Singleton Cemetery

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In map section 3 and is south of Richland. This cemetery was found and all pictures taken by volunteer Wayne Bond  From rt. 66 going east. turn north; it is about halfway between 300n and 400n on the west side of the road. The house is 3330 and belongs to Mr. Johnson who takes care of the cemetery behind his lot. He says that Luce twp. owns Singleton Cemetery.
John V Singleton
4 Ind Cav
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Singleton, Melvina
b. Dec. 7, 1832
d. Feb. 21, 1915
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This stone has no visible inscription

not a river stone
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There are 6 of these river rock headstones and they have no visible inscription. Might be more They are laid out in a row
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This is Misouri Singleton's Stone. The inscription is on the back of her parents stone
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This is Julian Singleton's stone. his inscription is on the back of his parent's stone
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This is the inscription for Misouri and Julian Singleton

Misouri Singleton
born 1854 and died in 1856

Julian Singleton
born in 1837 and died in 1856
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This is Littitia and James stone with the inscription for Misouri and Julian on the back.

Singleton, James
b. 1801 d. 1871

Singleton, Lettitia
b. 1811 d. 1908
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I was able to find a Obit on Lititla. Please check the Obit section of the web site for information. It was in the Rockport Democrat on March 10 1905 I will add some census data here.

1850 census shows
James as HOH aged 49
Letetia as aged 38
children: Matilda aged 20, b KY, Melvina aged 18 b KY,
All of these were born in IN
Stanty A male aged 15, Julia A ages 13, Wm L aged 11, Benjamin aged 8, Mary M aged 2 and two unnamed on census at 25m and 4 m..

1860 census, all in Luce Twp
James Singleton age 59 HOH
Letilea age 48
children: William age 21, Washington, age 19, John age 17, Benjamin age 15, Malvina age 28, Mary age 12, James age 9

1870 all in enterprise
James G Singleton aged 69
wife Letti age 45
children: John age 27, Melvina and James

son William L is in Enterprise with wife and children
son Washington is in Enterprise with wife and children

1880 all in enterptise
Singleton, Wash with wife Marth J, children James, Issah and Ada B

next house Singleton, John V (civil war solider with stone on homestead)

next house Leticia Singleton aged 68
dau Melvina aged 45 single
James E age 29 single

1900 all in Luce, district 0069
Singleton James with wife Mary B and son Eugene

Singleton, John V as HOH
mother, Letita, (10 children 6 living)
sister Melvina

1910 Luce Twp
John V is 67, widowed and living with sister Milvina
Washington with wife and children

marriages fom index,
several others but I am only listing ones belonging to this family/cemetery

Singleton Emma to Hunsaker Allen March 16 1884
James E to Kyle Kate April 5 1882
John V to Talbott Dora C Dec 24 1874
Washington to Cates Martha J Feb 28 1869
William L to Osborn Lucinda A, Jan 22 1857