1840 Jamestown Twp. Census

The names were taken in the exact order as they appeared on the 1840 census so that neighbors, who often migrated to new areas together, can be easily seen.  The written page number refers to the handwritten page appearing on the original census while the printed number is the one stamped on the page. 

Submitted By: Jean Ann Childers

From Written page 210 Printed page 111

Bliss, William A.
Tucker, C.J.
Salisbury, Chester
Doty, Silas
Archer, Benjamin
Green, John
Leurance, David M.
Fuller, Benjamin
Gaines, Obed
Archer, John
Cogswell, Milton
Parish, Rodney
Baldwin, Treat
Malary, David
Brown, John
Simmons, William
Burt, Daniel
Hawley, Thomas B.
Storrs, Theron
McCuller, Cephus
Collins, Barton
Harding, John
Towsley, Myson
Depew, Dennis
Wilkins, John
Asher, Abel
Knott, John
Burdick, Jared
Towsley, Joseph
Swagger, Christopher
Reighter, Philip

From Written page 212 Printed page 112

Baker, Valorous
Lacy, Lewis A.
Grant, John
Packer, Augustus P.
Root, Henry
Curtis, Hannah
Murray, Dipdama
Hastings, Moses
Boss, Oliver
Holt, Nathan
Elmer, Cleon

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