Shutt Family Bible

This Bible is located at the Steuben County Library, Angola, IN.

Parents Record (page 1)

Cabirel Shutts born June 8th,1771
Mary Shutts born January 10th, 1774

Births (listed on page 2)

Charles S. Shutts was born July the 6th 1809
Susanna Shutts was born June 18th 1808
Ellen Eliza Shutts was born Oct 17th 1833
Mary Jane Shutts was born Feb 4 1837
Hermon C. Shutts was born June 6th 1839
Almira S. Shutts was born Dec 24th 1841
Lucy Clorene Shutts was born Sept 27th 1845

Deaths (page 4)

Charles S. Shutts died November Third 1859 in the     fifty-first year of his age.
Susanna Richey Shutts died Apr 23, 1878 at     Jamestown  Ind.
Hermon C. Shutts died Apr 27,1897 at Jamestown     Ind.
Almira D. Shutts Dewey died Aug 11, 1901 at     Elkhart Ind.

Marriages (page 3)

Charles and Susanna Shutts was married Jan 19th 1832 by Elihu Barker
By Rev. J. T. Gard Dec 27th 1854 Miss Mary Jane Shutts to Mr. Joseph H. Wilder

By Rev. F. Hendricks July 8th 1856 Miss Ellen Eliz Shutts to Mr. Norton C. Wilder

By Rev. Edwin Eaton Oct 7th 1862 Mr. Hermon Shutts to Miss Mary Collins

By Rev. Edwin Eaton Dec 23rd 1862 Miss Almira D. Shutts to Mr. Charles L. Dewey

By Rev. Edwin Eaton Oct 25th 1865 Miss Lucy C. Shutts to Mr. Hiram M. Colim