FROM web site of Bakers Creek Baptist Church

IN Spencer County is an old cemetery by the name of Baker's Creek, It would seem this was started by the members of the Baker's Creek Baptist church to be a place to bury their dead. David Luce, who Luce Township is named after and who was our first Deacon, is the first to use the cemetery. According to an article by

Mrs. Lawrence L. Lant, titled Baker's Creek Cemetery To Be Re- dedicated

The origin of the cemetery is not known exactly but according to the old minutes of the Baker's Creek church, the first burial was that of a child of the Luce family. No stone can now be found for this child. The oldest stone, however, that was found, was that of a twelve-year old child, Elizabeth Schuyler, who died in March 1817.

("The Weekly Democrat June 9, 1855 - Article titled "A visit to Luce Township")

We took the Evansville Road and a delightful road it is, smooth and dry, fully equal to a plank road, persons traveling this road cannot but admire the beauty of the land, and the desirable location for farmers. The valley which is passed in traveling this road is one which might be taken for the garden of Eden, without making any very great mistake.

The tears that have fallen on this ground over the years have made this a sacred spot in our county. When looking at the newspaper accounts of that day we can see that many of those who lie buried here was not due to old age, but Pneumonia, Spiral Meningitis, Scarlet Fever, Typhoid Fever, Malaria, Consumption, Catarrh, and other sickness which our ancestors faced, were the ones who brought the young and old alike to lie beneath these trees.

This cemetery is a part of our history for it was started by those who were members and our first church built out of logs was on this site. When going to the cemetery today (2005) we are sadden to see that of the possible 217 markers that should be there, I count only 35 to 40 stone that can be read with many broken stones lying in a stack and on the ground. The sad thing about this is that it was not some war being fought on its ground, but neglect and vandalism form the generations of people that followed them.

Information From: In our church minutes dated October 21, 1905 it states

Trustees to learn how to transfer deed to Bakers Creek Cemetery to Trustee of Luce Township.

In the minutes of May 20, 1922 it states

Committee on the Old Bakers Creek cemetery reported that the Cemetery had been deeded to trustees of Luce Township and 3 Directors appointed:

The cemetery is a part of not only our church history but our state as well for the south was the door mat to the settling of the north. Thankfully through the efforts of the Spencer Country Historical Society we can go and read from paper what we cannot now find on stone and that is the names of the people bury at Baker Creek Cemetery.

Baker Creek is on South County Road 800W, North of County Road 50S