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Rush County, Indiana
Genealogy and History

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Courtesy of Pam Steed

Cemetery Township
Bethesda Graveyard Anderson
Bowles Cemetery Anderson
Gosnell/RJ Farlow Cemetery Anderson
Hume Cemetery Anderson
Layton Cemetery Anderson
Locus Grove Amish Cemetery Anderson
Milroy Cemetery Anderson
Milroy Eastbrook Cemetery Anderson
No Name Cemetery Anderson
Overlease Cemetery Anderson
Sagasere Cemetery Anderson
Stewart Cemetery Anderson
Thomas/Hilligoss Cemetery Anderson
Winship Cemetery Anderson
Center Church Cemetery Center
Dillion Cemetery Center
Hepnew Burial Plot Center
Little Blue River Baptist Cemetery Center
McIllvaine Burial Plot Center
Reddick/Rhodes Cemetery Center
Shiloh Cemetery Center
Armstrong Burial Plot Jackson
David Plot Jackson
Newkirk Plot Jackson
Abijah Hunt Graveyard Noble
Benjamin Norris Farm Plot Noble
Gregg Graveyard Noble
Heaton Graveyard Noble
James Wilson Farm Plot Noble
Little Flatrock Cemetery Noble
Pleasant Run Graveyard Noble
Sefton Plot Noble
Aldridge Cemetery Orange
Ballard/Meal Cemetery Orange
Bowling Plot Orange
Halterman/Rell Phillipis Graveyard Orange
Hungerford Graveyard Orange
Keeler/Pierce Cemetery Orange
Macklin Graveyard Orange
McCarter Cemetery Orange
Moscow Cemetery Orange
Mt Garrison/Mt Gherizim Graveyard Orange
Owen/Dick Graveyard Orange
Rader/Bowman/Worland Graveyard Orange
Redenbough/Waggoner Graveyard Orange
Roberts Graveyard Orange
Vienna Graveyard Orange
Arlington East Hill Cemetery Posey
Ball Graveyard Posey
Burlington Cemetery Posey
Glendenning Cemetery Posey
Gordon Cemetery Posey
Hannegan Cemetery Posey
Junkin Cemetery Posey
Little Blue River Friends Cemetery Posey
Morgan Graveyard Posey
Nelson Graveyard Posey
Offutt Graveyard Posey
Osborne/Shelton Cemetery Posey
Stanley Graveyard Posey
Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery Posey
Fisher Cemetery Richland
Hopewell Cemetery Richland
Old Salt Creek Graveyard (Baptist) Richland
Revolutionary Soldier Plot Richland
Richland Methodist Cemetery Richland
Salt Creek Graveyard Richland
Foust Cemetery Ripley
Franklin Cemetery Ripley
Friends Church Cemetery Ripley
ISSCH Cemetery Ripley
No Name Cemetery Ripley
Riverside Cemetery Ripley
Town Cemetery Ripley
Walnut Ridge Cemetery Ripley
Bell/Barrett Cemetery Ripley/Center
Abanion Bebout Cemetery Rushville
Absalom Magee Burial Plot Rushville
Calvary Cemetery Rushville
Concord Cemetery Rushville
County Infirmary Burial Plot Rushville
Duke Cemetery Rushville
East Hill Cemetery Rushville
Greer Cemetery Rushville
Kelly Cemetery Rushville
Lower/Laughlin/Old Town Cemetery Rushville
Matlock Cemetery Rushville
Mull Graveyard Rushville
No Name Cemetery Rushville
Ormes Graveyard Rushville
Pleas Miller Burial Plot Rushville
Upper Graveyard Rushville
Alger Graveyard Union
Arnold Burial Plot Union
Ben Davis Cemetery Union
Blacklidge Graveyard Union
Fairview Cemetery Union
Glenwood Cemetery Union
Hinchman Graveyard Union
Link Graveyard Union
Looney Graveyard Union
Smelser Graveyard Union
Waller Graveyard Union
Brick Hill Cemetery Walker
Goddard/Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Walker
Homer Cemetery Walker
Hurst Cemetery Walker
Manilla Cemetery Walker
Sells Cemetery Walker
Westerfield Burial Plot Walker
Westerfield Graveyard Walker
Ammon Cemetery Washington
Austill Plot Washington
Chorn Graveyard Washington
East Fork Cemetery Washington
Ebenezer Cemetery Washington
Zion Cemetery Washington