hearts of his fellowmen, and at his passing left a memory which will long endure in the community in which his life of faithful endeavor had been passed. It thus seems fitting that there should here be carried some brief memorial of this useful life in this volume commemorative of a centenary of civic organization in Rush county. Doctor Parson* was a native son of Rush county and had ever held the interests of his home county as the uppermost motive of his activities. He was born on the old Parsons homestead place in Rushville township, a short distance northeast of the city of Rushville, January 28, 1855, a son of Mathias and Mary (Dill) Parsons, both of whom were members of pioneer families in this county and whose last days were spent here. The Doctor's early schooling was received at Rushville and following his graduation from the high school he entered the old Northwestern Christian University (now Butler College) at Indianapolis, from whence, after a course in the "humanities," he went to Cincinnati and entered the Ohio Medical College, where he spent one year. In 1876 he went to New York and there entered the Bellevue Hospital Medical College, from which institution he was graduated in March, 1878, with the degree of doctor of medicine and surgery. Thus admirably equipped for the practice of the noble profession to which he had devoted his life, Doctor Parsons returned to Rushville and entered upon a professional career which was marked with much success, continuing actively engaged in practice until a few years prior to his death, his later years being marked by a retirement from his professional duties, save such as he felt in duty bound to continue as "the old family physician," and in these later years he found much relaxation in looking after the affairs of the Parsons farm northeast of the city. Doctor Parsons was a busy man and was not content to be idle; the "leisure" of his practice being occupied much of the time in attention to public affairs and had served variously in positions of public trust and responsibility. He was an ardent Democrat, for years regarded as one of the leaders of that party in this county, and for four years served as a member of the Rushville city council, his term of service in that connection expiring in December, 1913. It is recalled in this connection that the Doctor was very sincere in his efforts to perform a real public service and his incumbency was marked by much valuable service to the city. Doctor Parsons was for years a member of the local pension board and during the period of America 's participation in the World war also rendered valuable service as a member of the medical advisory board for the physical examination of men registered for service. The Doctor was a faithful member of the Main Street Christian Church and had for years been an office bearer in the same as well as an earnest teacher in the Sunday school, for several years teacher of the men's Century class and in recent years teacher of a woman's class. Doctor Parsons died at his home, 410 North Main street, at 12 :15 p. m., Saturday, March 5, 1921, and his widow is still making her home there. The only other close family survivor is the Doctor's sister, Mrs. Mary Parrish, of Indianapolis. Mrs. Parsons also is a member of one of the old families of Rush county and has lived here all her life. She was born in Rushville, Sallie Sexton, daughter of Dr. Marshall Sexton and his wife Elizabeth, of excellent memory and further and fitting mention of whom is made elsewhere in this volume, together with portraits of four successive generations of Doctors Sexton who have practiced their profession in this county. She was united in marriage to Doctor Parsons on December 17, 1878, and to this union one child was born, a son, John Parsons, who died in 1893.