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Archived Queries from 2000

Lilli Susbauer 31 Dec 2000 (GRACE) I am researching Thomas Grace born in Rush County 1833 son of Crabtree Grace and Juda Stafford Grace.

Benita 31 Dec 2000 (BEECHER) I am searching for any information about Miss Ida Beecher who was living in Rushville, Indiana in 1912.

Lora 31 Dec 2000 (ADDISON) Don Addison born Nov 21, 1893, in Rush County, he was the son of Jesse and Lillie Dale (Powell) Addison. Don married Avenell (Morris) Addison. He had a son named Jesse, and Howard, J. Lynn Addison, Isabel Gardner, and a sister Mildred Nigh. In Don's obit it says he was 100. This would have made him born in 1793. The obit gives his father, who is Jesse, I am trying to find out where Jesse was born, and who his father was. Sure could use some help on this one. Any suggestions?

Lora 31 Dec 2000 (ADDISON) John Addison was born in Preble County, Ohio, near the town of Richmond on January 22, 1820. In 1840 he married Nancy Hall, in Henry County, Indiana. That same year they moved to Rush County, settling in Ripley Township. They lived there until 1853, he then disposed of all property and bought 160 acres of land in Jackson Township, Hancock County, He had the following children: Malinda, who married Charles Fort, Lavina, Temperance, Samuel, Silas (Rev) , Joseph N., and Mary who became the wife of John W. Wales. John Addison then married Ella Jane Coltrain, and they had 1 child Ada F. John Addison's (who was born January 22, 1820) father was also John Addison, and I don't have a birth date for him to connect all of them. How can I find the birth date of John Addison's father John Addison? Thanks to all,

Linda Harney 17 Dec 2000 (HARNEY) I am looking for any information on any Harney's that lived in the Rush County area. My link is James R. Harney b 1837, married Mary Elizabeth Catlin in Hamilton Cty. 1877. He may have been married before. Children: Madison (Matt), Charley D., Henry, James L., and Orvill C who married Lenna Walterman 13 Aug. 1910.

David 14 Dec 2000 (CONNOR) I am looking for info on some of my family that spent some time in Rush County. By the way one of the names I have had the most trouble with is the name Connor. I'm looking for a David Connor b. 1825/26 in Indiana. He married a Margaret F. Brown also b. 1830/31 in Indiana. They moved to Buchanan County, Missouri. Some other names that passed through Rush County are Suttton, Jones and Staggs. These people were in Fleming County, Kentucky. Anyway I don't know if any of this is familiar or not. Thanks for any help.

Carol Gould 14 Dec 2000 (WILSON) I am searching for information on my gr-gr-grandfather, REUBEN WILSON, who was married to ELLEN HOSKINS on May 2, 1857 in Coles County, Illinois. The only information I have on him comes from the 1860 census in Coles County -- his age at that time (23) and his state of birth, Indiana. That would make his birthdate about 1837. There seem to be many Wilson's in Coles County who came from RUSH COUNTY, INDIANA.

LaVon Campbell 14 Dec 2000 (NEWBOLD) I have the Krammes side of the family tree and would like to know more about Lucy Newbold who married William Edmondson. I have a picture I took of her tombstone in the Goddard cemetery at Homer, In, Rush Co. If you need any of the Krammes stuff I got it. Thanks in advance.

Lynn 14 Dec 2000 (DEAN)Looking for information on Carry Harrison DEAN and Nehemiah Nicholas DEAN, born in Rush Co., 1850 and 1849 respectively. Carry Harrison m. Rebecca Wilson BEAL. Nehemiah m. Susan C. HUBER. Family later relocated to Cherokee Co. KS. Any information appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Lorna Parrish 8 Dec 2000 (CLOYD) Looking for info. on my g.grandfather Caleb Cloyd, b. 15 Sep. 1830 in Ripley Twp., Rush Co.

Peggy 8 Dec 2000 (POWELL, COPES) Does anyone have access to some sort of records for the ME church ..... my ancestor GEORGE E. POWELL & KEZIAH (Kiza) COPES would have been in the Rushville/New Salem area ..... and I'm trying to pinpoint their location. Since his children continued membership with the ME Church for many years later, it's a "most probable" thing to assume that he & Kiza attended one there in Rush County. Are there membership/baptismal/burial records available for the church????

