Elias Everitt and Margret Teegardin Bible

This Bible was in the possession of DeWayne Everitt in the 1980's.

Elias Everitt and Miss Margret Teegardin were married Feb 14th A.D. 1861
Elias was born Sept 12 A.D. 1838
Margret Everitt was born Sept 21st A.D. 1844
James Franklin Everitt   was born Feb 8th A.D. 1863
      Died Nov 13, 1899
      Age 36 yr,  9mo, 11 days
Elias Walter Everitt was born March 12th A.D. 1865
Jasper Everitt was born May 11th A.D. 1867
Charles Everitt was born April 14th A.D. 1871
Albert Everitt was born Sept 14th A.D. 1874
Nina Bell Everitt was born March 21st A.D. 1887
       Died Nov 3, 1893     12 yr, 7 mo, 13 days
Cassie Roseta (rest of the line illegible) was
     Born on the 15 day of March 1887/9
Charles Everitt died Aug 28th, 1873
     Age 2 yr, 4 mo
Elias Everitt died June 29th 1902
     Aged 63 yr, 9 mo, 17 days
Margret Everitt died May 6th, 1911
     Aged 66 yr,  7 mo, 15 days


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