Steuben Co. Men Who Died In WWI
and Heroes from Steuben Co.

Men Who Died Sources: History of Northeast Indiana  1920  Vol.1 p. 206   Lewis Publishing Company; Steuben County History 1955 p.227-229;  Cemeteries of Steuben County 1990 Audree’ Lewis;  Steuben-Republican Newspapers.
Submitted By: Jean Ann Childers

Heroes Sources: These are scanned copies from the Indiana Book of Merit, Indiana Historical Collections Vol XVIII, published in 1932.  
Submitted By:  Jan Mattingly

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Anderson, Henry Dewey   30 May 1898-23 Sep 1918  “Corp. L Bat. 13 Reg. U.S.M.C.”  Sonof Calvin and Susan (Dodge) Anderson of Pleasant Lake.  He died on board ship VonSteuben and is buried in
Pleasant Lake Cemetery.   Obituary - 30 Oct 1918 p. 3 clm.5, picture. 
Bair, Lee Lowell   5 Oct1899-1 or 24 Oct 1918  “SATC.”   Son of Alvaro and MaryBair of Pleasant Twp., died of the flu and pneumonia.  He is buriedin Circle Hill Cemetery, Sec.12 Lot 67.  Obituary  - 
6 Nov 1918 p. 3 clm. 5,  picture.
Beigh, Edward  26 Dec 1889-21Jul 1919  “83rd Division Motor Transport Corps.”  Son of Edwinand Hannah Beigh of Salem Twp.  Died in Embarkation Hospital, NewYork and is buried in Block Church
Cem., Salem Twp.  Obituary - 23 Jul 1919 p.1 clm. 2
Bushard, Carl A.   27 Mar 1894-11 Aug 1917  “Co.B Third Reg.”  Son of Rebecca Bushard(Nettleman) died in the Fort Wayne Hospital and is buried in JamestownCem.  Obituary - 22 Aug 1917 p. 3 clm. 4. 
Cassell, Lee  18 Nov 1889-4Nov 1918  “Lieut. 130th Field Ambulance, 10th Battalion.”   Son of Jacob and Alma (Rummel) Cassell of Fremont Twp.  Killed while attending the wounded at the first aid station, Englefontaine, France,and is buried in Fremont Cemetery.
Clark, Carl Frederick  30Dec 1898-30 Oct 1918  “S.A.T.C.”  Son of Elmer and Myrtle Clarkof Hudson.  He died of influenza and is buried in Circle Cemetery,Hudson.  Obituary - 6 Nov 1918 p. 3 clm. 5
Cross, David O.  26 Aug1894-19 Oct 1918  “Pvt. H.Q. Troop 19th Div.”   Son of Origenand Luella (Parrott) Cross of Pleasant Lake.  Died at Camp Dodge,Iowa and is buried in Pleasant Lake Cemetery.
Obituary - 6 Nov 1918 p. 3 clm. 6,  picture.
Elston, Lynn Wickwire
Elston, Ralph Wickwire
Fair, Scott  1894-1918,  Son of Henry C. and Aletha (Jackman) Fair and married to Lura M. (Fair)Fair Schworm, buried in Greenlawn Cem., Sec.E Lot 29.
Friday, Gale 1 Mar 1896-14 Nov1918  “Lieut., 27th Machine Gun Battalion.”  Son of Aaron andMelissa (Hephner) Friday of Fremont.  Died of pneumonia at Camp Sheridan,Alabama and is buried in the Fremont Cemetery.  Obituary - 27 Nov1918 p. 3 clm. 3
Gale, Carroll Morton
George, Clyde R.
Guerney, Harry S.  13 Aug1889-18 Oct 1918  “Co. M, 333rd Infantry.”  Son of Charles H.and Fannie E. Guerney of Clear Lake Twp.  Died of pneumonia in Franceand burial place unknown.  Obituary - 18 Dec 1918 p. 1 clm. 7, picture. 
Hackett, Franklin Gray  8 Feb 1893-3 Dec 1917  “Co. B, 137th Field Artillery.”  Son ofFrank M. and Clara E. Hackett of Millgrove Twp.  Died of pneumonia at Camp Shelby, Miss. and is buried in East
Gilead, Michigan Cemetery.  Obituary - 12 Dec 1917 p. 1 clm. 7
Hardy, Earl Clifton  22 Sep1892-3or13 Oct 1918  “Co. H. 77th Michigan Inf.”   Son of Williamand Elma Hardy of Scott Twp. Died in Camp Custer, Michigan and is buriedin the Powers Cemetery. 
Obituary - 23 Oct 1918 p. 3 clm. 5,  picture.
Hawkins, Merritt M.  28 Nov 1893-21 Sep 1918   “Co. A Aero Squadron.”   Son of Elihu and Almeda Hawkins of Jamestown Twp.  Died at Sacramento, Cal., and is buried Jamestown Cemetery.   Obituary - 16 Oct 1918 p. 1 clm. 5,  picture. 
Hirsch, Lee
Keckler, Floyd  8 Mar1896-14Oct  1918  “Pvt. Hdq. Co. 18th B.S. Fard.”   Son ofJames D. and Nora Keckler of Jamestown Twp.  Died at Camp Taylor, KY of flu and pneumonia and is buried in Flint Cem, Sec.D Lot 35. Obituary - 23 Oct 1918 p.1 clm. 5,  p.3 clm. 5.