Virgene 8 Dec 2000 (ADKINS,KENNEDY,NEWLAND,HENDRICKS) John ADKINS and spouse, Elizabeth ADKINS, lived in the same section, twp and range, in Hancock Co IN as my gg-grandfather, Thomas KENNEDY, in 1854. This couple signed a document the same day as my gg-grandfather, Thomas K. signed the same *type* of document which I *think* was selling a portion of their land to an attorney to raise money for a court appeal in behalf of Thomas K. My question is: Does anyone on this list have an ADKINS who was in any way associated with KENNEDY. Thomas KENNEDY was b. in VA abt 1790. I find him first in Huntington Twp, Brown Co OH, in 1830. He purchased land in Hancock Co IN in 1834 and is shown on Buck Crk Twp, Hancock Co IN census of 1840, spouse Mary, b. abt 1806, in OH. I have the names of his six of his children. Sarah A. mar George HUDSON; Eliza Ann, mar. Christopher RULEY; Mary Jane, mar. 1st John UNDERWOOD, 2nd Frederick HENDRICKS, in 1859. Mary Jane and Frederick are my g-grandparents. There are three minor children listed for Thomas KENNEDY and spouse, Mary, on the 1850 census of Hancock Co IN. They are Nancy Susan, James Levi and Francis Newland KENNNEDY. The middle name NEWLAND may be a clue as to a relationship. Perhaps this is the maiden name of Thomas KENNEDY's spouse, Mary. So far, I have not been successful in finding a listing of a marriage for Thomas and Mary. Suggestions and/or answers to the above would be most appreciated.

Frank Deutsch 8 Dec 2000 (LEFFORGE) I am looking for John and Mary Smith Lefforge my Gr Gr Grandparents.

David L Johnson 8 Dec 2000 (HIGGINS,JOHNSON.JOHNSTON,RAMBO) Looking for infomation on Jeremiah Higgins, who married Lorana/Lovana Johnson/Johnston, in Rush County, IN., 4 Mar 1830 Find what looks like their marriage record, on Indiana State Library Archive website. Shows them married Rush County, IN., along with her sister Delila Johnson/Johnston to Joseph Rambo, in 7 Oct 1830. Two Rambo girls on the same marriage site, also lists a Annon and Josiah James, who married Elizabeth and Anna, also both married 1830 Rush Co.; Jeremiah Higgins and the two James boys, all appear to be in Madison County, IN., by the 1850 US Census,except for Jeremiah Higgins. I suppect he died, as Lorana appears with to alone with her children, living with her parents, by the mid 1800's, on census for MO.

Barbara I. Amburgey 8 Dec 2000 (CASADY/CASSADY) I am interested in connecting to anyone who might be able to shed some light on my ancestor Weir CASSADY of Henry Co. IN. He is believed to be the brother of Thomas CASSADY of Rush Co. IN, son of Simon Cassady and Eleanor Layton. Thomas d. about 1826, but many descendants stayed in Rush Co. while others moved on to Iowa.

Andrew Wheeler 8 Dec 2000 (TANGEMAN)Hi, I am looking for anyone with the name Tangeman in their family tree. Thank you!!!!!!

Mary Houser 8 Dec 2000 (CONN) My grandmother Minnie Myrtle Loomis was the second wife of Elbertie (EllBert as he later was know as). They had four children, Clarence Elbert, El Roy, Jesse Thereon and Letha Frances (my mother). They lived in Chehalis Washington. He died in 1936 and she in 1949. Does anyone have any information as to when Elbertie's father Jesse died?

Laura Stewart Civey 27 Nov 2000 (STEWART) Does anyone know ancestry of Tony Stewart (Nascar driver)b. May 20, 1971? I have lots of In. Stewart's in my file. In. Co.'s are: Clark, Vigo, Lafayette, Sullivan, Rush, Floyd, etc. Tony looks like pictures of my Stewart's. I would like to know his ancestry to see if it connects to any of my Stewarts. I am working on Desc. of James Stewart, Jr. 1743-1812 (Rev.War soldier)

Joyce Salt 27 Nov 2000 (SMITH) I am looking for the children's names of Wright Smith listed as a pioneer in the 1820's in Posey Township, Rush County, Indiana. He was born between 1790 and 1800 and may have been from England.

Darlene Hagel 27 Nov 2000 (DOVE) I am looking for information on the Dove, Ryan, Soloman(Solomon) and Vance families of Rush County. I believe they lived in Rushville. I believe they lived in Rush County before 1910 at which time some of them moved to Wayne County. Charles Soloman was the first husband of Martha Dove, John Ryan was they second husband of Martha Dove. Mary Elizabeth Vance Dove was the mother of Martha And George Dove. I believe Mary was in Rush County to witness her daughter's first marriage because she is on the marriage certificate as giving her OK. Please help if you can! thank you

Bill King 27 Nov 2000 (KING) Continuing search for any info on William King family who located in Rush County,IN ca1825. William may have died and been buried there, 7 Dec 1837.Children of Wm and Mary Evans King,nearly all born in Rockcastle Co.,VA were:Elizabeth, DOB 15 Dec 1802.Lavisy b 15 Dec 1805; James b 20 Dec 1808, Pulaski Co, KY;Permeley, b 13 Nov 1810;Perlina, b 13 Nov 1810; Lelah, b 13 May 1816;Mary b 17 Jun 1817 m James Winship of Rush Co. on 5 May 1835;John b 13 Mar 1819; Sidney b13 Jul 1823. Any info warmly appreciated.

