Camp  44th Ind. Volunteers
Chattanooga, Tenn
Feb 17th, '65

Respected Father and Mother and little sister:

I seat myself to pen you a few lines to let you know that I am still on the gain and getting tuf again and able to eat my rations and I hope this may reach you the same.

I suppose you are tired of waiting for this to come.  You must excuse me and I will try and do better.  Well I have just got supper and the dishes washed and now you would laugh to see me at it.  I had a good supper of beans, squash and beef, bread, coffee and sugar.  Was that not good?  Yes.

Well, folks, we expect to march before long to Huntsville, Alabama.  I hope this is so for I want to get out of the mud.
It is about 2 feet deep and it rains about every other day, but today it is very pleasant.  I suppose your sleighing is gone.  I should like to have been there about one month to give you a visit.

Oh, yes.  My --- drew 4 boxes of --- and they went very good. I tell you Governor Morton sent them to us.  The Rigiment drew all they wanted.  I have not got them boots yet, but I am looking for them.  I am in hopes they will come soon.

Well, you tell Joe I will send her my likeness when I draw pay and you must be a good girl and I will fetch her a nice present when I come home.  There is some talk of peace now.  If that be the case, I shall get a chance to come home, but I am not very much confident in it, after all.

Well, dad, I expect you are working yourself to death.  Am sorry to hear that you have to work so hard.  You should not work so if I was there, you can bet on it.  I shall, after this, do something for you.  Well, I shall have to close for this time.  My best respects to all.  Write soon and often.

Good night.  From,

T. L. Larue

To my folks:

Tell Joe to write to me.  Give my respects to John and Mollie.