King, George H.   21May 1894-24 Dec 1917  “Co. L, 134th Infantry.”   Son ofEdward and Sarah (Stayner) King of Jamestown Twp.  Died of pneumonia in Base Hospital, Camp Cody, New Mexico and is buried in Jamestown Cemetery. Obituary - 9 Jan 1918 p.3 clm. 7.
Legier, Edward Wilton
Lyon, Charles E.  5 May1898-6 Oct 1918   “Sergt. Co.I  59th Inf., 4th Division.”  Son of Oberi and Anna (Jennings) Lyon of Millgrove Twp.  Killed inaction near Verdun, France and a marker is in
Greenlawn Cemetery Sec.E Lot 54.  Obituary - 13 Nov 1918 p. 3clm. 5 and 27 Nov 1918 p. 3 clm. 2, picture. 
Masten, Frank C.  16 Jul1898-24 Oct 1918  “Co.B, 3rd Inf., 137th Field Artillery.”  Sonof  David and Emma Masten of Pleasant Twp.  Died of pneumonia at Manchester, England and is buried in Pleasant
Lake Cemetery.   Obituary - 18 Dec 1918 p.1 clm. 6, picture.
May, Frank H.
Mortorff, Earl Monroe
Neutz, Paul George   16 Mar 1899-21 Oct 1918   “S.A.T.C.”   Son of Georgeand Ida Neutz of Jamestown Twp.  Died of influenza in Angola and isburied in Jamestown Cemetery.   Obituary - 23 Oct
1918 p.1 clm. 5 and 30 Oct 1918 p. 3 clm. 5,  picture. 
Parrish, George L.D.  26 Apr 1894-15 Oct 1918  “28th Ambulance Co., 4th Division.”  Son of George C. and Katherine (Nolan) Parrish of Pleasant Twp.  Killed in Argonne Forest while rendering first aid to a
bunk mate and is buried in Romaine Cemetery, France.  Obituary- 19 Feb 1919 p.1 clm. 3,  picture.
Porter, Leo Ross   26Feb 1889-14 Aug 1918   “119th Field Artillery”  Son of John and Josephine Porter of Metz.  Killed in action in France andis buried in Circle Hill Cemetery Sec.33 Lot 11.   Obituary 
25 Sep 1918 p.1 clm. 3 and 2 Oct 1918 p.1 clm. 5,  picture.
Ransom, Glenn D.   13 Oct 1884-26 Sep 1918  “5th Cameron Highlanders, Canadian Service.”  Son of Amasa D. and Ella A. Ransom of Quincy, Michigan.  He enlisted from Hamilton, Indiana on 10 Aug
1917.   Killed in action Poperinghe, West Flanders and isburied in Quincy, Michigan.  Was awarded the British Military Crossfor bravery. 
Rex, Ernest P.  13 Apr 1896-9Oct 1918   “Pvt. Battery E 41 Field Artillery.”  Son ofWilliam and Carolyn (Shutts) Rex of Kinderhook, Michigan.  Died ofpneumonia at Camp Custer and is buried in
Jamestown Cemetery.  Obituary - 16 Oct 1918 p.1 clm. 4, picture.
Shipe, Raymond C.   13 Jul 1893-16 Dec 1917  “Pvt. First Class, 327th Automatic Replacement.”  Son of Isaiah and Rachel (Lock) Shipe of Jamestown Twp.  Died of pneumonia at Camp Sill, Oklahoma and
is buried in Jamestown Cemetery.
Teegardin, Walter Homer   28 Jun1895-16 Oct 1918   “Battery B, 4th Training Division.”   Son of Silas and Temperance Teegardin.  Died of influenza at CampTaylor, KY and is buried in Mt. Zion
Cemetery.  Obituary - 30 Oct 1918 p. 3 clm. 3, picture.
Throop, Carl Hiram  27 Jan1900-26 Sep 1918  “U.S. Navy.”  Son of Warren and Rilla Throopof Clear Lake Twp.  Died of pneumonia at Camp Perry, Great Lakes,Ill. and is buried in Teeter’s Cemetery
Lot 87.  Obituary - 9 Oct 1918 p. 3 clm. 3, picture. 
Throop, Clare F.   30 Jul 1893-16 Oct 1918   “Co.18, 5th Battalion 163 Depot Brigade.” Son of Frank and Florence (Tompkins) Throop of Clear Lake Twp.  Diedof pneumonia at Camp Dodge, Iowa and is
buried in Teeters Cemetery Lot 9.  Obituary - 6 Nov 1918 p. 3clm. 7, picture. 
Tiffany, Pyrl Lamont    19 May1897-7 Oct 1918  “Musician, 40th Inf. Band, 14 Div. Vol.”  Son of Frank and Pearl M. Tiffany of Angola.  Married to Arlene Arnoldof Flint, IN on 11 Sep 1918, died of
pneumonia. Buried in Circle Hill Cemetery Sec.1.  Obituary - 16Oct 1918 p.1 clm. 3, picture and 9 Oct 1918 p.1 clm. 4. 
Wheaton, Wesley Orrin   17 Feb 1896-24 Dec 1917  “Pvt. Bat. B 137 F.A.”  Son of Albertand Hattie Wheaton of Scott Twp.  Died of pneumonia at Camp Shelby,Miss., and is buried in South Scott
Cemetery.  Obituary - 9 Jan 1918 p.3 clm. 6.
Wilson, David Aldrich  18 Dec 1887-23 Dec 1918  “Battery B, 2nd Reg., F.A.”  Son ofJames and Mary Wilson of Richland Twp.  Returned from Camp Taylor ill, and died at home.  He is buried in Eddy
Cemetery.  Obituary - 8 Jan 1919 p. 3 clm. 4, picture.

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