Mendell Family Bible

It is in fragile condition and the title page is missing.  It was published by Jones Brothers and Co. with a copyright date of 1850.  On one page in pencil, it says John M. Mendells book presented to him by his mother.  The following information was taken from the inside family record section.

Marriage Record

Sanford W. Mendell, of Allensville, and Sarah M. Culp, of Allensville, on October
15th, 1874  at the parsonage in Fairview by Rev. R. L. Kinnear.  Witness: Dr. John Van
Ashdol (Oshdol) and wife.


 Leuooa D. to Thomas G. Parker Feb. 9th 1907 at Covington, Ky by Rev. O. Rear


 Leuooa Delcine Feb. 18, 1876
Harriett Ariel     July 16 1880
 John McGuire   May 16, 1885


 Harriet A.  Sept. 1882
 Sanford W.  April 3, 1901

Marriage Announcement

Mr. Mrs. Edwin McMasters Lee announce the marriage of their daughter Mary
Lucille to Mr. Raymond Frederick Kilthan on Monday, December the Twenty-Nineth,
Nineteen Hundren and Thirteen, Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

The Bible also contained: