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Rush County, Indiana
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The History of Rush County, Indiana
Chicago: Brant & Fuller. 1888.
Volume II, Chapter VIII. by John Arnold M.D.

Transcribed for the Rush Co. INGenWeb Project by Donna Tauber


A primitive school building stood on the Samuel Gordon land, immediately south of the residence of Trustee John M. Conaway. John Sohn now owns the land. One of the early teachers was Elder Gabriel McDuffy, well known throughout the county, as a pioneer preacher of the Christian Church. He taught here about 1833. Another teacher was John Wesley Whiteside (1835), who had taught also in Ripley. Whiteside was very strict in discipline. A similar house stood on the Brookville road, west of Arlington, on the Gordon land, now belonging to Harlan Lee. William Mears was the first teacher, about 1835; George Ewing, in 1838; Reuben Jones, 184oŃ41, Miss Eliza Gallaher and- several others. These were the first, however. Aquila Collins taught a school just west of William Collins, on the farm of Jacob Beckner, father of Jacob, of Arlington; this was in the thirties. Another teacher of this school was Newton, son of Gabriel McDuffy (the pioneer preacher). William Brunt taught in 1835, near where Eli Collins now resides. The house stood on the farm of William Collins. John Brunt taught here as early as 1827. This is one of the first schools in Posey Township. Jesse Kellum taught at this place, and there are some mature men in and about Arlington who have a very distinct recollection of this man. An old teacher familiarly called Jimmy Morgan was a teacher of this neighborhood. In the northwestern part of the township, near Riverside Meeting house, on the land of Josiah Small, was a log schoolhouse; the land now belongs to John B. Bentley. Among the teachers here, we find Madison Elah, of Palestine, Ambrose Cain, and Caleb Scott. John Brunt taught at what was known as the Center Church (Methodist Episcopal). Here was a camp meeting ground, and the house was used as a schoolhouse. It stood on what is now the Stanley land. North of Arlington the old burying ground is all that is left to mark the spot, this school was more than fifty years ago, and was the scene of some mighty contests in spelling.

First purchased by Nimrod and Nancy (Etchison) Adams per land patent issued on April 24, 1820: (SALE-CASH) Sold to Preston Stanley in 1839. John McMichael lived in a house near here and was janitor of the church in his later years. He had 18 children, 9 of who where born in Indiana and 9 who were born in Illinois. His sister was the mother of Archibald McMichael Kennedy, the famed covered bridge builder.

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