Carter Cemetery

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This cemetery is located in Luce Township in the southwest corner of county roads 600N and 700W

There are indications of other burials without markers. It is in the the edge of a woods and is overgrown. The stones are very hard to read.

Most of the information listed here is from the Spencer County Historical Society transcription project in 1986.

Pictures and data from work of John Ozzy Williams. Pictures are in same order as data.
Carter, Albert T
b. Mar. 4, 1847 d. Mar. 4, 1911
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Carter, Kelleytrans
b. Sep. 2, 1882 d. Mar. 9, 1911
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Carter, Syntha A
b. Aug. 10, 1826 d. Mar. 19, 1906
w/o Harvey
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Whitsell, Mariah C
b. Jan., 1880 d. Aug., 1912
stone broken in many places
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