Chattanooga, Tenn
August 10th, '64

Respected Father and Mother:

I again take the present opportunity of writing you a few lines to let you know that I am well and enjoying the best of health.  But I must not brag, for I may be taken sick at any time. But you will see I am well.  I thought I would send you my frame.  Annie wants one of my pictures.  You can give her any one.  You have Amine's.  To Joe, she wanted one and I personalized her one.

Well, Dad, I can't send you any money this time for I did not draw any bounty and had only 32 dollars come to me and I had been sick some and had to have something that I could eat and it costed like --- and I thought I had better keep some for if I should happen to sicken again but I hope not to be.

I can send you a good pile next payday.  It will mot be long.  Maybe six weeks.  So you will have it by the time you want to use it.  I lent some of my money $20 dollars bounty for ten percent so next payday I can send you a nice pile for I will have 40 dollars bounty and two months pay...16 dollars per month.  Everything costs so when anyone gets sick I suppose you have --- ---.

We have wet weather here.  Some of the nastiest rains here I ever saw.  You must tell me all about Joe.  How she learns.  So I shall have to close for this time.  Write as often as you can and I will do the same.

This from your son,

T. L. Larue

Good day parents at home...never forgotten.

Joe, simmer down and I will send you my likeness some day.
Be a good girl