The Town Of Ellis In 1901

   It has been so long since Ellis has been heard from, we expect its existence has almost been forgotten but we are still among the living.  We think a little write-up on the place will not be amiss as we have had some additions since last heard from.  We have a grist mill on the north side, Shelvin Nichols owner and manager.  Chop grinding however is the only custom solicited.  Grinding commences every Monday morning, continuing till grists are exhausted. 
   We have a blacksmith and repair shop run by Moughler Brothers.  Horseshoeing and all kinds of work promptly and neatly done.
   Two carriage repair shops, one by C.P. Richmond and a new one by Dan Brooks, which is probably the largest in the world, as he does not confine himself to a building.
   We have a cider mill which runs through the season, John Waller proprietor.
   W. H. Rogers agent for wall paper.
   Chas. Mountz and Bert Wheaton dealers in all kinds of furs and hides.
   Two dressmakers, Mrs. Jane Waller and Mrs. Alma Patch.
   A saw mill owned by Wm. Mawhood.
   A store owned by Ewers and Echard in connection with the post office and telephone office. 
   When in Ellis stop at the Richmond Hotel.
   Anyone with large capital wishing to erect a large manufacturing establishment will find a good location for any kind of business and will not find building room crowded.        

Submitted by Kay Lash  Source:  Steuben-Republican Newspaper on 27 Feb 1901, in the Ellis News.