Janie Buchanan 27 Nov 2000 (FARLOW) I am asking about the Farlow family in Rush County, IN. I am especially hunting for a Jane Farlow - she was married to Benjamin Gosnell on September 30, 1849, I am wondering if this Joseph is her brother? I do not know who her parents' names are? She does have an uncle named Hiram who lived close to Jane's mother who was a widow.There were three grown sons and 2 daughters there. The county in Iowa was Butler Co, Iowa. Jane and Benjamin moved to Iowa in September 1859 and spent the winter there. Then they returned to Indiana in April or 1860. If anyone knows any info for Jane (my gggm),please email me.

Ray Viator 27 Nov 2000 (STEWART,WILSON) I would like to hear from anyone who is familiar with the early days of Rush Co. I have limited access to literature on Rush Co. I have found some referring to a group of settlers from Kentucky. I would like know more about that group. I believe my ancestors were in that group. Hugh Stewart/ Susanne Wilson and children Robert and Sam Stewart came to Rush Co. about 1824. I think they may have been born in Kentucky. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Mark 27 Nov 2000 (EATON) Looking for additional information that anyone might have on Jesse and Sarah (Peters) Eaton. Sarah was the daughter of David Peters. Jesse and Sarah were married in Rush County, Indiana on May 26, 1831. Are there any descendants of these two out there? Love to here from you. Thanks!

Donna 27 Nov 2000 (BEBOUT) Elizabeth Bebout and Francis Newbold of Rush County were my 3rd great grandparents.I have nothing more on Elizabeth, but would love to have additional information on Francis Newbold and his ancestors.

Fred Samson 27 Nov 2000 (GRANT) Daniel Grant is known to have been in Rush County in 1830 and died in 1831. His wife was Jane Smith. Any information on Daniel Grant would be sincerely appreciated to include his children--James, Nancy, Smith, and Daniel Jr.--particularly if any remain in Indiana. Thank you.

Jim Giles 27 Nov 2000 (COOCH)I have a family album that has newspaper obits about the death of William T. Cooch who "died, at his residence, near Raleigh, Monday evening, April 20th.... and laid to rest "in the beautiful cemetery at Raleigh." Cooch has been corrupted to spelled Couch. My ancestor, Mary Jane Cooch (nee Roberts) was born in Oxford, Ohio in 1833. I believe William was her father-in-law. Any additional info would be appreciated.

David Seitz 19 Nov 2000 (GROSS) I recently found a poor copy of an obit for John Gross of Manilla, Rush Co, IN from 1895 or 1896. It mentions a newspaper with the name of "Mall" or "Mail" or something similar. What was the correct name of the newspaper? Is it archived anywhere?

Trudie 19 Nov 2000 (JONES) I am seeking any information regarding Thomas JONES who was born in Rush County, IN on June 12, 1844. He was the son of the former Elizabeth HOOD and William M. JONES who were originally from Wilkes County, NC. Thank you for your help..

Darlene 19 Nov 2000 ( DOVE) I am looking for information on the Dove, Ryan, Soloman(Solomon) and Vance families of Rush County. I believe they lived in Rushville. I believe they lived in Rush County before 1910 at which time some of them moved to Wayne County. Charles Soloman was the first husband of Martha Dove, John Ryan was the second husband of Martha Dove. Mary Elizabeth Vance Dove was the mother of Martha And George Dove. I believe Mary was in Rush County to witness her daughter's first marriage because she is on the marriage certificate as giving her OK. Please help if you can! Thank You.

Patty Schutt 13 Nov 2000 ( GATES) Looiking for the Dayton H Gates Family He was married in Rush Co. 6-30-1848 to a Lucinda Bentley need the kids Birth Days if anyone knows of this family write to me Please !!

Pam 13 Nov 2000 ( ANDREWS)I am searching for any one who has any information about Sherman Andrews of Rush County. He married Hattie Ball, Dec., 20, 1864. He was born June 18, 1864 and died after 1898. He had quite a few children, but the one who is my grandfather is William Orville. I would appreciate any information any one could give me.

