1840 Jackson Twp. Census

The names were taken in the exact order as they appeared on the 1840 census so that neighbors, who often migrated to new areas together, can be easily seen.  The written page number refers to the handwritten page appearing on the original census while the printed number is the one stamped on the page. 

Submitted By: Jean Ann Childers

From Written page 194 Printed page 103

Bamum, Sylvester
Kiles, John
Twitchell, Jonas H.
Delang, Moses
Phelp, Daniel
Marsh, Madison
Bennett, Daniel
Clark, Alonzo P.
Stayner, Jacob
Twichell, Benjamin S.
Stayner, Jacob M.
Sams, David
Best, Charles
Greeno, John

Located in Winchester Village

Hardy, Joseph
Williams, William
Hoskins, Erastus H.
Greeno, Samuel

End Winchester Village

Smith, Abonijah
Alcott, Samuel
Roberts, Daniel
Hibbard, John W.
Benedict, Asher
Warner, James
Warrick, George
Carver, William
Wait, Horace
Stayner, John
Williams, Henry R.
Hendry, George
Elis, Arad

From Written page 196 Printed page 104

Briggs, Job
Latham, Jonathan
Simmons, Cephas
Town, Adolphus
Squires, Whiting
Vanvalkenburgh, Timothy
Ward, Alexander
Hope, John
June, Michael
Foos, Benjamin
Calwell, Joseph
Cromwell, Benjamin
Alexander, Franklin
Henry, Marvin
Cleveland, Asaph
Bodley, Charles C.
Tift, William H.
Cummins, Ephriam
Ducher, Silas
Clark, Benjamin
Kemp, John
Johnson, James
Butler, Justus
Tuttle, Catherine
Tuttle, Lyman
Davis, Abner
Bender, Andrus
Miller, William
Miller, Heber
Merril, John

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