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Rush County, Indiana
Genealogy and History

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Centennial history of Rush
County, Indiana
Edited by A. L Gary and E. B. Thomas
Rushville, Ind.
In Two Volumes

HENRY O. GROSS, cashier of the Manilla Bank, and one of the prominent men in Rush county's financial circles, is a native of of the county, having been born at Manilla, January 22, 1878, the son of John and Katherine (Ottman) Gross, both natives of Germany. Realizing that there were greater opportunities for advancement in America, John Gross came to this country in his early manhood prior to his marriage, while his wife came with her father when she was yet a girl. His first occupation in this country was in the capacity of a wagon maker and cabinet worker, being an expert in all lines of wood working. He later founded the general store in Manilla which is now operated by his son Fred, although it still retains the name of the founder. To him and his wife were born eight children, seven of whom are now living: Katherine, Emma, Jacob. Caroline, George W., Fred, Henry O.. and Charles F., who died at the age of about twenty-four years, and is buried at Shelbyville, this state. Henry O. Gross received his education in the common schools and the high school at Manilla, which he attended for two years, and a short term at the Nelson Business College some time later. After leaving high school, he and his brother, Fred, took charge of their father's store, the duty devolving upon them at their father's death, and together they conducted the business for two years. At the end of that time, Fred joined the army, and for the succeeding two years, Henry managed the affairs of the establishment by himself. On his brother's return from the army, he turned over the business to him and went to Cincinnati, where he took his short business course. Following this he went to Indianapolis and worked in the wholesale grocery establishment of the Indianapolis Fancy Grocery Company for a short time, and then, having been offered a position with the Mauzy & Denning Company, moved to Rushville, where he remained for four months. He was then, April 1. 1901, made cashier of the Manilla Bank, the responsibilities of which office he has since discharged with credit to himself and with profit to the bank. On September 26, 1005, Mr. Gross was united in marriage with Miss Clara Fox. the daughter of Jacob G. and Amy E. (Blackford) Fox. both natives of Shelby county, Indiana, he being a miller by trade and now employed by the Mull Grain Company at Manilla. Mrs. Gross was born in Shelby county, and was educated in the schools there and at Morristown. hid. To Mr. and Mrs. Fox three children have been born, all of whom are now living, Blanche, Ralph, and Clara. Mr. Gross is a popular member of the Masonic fraternity, being affiliated with Manilla Lodge, No. 34, and in addition is well known as a member of the Modern Woodmen. In his political beliefs, he is counted among the supporters of the Democratic party, but he has never sought political office at the hands of his fellow citizens.