Meeks Cemetery

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Meeks Cemetery is located east of hwy 231 , east of christney and west of Newtonville.
It was walked and read by Sharon Patmore in 1986 It is on the north side of CR 900 N

i have added a historical paragraph that presents some of the early information available. Many folk at first blush think this cemetery is tied to the Meeks family and Meeks Massicure. It is tied to the school known as Meeks School. A church was started not once but twice and held it;'s meeting in the school building As members of the church passed, they buried as a congregation and the burial grounds became known as Meeks Cemetery. No members of the Meeks family are buried there. Some of them are buried in Graff Cemetery which can also be found on this web site
History of Christian Churches
Meeks Christian Church

by Aaron D Meeks
Taken from the Rockport Journal Oct 2 1921

I have done the best I could in collecting the dates when the church of Christ (commonly called Campbellites) was first organized at the Meeks School House. It was the year 8164. I cannot get any correct dates, as most all of the members have either died or moved away and there is no records to be found to give the exact dates Robert Woods of near Lake Mills and Robert Mitchell were the preachers, who organized the church at that time.
After several years the church went down and there was no preaching at the school house for several years. The there came an elder by the name of Joseph Robertson, who was an Evangelist, He commenced preaching at the school house and it was not long before many of the old congregation met and organized the church the second time. I will give you their names but some of them are now dead
George Hopkins and his wife, Ellen
August Ginther, now deceased
Elizabeth Ginther, now deceased
George F Sibrel and his wife Mary L
Marion Sibrel
Henry Sibrel and his wife Bell

These are the ones who belonged to the first organization

The second organization was formed on April 19, 1896. Joseph R Robertson, presiding. The organization formed then they commenced to solicit funds to build a house of worship which was soon completed. There are but a few members but they are resolute, and I do not think th church will go down again. This is the best informstion I can orin for you. Ihope this may help you complete your work.

I remain as ever, Your brother in christ

Aaron D Meeks
Church organizes, Meeks School

Sunday April 19 1896, on the third sunday in April the following events occurred: At 9:30 o'clock as previously announced a goodly number of the members of the Church of Christ came together for purpose of organizing a Church of Christ at this place
After making necessary investigation it was decided to form a congreation at this place. Where upon Henry and Marion Sibrel made known the fact that they had wandered and that they desired, having repented, of the same to have their relationship renewed to the church of Christ. Whereupon the following members:
George Hopkins
Ellen Hopkins
August Guenthere
Elizabeth Guenther
Elizebeth Powell
G F Sibrel
Mary L Sibrel
Marion Sibrel and
Henry Sibrel
gave their consent to form a congregation worshipping after the plain simple manner of the New Testaments teaching

(taken from the original Meeks Church Book)

Beard, Lydia J 23890972
b. unknown d. Feb. 16, 1859

Beard, Obediah 47517970
b. unknown d. unknown

Bitts, George W. 47518028
b. unknown d. unknown

Bitts, Maria C 133774810
b. Jan. 5, 1853 d. Jun. 16, 1904

Bunner, Lindsy 133774542
b. Nov. 25, 1820 d. Mar. 3, 1910

Bunner, Sarah E 133774639
b. Jul. 2, 1833 d. Apr. 16, 1864

Encoe, Mary 23854529
b. unknown d. Mar. 12, 1883

Gasser, Charles S 133773953
b. 1872 d. 1949

Gasser, Pearl G 133773902
b. 1878 d. 1966

Grigsby, Nathaniel 133774959
b. unknown d. Apr. 15, 1851

Hancock, Lydia 23890918
b. 1836 d. Aug. 22, 1873

Hopkins, Ellen 23854516
b. Sep. 13, 1858 d. unknown

Hopkins, George 23854506
b. Jul. 24, 1842 d. Jun. 23, 1918

Hopkins, John T 23890977
b. 1843 d. unknown

Hopkins, Margaret A 23890978
b. 1843 d. 1926

Lucas, Jacob 23890768
b. unknown d. unknown

Meeks, Athe, Jr 42364286
b. Apr. 7, 1793 d. Apr. 1, 1843

Powell, Ezekiel 9518154
b. unknown d. 1871

Powell, Ezekiel 23746352
b. 1797 d. Feb. 2, 1870

Powell, Ezekiel 23746360
b. Sep. 1, 1860 d. Nov. 17, 1943

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Powell, Nancy Anna Varner 23890901
b. 1822 d. Sep. 27, 1863

Purviance, Everett R 133774098
b. 1889 d. 1927

Purviance, M Anna 133774197
b. 1890 d. 1948

Ray, James 133774885
b. Jan. 15, 1838 d. May 10, 1860

Ray, Jarusha 23890844
b. unknown d. unknown

Ray, Jerusha Lamar 67696506
b. 1775 d. Sep., 1842

Ray, Samuel 23890835
b. unknown d. unknown

Ray, Samuel P 23890951
b. 1842 d. Oct. 3, 1845

Ray, Sarah 133773704
b. unknown d. Feb. 11, 1846

Ray, Susan M 23890960
b. unknown d. May 7, 1842

Ray, Vinson 133773792
b. Apr. 3, 1842 d. Jan. 15, 1862

Sibrel, Eugenia 23890935
b. 1895 d. 1940

Sibrel, Frederick 133774273
b. 1855 d. 1938

Sibrel, Henry F 133774727
b. Nov. 10, 1819 d. Dec., 1857

Sibrel, Infant 133773511
b. 1924 d. 1924

Sibrel, Logan 23890939
b. 1884 d. 1956

Sibrel, Lucinda 23890829
b. 1823 d. May 3, 1872

Sibrel, Martel 133773462
b. 1918 d. 1920

Sibrel, Mary Belle 133774022
b. 1857 d. 1941

Sibrel, Mary L 133774350
b. 1860 d. 1922
Sibrel, Thomas W 23890819
b. Sep. 22, 1853 d. Feb. 19, 1858

Smith, Linna Lumira 23890776
b. unknown d. unknown

Stevens, M. L. 47518573
b. unknown d. unknown

Tuley, Nancy M 133773598
b. unknown d. May 24, 1850

Varner, Isaac 23890931
b. Aug. 18, 1838 d. Sep. 20, 1862

Varner, Jacob 23890856
b. unknown d. Jun. 15, 1842

Varner, Jesse E 126735666
b. 1882 d. 1952

Varner, Lora V 126735668
b. 1885 d. 1955

Varner, Mary A 126735669
b. 1908 d. unknown

Varner, Paul 23890863
b. Jan. 25, 1810 d. Jul. 25, 1845

Varner, Virgil G 126735663
b. 1905 d. 1955

Welch, William L. 47518648
b. unknown d. unknown

Welch, William R. 47518607
b. unknown d. unknown

Wheatley, Jacob 23854539
b. 1875 d. 1912