As I work in old newspapers I find mentions of cemeteries that were active at the time of the newspaper article. The Below list is what I have been able to find out about these lost and abandoned cemeteries

Crowder Cemetery
This cemetery is said to be located in what now is a wooded area adjoining the Hatfield Cemetery No markers were found in 1986
Kramer-Link Cemetery (Grass twp)

Masterson Cemetery
This cemetery is destroyed. It was south of the house on land owned by Don Masterson. Buss Richards states that his great great grandfather , John Richards, was buried in this cemetery along with some children and maybe his brother. This information is from the work of Sharon Patmore

Prosser Cemetery
In 1971, the following location was given for the Prosser cemetery: It is located in Luce Township, sec 4 SW 1/4, SE 1/4. It is far back in a field from hwy 66 about 5 1/2 miles from Rockport. The stones are leaning a fence at Willow Pond, dividing line between it and Squier field at the south end of a ten acre offset in northeast area of third field. In 1987, two of the three stones were found in a barn on the Abshire farm at the intersection of Hwys 66 and 161

Allensworth, George Washington
b. Sep. 4, 1852 d. Sep. 8, 1854

Prosser, Alfred
b. Aug. 24, 1805 d. Jan. 29, 1851

Prosser, Eveline
b. Oct. 19, 1830 d. Sep. 20, 1847

Ray Cemetery

This cemetery was located on the western edge of Grandview on Hwy 66. The stones were moved to Grandview Cemetery.

Rebel Cemtery (Grass Twp)

Salat (Grass Twp)

Varner Cemetery
Located near the crossroads of County Road 900N and 600 E on the Northeast Corner. The stones were moved to the New Hope Baptist Church.

Winchell Cemetery
According to Barney Winchell, Tell City IN, I'm 1987, the Winchell family cemetery was located east of Sandridge 1/4 t 1/2 mile, south of Hwy 66 where the E and OV traction line came throughThe cemetery was moved and the stones are listed in the Mt Zion cemetery.

Woods Cemetery
This cemetery was destroyed. It was located off Hwy 62 south of Dale near the Lincoln City Turnoff behind a large farm house on the hill, east side of the road. I have created a page for it since some burials are known


This list of names is from research and I have not found them. They may be know under a different name or may be lost to history. As I can I will research their today location and make pages on them.

Alexander Cemetery cemetery Ohio Tp on Patronville Rd

Bailey Small Fun/Fam? Cem cemetery Ohio Tp, 4 mi sw of Rockport

Barkwell Cemetery cemetery Huff Tp

Beasley Cemetery cemetery DeGonia Springs 380148N

Capt. William Berry Cem cemetery Ohio Tp 0870903W

Brandy Cemetery cemetery Ohio Tp 12 mi from Rockport
Briscoe Cemetery cemetery Luce Tp, near Bakers Crk Cem
Brown-Vance Cemetery cemetery Ohio Tp, same as  Romine-Gentry-Brown-Vance

Centerville Cem cemetery Grass Tp - same as Powell Cem

Christian Church (Old) cemetery Jackson Tp, Gentryville - same as Old Gentryville Cem

Collins Chapel Cemetery cemetery Huff Tp

German Evangelical Zion cemetery 2 mi w of Comisney? - same as Trinkle Cem

Goodman-Phillips Cem cemetery Huff Tp, same as Greathouse, Phillips,Goodman Cem

Hamilton (Old) Cemetery cemetery Ohio Tp, 1 1/2 mi from Rockport
Hamilton Fam. Cem cemetery Ohio Tp, 1 mi from Rockport

Harris Cem cemetery Hammond Tp, 1/2mi n of SR66 & Grandview Also called Walnut Grove of Lamar Cem

Harrison-Seiter/Suiter cemetery Ohio Tp, 2 mi sw of Rockport - also called Suiter Cem

Hauser Cem cemetery Clay Tp in Santa Clause, IN

Pinkston Cemetery cemetery Rockport 375943N 0870322W
Pinkston Cemetery cemetery Dale 380827N 0865850W

Pleasant Valley Cemetery cemetery Rockport 375939N 0870706W
Powell Cem cemetery Grass Tp - same as Centerville Cem

Suiter Cem cemetery Ohio tp, 2 mi sw of Rockport - also called Harrison-Seiter/Suiter Cem

Raider Farm. Listed in Rockport Democrat as having Charles Davis , a veteran of the war of 1812, bronze marker placed