Flint United Methodist Church
  The Flint United Methodist Church was formed in August of 1869.  Records show the names of some of the earliest members were:  Morris and Cass Brown; Dryas and Pheoba Sams; Valentine Wyrick; Margaret Cobert; Granny Hedgeland; Will Warring and wife Anna; Henry Morgan; Hoyt and Maggie Brown; C.A. Jackson; Jimmie and Ella Kiles; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Munger; Simon and Effie Detar; Mr. and Mrs. Luke Barr; Lima Heath; Bob Mabie; Elizabeth Crandall; Lizzie, Anna and Ina Sperry; Sopharna Gleason; Ada Coleman; Angie Denman; Mrs. Lash Merritt; Lois and Oris Grannis; Marie Herman; and Ella Sterling. 
   The first ministers who came to Flint preached at four places, Orland, Nevada Mills, Springfield, and Flint.  Most of the time they lived in Orland and drove a horse to reach the different churches. 

Source: 100th Anniversary of the Flint United Methodist Church Booklet - 12 Oct 1969                

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