1840 Pleasant Twp. Census

The names were taken in the exact order as they appeared on the 1840 census so that neighbors, who often migrated to new areas together, can be easily seen.  The written page number refers to the handwritten page appearing on the original census while the printed number is the one stamped on the page. 

Submitted By: Jean Ann Childers

From Written page 198 Printed page 105

Johnson, Frances
Brown, Hiram
Case, Furman
Gale, Adolphus
Holdstock, Enoch
Young, S.K.
Gale, Jane
Kemp, Abner
Ewing, John
Kortsecht, Wilman
Mugg, Thomas
Ireland, Jesse K.
Wiggin, John
Higbe, Daniel
Stealy, John
Clark, Chauncy
Pierson, Samuel
Perry, Chester
McCord, David
Crane, Esekiel W.
Crane, Abe
Crane, Osange
Carpenter, Amos

Located in Angola Village

Wolf, Peter
Ladue, Peter W.
Webber, Harriet
Webber, Lorenzo
Miller, Isaac S.
Whitaker, Julia
Pearce, Joseph
McConnell, James

From Written page 200 Printed page 106

Tomlinson, Daniel
Gale, Thomas
Douglas, Mary
Oston, Darius
Elis, Joel C.
Alber, William
Carey, William M.
Chayten, William

End Angola Village                                   
Gilmore, Cornelus
Sherwood, William
Balding George W.
Phinicie, Daniel
Phinicie, David
Wood, Rynier
Latson, George
Howell, James
Ewing, Frances
Wait, Justin
Campbell, Archibald
Johnson, Martial
Sowle, Joseph
Wells, Loton
Sowle, Abel
Tabor, George
Basnee, Hesdman
Hall, Ebenezer
Werden, Lippit
Magess, Peter
Kanborn Launy
Lockwood, James

From Written page 202Printed Page 107

Messiman, Rufua
Wheelon, John
Patterson, Rachel
Chittenden, Nathaniel
Phelps, Reuben B.
Ireland, King
Futhill, Caleb H.
Arnold, Oliver
Sutton, David H.     

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