McKenney Cemetery

Cemetery notes, Picture and/or description from John Ozzy Williams

This cemetery is located in Luce Township, Eureka, in Section 28. It is located (my guess) 300 yards south east of Bakers Creek Cemetery. It is on a knoll in the field. This cemetery has also been called Briscoe Cemetery because it is where the Briscoe School house was located. Some of the blocks from the foundation are still there. Most of the gravestones are damaged beyond recognition. I could not have found this cemetery without the help of the fine folks in the Spencer County Historical Society. The overview picture is by John Ozzy William 2012

There are only 10 stones to my knowledge and I have placed the information below

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There are only 2 photos and they are curtsey of John Ozzie Williams

William McKenny

Jun. 6, 1856

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Williams, Daniel
b. unknown
d. Feb. 29, 1856
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This is the list of all known burials

McKenney, Elizabeth E
b. Nov. 8, 1834 d. Oct. 20, 1854

McKenney, Infant
b. unknown d. Oct. 17, 1854

McKenney, William
b. unknown d. Jun. 6, 1856

Williams, Daniel
b. unknown d. Feb. 29, 1856

Williams, John Martin

Williams, Martin B
b. unknown d. May 8, 1858

Williams, Mary Elizabeth
b. unknown d. Jul. 7, 1854

Williams, Mary Jane
b. unknown d. May 14, 1854

Williams, Nancy Judson
b. unknown d. Jul. 29, 1850

Williams, Tabitha
b. unknown d. Jul. 14, 1847