Camp Carrrington
April 8th, '64

Respected friends/parents:

I seat myself down to pen you a few lines, but I have not much to write.  We arrived here on the 6th and went down to ----.  I expect to draw my pay to day and I am going to send it.   Frank MacCartney and you can get it and I sent my clothes home by Bill Wicoff and you can get them.

Well, folks, I done well and can eat as much as the next one and feel nice.  We are going to start for the regiment in a day or two and they are at Strawberry Plains.  The 12th has gone through here and have gone to Nashville.  We will see them in a few days.

You must tell Amine and Sylves I not come over there and they must not feel hard about it for I will make it all right.   Tell John's folks I am all right and I will write to them in a few days, and Sylves and John Larue, too.   And tell the girls I am well and wish them good luck.  (Sylvester LaRue was Thomas' oldest brother.  Amine was Sylvester's wife Amine Vanderdecken Sage LaRue.  The reference to "John's folks" is to John Herman Elliot who was married to Thomas oldest sister, Avis Naomi LaRue Elliot)

We had mud coming down here it rains down here like ---.  I am setting in my bunk writing.  We have a good time here, you bet.  I have got over my bad cold.  We have bread, beef, pork, coffee and sugar.  I have cooked some since I have been here and we are getting fat.

I cannot think of more to write.   I have been to dinner and have got down to write again.  Tell bitters to be a good girl and egg, too and to do all you can for father and mother and not let them work too hard.  I would like to hear how mother and dad is.  You will have to excuse this writing for this paper is poor as you see.  Well I will have to close.  My respects to you all.  I am hoping this will find you all well.  You need not write until I write again.

So, good bye.

T. L. Larue