Musser Family Bible

Written on the 1st page "Mary Musser her testament was bought in the year
one thousan eight hundre and twenty eight"

The entire Bible is printed in German, so I can't read the print, but I can
make a few things out -   D Martin Luthers -  Germantaun 1819.

At the back of the Bible are 4 enteries that I can not read.  They appear
to be in a Swiss / German dialect.   I have had several "Germans" look at the
inscription and they can not read it.  They tell me it is a local dialect.

The following enteries are written in English, and are the children of Mary
(Leopard) Musser and, her husband, Henry Musser from Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.

"William Musser was born the 17 of febuary in the year 1839"

"John Musser was borne th 9 of November in the year 1840"

"Ed Win Musser was born th 30 of October in the year 1843"

"Samuel Musser was born th 5 of June 1845 in the year"

"David Musser was born sebtember 13th in the year 1852"

This family settled on land in Richland Township, near Metz, in 1854.

Submitted By:  Susan Musser Minch