Chattanooga, Tenn
June 15th, '64

Folks at home:

I seat myself down to write you a few lines in answer to yours received this morning.  I was glad to hear that you are well.  Your letter found me some -----.  I have had the ague some, but I will have it broke in a few days.  I guess I feel some better now.  We have got a good doctor when one is sick.  He gets them everything they want.  He gives us all kinds of ---- as good as we get at home.  We have some ----- ---- --- here at this time.  Now if you want to see me, I will send you my likeness so you can.

---- if you have not got it.  It sounds as if you think you will never see me again.  I am coming home when this war is over.  You need not think I am going to die here.  This is not my game.  I would like to read a different letter from the last one you sent.  If you can better it any, try it.  You must not get mad at what I say.

Well, I can't think of much to write.  We have not got any more news to write to you.  The most of the boys are well.  Mike and Jim and John Ryan and John Thompson are all well and tuf as bucks.  They send their best of respects to you.   Alonzo Sage is well, too.
(Alonzo Sage was the company musician and was Amine V. Sage's father)

I will be in ---- a few days, so as to do -----.   I got a letter from Sylves and Amine and you and it was as big as Tribune.  I like to get such letters.  I got a letter from John and Mollie and one from John's folks, so I have got one all around.  I would like to be at your house as soon as I can.  You will have to excuse me for this time for I have had the ague and my hand trembles.   I hope these few lines will reach you all well.  Tell bitters that I could not read her letter.  I guess she had a stick to write with.  Something was the matter.  I am glad to hear John gave you some ground to plant on.  How is it about the fruit John Larue is to give you every fall.  I think that he has done it selling out.  Do the best you can, Dad, until I come home and we will make it pay then if nothing happens.

So, I will close.  My respects to you all.  So good day.


T. L. Larue

To Father and Mother and Sister.

Write soon as you get this.