Camp.  44th Regiment, Indiana Volunteers
Chattanooga, Tenn
Jan 9th, 1865

Respected parents:

Again I pick up my pen to write you a few lines to let you know that I am well and harty and hope this may reach you the same.  I have not heard from you in a long time except by the way of W. McCaslin.  He has got back hear again.  I have not heard from John larue folks nor from Sylves for over six weeks.  I guess they want to spare the stamps and paper.  If they want I will send them some soon.

We are still on half rations and live like kings.  They say we get full rations the 10th of this month.  I hope so for I want to sit down and eat a full meal on something that will do some good.  But I have not starved yet and shall not as long as I can get at it.  It does cost lots, I must live.

It rains almost every day and we have lots of mud and some snow.  I expect you have --- sleighing.  Well, dad, I think you have done as well as you can do for there is enough room I guess.  Well do the best you can and I will do the same.  We will be paid off in a few weeks.  The paymaster is here now.  We may get pay in a few days.   I will send all that I can for I will have to keep about 5 or 6 dollars for myself for tobacco and some if I should happen to be sick.  I shall clear about 7 dollars.  I can't help you some, you see.

I have no news to tell, only the boys are well and -- -- ---.
Some spend all of there money at once and more if they can get it.  Well, egg, you tell them folks that mind your business to mind their own.  ----you tell Joe that I can't find any little things for to send to her.  I will send her something someday.  I sent --- --- some pictures.  I have not got any letters from you in two weeks but must close.

From your son,

T. L. Larue

Write soon.