Chattanooga, Tenn
Sept 15th, 1864

Respected Parents:

I received a letter from you today and was glad to hear from you for it has been so long since I have got any from you.

Well, in the first place, you said you was well. I am glad of that. Well I am in the same fix. I am getting as fat as a foal and feel as well as a --- rabbet.  The boys are all well.  I got 4 letters today.  One from Sylves and one from John Larue and one from never mind.  Well the railroad has been out so we could not get letters.  They have to carry the mail on wagons from Murfreesboro to Nashville.  That is 80 miles.  Old Whealer is playing hob.

Well, you will get the word before this reaches you.  The word is now that we will have to leave this place.  Some say we will come home to vote, but I guess that is not true.  I don't know where we will go yet.  Maybe we will go to Atlanta.  I can't tell.  If we come home to vote, you must have lots to eat, for I have got to be a big eater.  We have lots to eat...fresh fish and potatoes, beef, pork, coffee, tea, sugar and sand lite bread.  So you see we have the best.  Come down and see our --- for we have lots to eat.

You tell Joe that I will send her something.  I have sent you some books, Joe, to read.  You will say they are good, too and they are.  and they are --- the --- they all say so --- --- southern folks say it to be the truth. I should like to come home on a furlough this winter, but I thought I better stay here until I come to stay.  If I had of come home I should of got you up a nice pile of wood.  I wanted to come home for while, Dad.  I am 21 years old now but I shall not be if I come home.  I never shall see you suffer at all and as long as you and me can agree I shall stay with you that is one thing sure.