Peggy 10 Nov 2000 ( POWELL,COPES) I'm seeking POWELL and COPES families in the RushCounty area. So far, the records I have for them indicate a time span from 1847-1860. This is a couple ....GEORGE E. POWELL & KIZA COPES and I'm hoping to connect them to a familiy in the Indiana area.

Marsha Mullin 5 Nov 2000 ( DILL,BEBOUT) I am interested in learning the more about Eleazar Dill and Elizabeth Bebout. Elizabeth's mother was Mary (Polly) Gardner, sister of my grandfather. I would be happy to share Bebout/Gardner information and would like to know more about Eleazar and Elizabeth's children.

Bill Mathis 5 Nov 2000 (HOUSTON) I'm looking for a Rachel Houston who was born in Grant Co. 14 Apr 1872. I've seen a post that lists a William H. Houston who was born in Rush Co. and he died in Madison Co. He also lived in Johnson Co. from 1850s to 1870s. In the 1880s he moved to Grant Co. and then died in Madison Co. in 1887. Is it possible that William could be related to Rachel? She had two sisters that I know of, Eva and Margaret. Thank you for any insight you might be able to put on the subject.

Jean Haman 4 Nov 2000 (STEWART, GIBSON) I am wondering if there is anyone out there in Rush County who has any information about the marriage of Harrison Stewart and Margaret Gibson on November 26, 1876 in Rushville, Rush County, Indiana. Harrison Stewart was my great-grandfather and I am more than willing to share and or trade information on this line beginning with Thomas Stewart clear down to my great grandchildren.

Bonnie Moffitt 4 Nov 2000 (SHARP) Harvey Carr - Mother: Pricilla Sharp

Gwen 4 Nov 2000 ( PLOUGH/PLOUGHE) Still searching for anyone who has information on the PLOUGH/PLOUGHE family. Any help would be appreciated.

Carleene Hubbard 4 Nov 2000 ( SIX, BECKNER) I am a descendant of the SIX / BECKNER marriage of: MARY ELIZABETH SIX (George, John, Jacob, John Conrad, Johann Heinrich, Johann Philip), and WILLIAM BECKNER (Jeremiah, Jacob, Henry, Peter, Johan Nicholas). I have most of the lineage in my database . . . though some of the earlier branches that went other directions are not yet in my program.

Chris Anderson 4 Nov 2000 (ANDERSON, LEISURE, SIX, BITNER) Would like to exchange info on Anderson, Leisure, Six, Bitner surnames in Rush County, IN.

Sue 4 Nov 2000 (CLOUD, POWELL) Would like to exchange info on CLOUD, POWELL surnames in Rush County, IN.

Scarlett 4 Nov 2000 (CAMPBELL, MALCOLM) My ancestor, Jane Malcolm Campbell, came to Rush County in the 1800's, probably mid 1840's or 50's , with her children after the death of her husband Hugh Campbell in Bourbon Co. Ky. She is buried in Rush County, not sure which cemetery. Would love to hear from anyone who can help and especially from family. Thank you for your consideration

Carol Landergott 4 Nov 2000 (DILL, HEATON) Do you have any info. on William & Mary (Heaton) Dill, William was b. in Kent Co., MD. They had a dau. Sarah Bell Dill b. June 8, 1824 in NC., d.April 20, 1888 in Rush Co., IN marr. Drury (Dury, Drewry) Fleener or Fleenor b. March 2, 1817 in Washington Co., VA., d. Aug. 19, 1875 in Rush Co., IN.Both Sarah & Drury are buried in East Hill Cem., Rushville, Rush Co., IN. They were married Jan. 5, 1843 in Rush Co., IN. Also need the parents of Drury Fleener if you might have them. If this is any connection to your Dill's & would like Sarah & Drury's children, I have them.

Julia Syverson 4 Nov 2000 (DILL) My family is from Rush Co. and my ancestor was one of the first settlers. My father is Oliver E. Dill (b 1926), who married Wilma EVANS (b.1928), also of Rushville, Rush CO. He was 1 of 3 children. My grandfather was Oliver E. Dill (b.1901), also of Rush Co. and he married Bessie Marie TYLER (b.1903). He was also one of 3 children. My great grandfather was Thomas A. Dill (b.1867), and he married Winifred May SMITH (b.1868) of Rush Co. He was one of 5 children. My great, great grandfather was Eleazer (b.1827)of Rush Co. He was married to Elizabeth BEBOUT (b.1845) of Rush Co. He was one of 4 children. His father was William Dill (b.1793), born in Maryland and the first Dill in Rush Co. His wife was Mary HEATON (b. 1813), born in Ohio. I have information on most of these people if I can be of assistance to anyone. If anyone has any additional will all be appreciated. If anyone has any ideas how to find out more about William Dill I am all ...eyes?

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