1840 Steuben Twp. Census

The names were taken in the exact order as they appeared on the 1840 census so that neighbors, who often migrated to new areas together, can be easily seen.  The written page number refers to the handwritten page appearing on the original census while the printed number is the one stamped on the page. 

Submitted By: Jean Ann Childers

From Written page 190 Printed page 101

Golden, Nathaneil
Miller, Abram
Forward, James
Smith, Simon
Metsgan, Adam
Fink, Harvey
Perfect, James
Gaylord, James W.
Birch, Elvium B.
Franklin, George W.
Long, James
Kellogg, Sylvenus

Located in Steubenville

Cummins, Daniel
Mason, G.B.
Williams, Vannonsalaer
Glover, Isaac
Windsor, Abner
Murray, Seth W.
Abbey, Alanson
Frink, Hanibal
George, Havens
George, Sylvenus
Fish, Samuel
Webb, John
Carter, Lewis
Carter, Jonas
Carter, Samuel
Barnard, Odemus U.
Niles, Hiram
Morse, M.F.

End Steubenville

From Written page 216 Printed page 114
Cummins, William
Spencer, Julius H.

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