1840 Millgrove Twp. Census

The names were taken in the exact order as they appeared on the 1840 census so that neighbors, who often migrated to new areas together, can be easily seen.  The written page number refers to the handwritten page appearing on the original census while the printed number is the one stamped on the page. 

Submitted By: Jean Ann Childers

From Written page 212 Printed page 112

Owen, Elijah
Spears, Erastus
Goodrich, Osin
Sabin, Stephen
Depew, Leui
Coe, Miles
Nichols, Jesse P.
Leusage, Mordecai
Green, Edward M.
Wilder, William
Carlton, Peter
Phelps, Charles A.
Luther, George S.
Humphrey, Luman
Kidder, Alanson
Sherwin, William H.
Sherwin, Bildad
Kimball, Augustus
Sabin, Elihu
Kimball, Timothy

From Written page 214 Printed page 113

Luther, John H.
Zerbe, Jacob
Luck, John
Newton, Nelson
Stocker, John
Stocker, George
Stocker, Leland H.
Barry, Thomas
Sanders, Samuel
Iuimmess, John

Located in Orland Village

Chapin, Alexander
Stocker, Chester
Shumway, Nathaniel A.
Niles, Jonathan
Choat, Cyrus
Clark, Sulivan U.
Pierce, Benjamin
Barry, Samuel
Blanchard, Caleb
Blinn, Mary
Anderson, Mary
Lundstrum, Andrew
Brown Emery

End of Orland Village

Cutler, Lotham C.
Adams, Chauncy
Fox, Denison
Cutler, Samuel G.
Hendrey, James
Dudley, Stephen M.
Warner, Eliphalet
Gray, Cyrus

From Written page 216 Printed page 114

Gray, George
Luce, Walter
Gaskill, Cortland
Barnard, Lewis
Fox, David
Fox, Joel
Carlton, Charles
Hudson, Ira
Depew, Henry
Depew, Henry 2nd

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