Indiana State Board of Health, Indianapolis, Indiana listed the Death of
William Kent on April 01, 1903.  His age at death ws 69 years, 3 months and 25
days, with place of death being York Township, Steuben County, Indiana.  The
chief cause of death was listed as Chronic Systitis which he had had for 10
years.  The immediate cause of death was listed as Gangrene of Pero (the rest
hard to read but appears to be perodium?) which lasted for 14 days.  He was
listed as male, white, married, with occupation of farmer.  The date of birth
was listed as 05 December 1833, place of birth was the State of New York. His
father was listed as William Kent with birthplace of England.  The maiden name
of his mother was Harriet Palmer also with a birthplace of England. The
informant for this information was given as Jennie Kent Haveunstine, one of
his daughters, of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. The attending physician was listed as
J.W. Goodale of Metz, Indiana.  Place of Burial wa Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.
(The use of a date calculator came up with the age of 69 years, 3 months and
27 days.)

I believe that the informant should have been listed as "Mary Jane"
Haveunstine  - I have Jennie as married to George Imhoff.  I'm not going to
tamper with the writing of the death record, however!  That is how I received
it and there is the possibility I received the wrong info on who these
daughters of William Kent married, too..

Submitted By: Bunny