Chattanooga, Tenn
May 16th, '64

Frends and folks at home:

I seat my self down to give you a few lines in return to yours I received this morning.  I was glad to hear from you and to hear that you were all well.  That is what I like to here.  Well, I am some sick with the Tennessee Quickstep.  I guess I will get over it in a few days.  I am in hopes this will find you well.

You said you wanted me to give you a history of my march.  We started from Nashville and marched from 12/16 miles in a day and carried a large load.  I marched to Stephenson and within 40 miles of this place I got away from them and got over the --- and came through.  We had some mountains to climb.  It made me some tired.  I did not (see) one farmer on the route.  I seen some men hired to Uncle Sam.  Uncle Sam is putting in 100 acres of grain in one body.  It looked nice I tell you.  I will tell you about the fight our boys had at Ginggvald and --- --- ---. Sherman has got positions of them both.  We have not got the full account of it yet.  Orrange was there.  He said there was 15,000 of prisoners taken there and Sherman is after the rest of them.  He says it will be closed inside of a year.  You can look for me inside of a year.  I heard the copperheads was gaining in that part, tell them they had better keep cool.  There is a good deal said about it here.

You tell Sylves and John had better stay at home and get them some --- and some blue pills that is if they had made -----on ---to ---.  That's some of my history.   I have not got any letters only the one I got from you.   I guess they don't care for me.  I can be as independent as they can. You bet that I can get along with out them if they don't want to write to me.  You tell bitters that she must simmer down or I will thrash her.  My respects to all and well wishes.  I have got about that money in my last.  Write as soon as you get this.

Direct to: Co. A, 44th Regiment Ind. Volunteers
Chattanooga, Tenn

From your Son,

T. L. Larue

Good day.