Byram Family Bible

This Bible is located at the Steuben County Library, Angola, IN.

Parents Record (page 1)

Silas C. Byram was born Nov 30th 17__ and            died Nov 26th 1845
Jacob Searing was born Oct 5th 1796
Ann Byram was born Oct 12,1781
Sarah N. Searing was born Jun 11th 1796

Births (listed on page 2)

Henry M. Byram was born Oct 5th 1812 or 22
Huldah A. Byram was born Jan 14th 1818
George Byram was born May 26th 1839
Oston Byram was born Nov 3rd 1840
Sarah A. Byram was born Sept 21st 1842
James H. Byram was born Jun 18th 1844
Susan M. Byram was born Nov 4th 1845
Edwin S. Byram was born Aug 12th 1847
Henry M. Byram was born Feb 9th 1849

Deaths (listed on page 3)

George Byram died Oct 30th 1840
Oston Byram died Oct 5th 1841
James H. Byram died Jan 20th 1846
Henry M. Byram died Jan 24,1849
Edwin Searing Byram died Sep 20,1849
Susan Byron died June 28, 188_

Marriages (page 4)

Henry M. Byram and Huldah A. Searing were married May 2nd 1838