Steuben Township

Towns, Past and Present

Ashley, Hudson (pt.), Nipcondish, North Benton, Pleasant  Lake, Steubenville

Settlers Before 1840
1885 History of Steuben County, Indiana  page 766
Alanson ABBEY (after 1836)
Eber THAYER (after 1836)
R. LOOMIS (after 1836)
Orsemus V. BARNARD (after 1836)
Theophilus JACKSON (after 1836)
Thomas LACEY (after 1836)
A. BEACH (after 1836)
O. SMITH (after 1836)
Justin DARLING (after 1836)
Alexander C. BRITTON (1835)
A.P. CLARK (after 1836)
Daniel CUMMINGS (1835)
M. BOWEN (after 1836)
C. CHARD (after 1836)
Abner WINSOR (1836)
Jonas CARTER (1835)
A. and J. MILLER (after 1836)
Wooster McMILLEN (1836)
John W. CARTER (1836)
Reuben WARWICK (1835)
James LONG (after 1836)
Lewis CARTER (1836)
James FORBES (1835)
Chauncey CLARK (after 1836)
Seth W. MURRAY (1835)
James PERFECT (1836)
Hiram NILES (after 1836)
Isaac GLOVER (1835)
Gideon BALL (1835 but settled in Otsego)
J. ALLISON (after 1836)
Sylvanus B. GEORGE (after 1836)
G.B. MASON (after 1836)
F. FORBES (after 1836)
Samuel CARTER (1836)
H. FRINK (after 1836)
Lucius CRANE (after 1836)

Township History
Abstracted from the 1885 History of Steuben County, Indiana   pages 766-769

Steubenville Town History
Pleasant Lake Town History
               Leading Members:  Deacon L. COLTON and wife, Truman DARLING and wife, John MESERVE and wife,
               Mr. HOLMAN and wife
               Other Preachers:  William CONLEY, William LACY, W.N. WELKER, T.C. BRIGGS, S.B. WARD, Lyman COLTON, J.P. JONES,
                J. WARD, Mr. FINCH
               Prominent Members:  S.B. GEORGE, A.B. KNAPP, M.R. KNAPP, Samuel CARTER, James CARTER,
               George W. CLAWSON, Volney E. SIMMONS, J.C. SIMMONS, D.W. GAYLORG, A.F. HUFFMAN

               Preachers:  Rev. M. CRARY from 1856-1874; next two years Rev. John BINNS
               Trustee and Board:  Sylvanus B. GEORGE, A.B. KNAPP, Volney E. SIMMONS, S.B. GEORGE, A.F. HOFFMAN
                                 Chadwick & Co. -- dry goods
                  Mosiman & Co. -- dry goods
                  Murray & Case -- hardware
                  Thomas Brothers -- groceries
                  G.P. Ball -- groceries
                  Weaver Brothers -- drugs
                  Mr. Teegardin -- drugs
                  G.W. Conkell -- furniture
                  Carpenter Brothers -- livery
                  A.P. Hubbard -- jewelry
                  G.W. Oberbin -- jewelry
                  G.W. Conkell -- Lake View House
                  Augustus Stover -- flouring mill
                  Orrin Sisson -- blacksmith
                  Mr. Hannah -- blacksmith
                  E.L. Lewis -- blacksmith
                  Austin Knight -- blacksmith
                  S.W. Freeman -- wagon shop
                  Sam Barr -- saloon
                  William Spriegel -- saloon
                  Dr. T.E. Biery -- photographer
                  Aldrich & Co. -- ice
                  J. Vanorden -- ice
                  Sylvanus B. George -- postmaster
                  J. W. Zimmerman -- blacksmith
                  H. Oberlin -- Justice of the Peace
                  S.H. Fuller -- physician
                  T.E. Biery -- physician
                  Officers when founded: R.J. WILLARD, Com.; John CARLIN, S.V.C.; S.B. GEORGE, J.V.C; A. ROSS, adjutant.
                  Present officers (1885): Cyrus ROBINSON, Com.; Samuel MAJOR, S.V.C; John HALL, J.V.C; Asa HUFFMAN, Chap; O.D. SCOVILLE,
                  O. of the D.; T.E. BIERY, surgeon; Leander WELDON, Q.M.; M. J. AVERY, O. of the G.; A. ROSE, adjutant.

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