Woods Cemetery

This cemetery was destroyed. It was located off Hwy 62 south of Dale near the Lincoln City Turnoff behind a large farm house on the hill, east side of the road. I have created a page for it since some burials are known.

The burials known are listed below

Mrs Della Martin who in 1987 was 95 yrs old and living in Louisville KY has supplied some of the information

The information below is from the work of Sharon Patmore and was done in 1987. Her books can be found at the boonville library in Boonville IN
Wood, William
died Dec 16 1867
83y 6m 24d

Wood Rebecca
died Jan 10 1857
69y 2m 29d w/o Wm

Wood Joseph L
died June 1 1863
16d s/o J & K

Wood Sarah Alice
b March 28 1861 died Sept 2 1861
d/o C and M C

Wood, Clabourn
died Sept 15 1851
10m 5d s/o J & M

Wood, Andrew
died Dec 11 1841
1m s/o J & M

Brown, Mary M
died Dec 19 1866
3y 10m 8d
d/o GI and RE

Wood, Jane
died Dec 19 1866
3y 10m 8d
d/o GI and RE

Mrs Della Martin has provided the following information

Woods, Charles
died about 1897
bro to Lewis, her uncle

Woods, Clara
sister to Lewis

Woods, ??
great grandfather to Jesse Schraer

Woods, Robert
died in Kansas

children of Robert

Woods, Lucy
died Aug 1913
buried on 18th per OBIT
died in Kansas

Woods, Robert
b 1735 died 1810