St Peters founders were largely Lutheran in faith and came from the German states of Baiern (Bavera), Baden and Posen between 1825 to 1860. They were first affiliated with St John’s in New Boston. Three acres of land were purchased for $5.00 in March 1861 from two different Leistner families. As time went on and the congregation grew the church of St Peters was created starting with a log cabin and now a beautiful rural church as seen in the picture below

St Peters church cemetery was established in 1863

St Peters overviewpic 2 of St Peterprobable first churchclose up of church

The first burial being that of Frederick Wiliam Grass, the three year old son of John Frederick and Marie Lambeck Grass.

The first wedding was held May 29 1866 uniting Magdalena Poellein to Jacob Scheerle

More history can be had by reading an article in Spencer Country Leader . The date would be June 30 2011

I took close to 1000 pictures of this cemetery but in an effort to protect against misuse of information, all stones with a spouse still living, all stones that listed children and grandchildren that would be living (usually on the back of stones) have not been uploaded. On many of the very old stones I would take 4-6 pictures in different light and angles to enhance the ability to read them when enlarged.I have only uploaded one or two pictures of these hard to read stones. If anyone is researching a family in this cemetery, just contact me if you want me to search these files that are not uploaded

Many of the older stones were in german. My thanks to Kathryn Robinett who being of german descent was able to help with the translations. Her involvement as a fellow detective made this a a journey that was a pleasure. She has in her possession a old record book of research compiled many years ago that has been helped in our research.

We have done our best to be as accurate as possible.

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Lynn Spohr