October 1999

Frank Oscar German
Born:  August 3, 1874                        in:  Jackson Township, Steuben County, Indiana
Married:  August 10, 1908                 in:  Steuben County, Indiana
Died:  May 17, 1956                          in:  DeKalb County, Indiana
Father:  Edward German
Mother:  Rebecca Schweitzer

Nevah M. Mabie
Born:  June 9, 1890                              in:  Steuben County, Indiana
Died:  May 26, 1926                            in:  Probably Steuben County, Indiana
Father:  Robert George Henry Mabie
Mother:  Jane Cobert

1.  male       Name:  Ora German
                    Born:    June 27, 1909           in:  Indiana
                    Died:    July 1967                  in:  Henderson, Nevada
2.  male       Name:   Otto German
3.  female    Name:  Dessie German
4.  female    Name:  Bessie German
5.  male       Name:  Oscar German
                     Born:  January 27, 1917       in:  Indiana
                     died:  March 1984                in: New Mexico
6.  female     Name:  Orla O. German
                     Born:  Janaury 10, 1921        in:  Steuben County, Indiana
                     Died:  January 10, 1982        in:  Darke County, Ohio

Sources:   Mabie Family Bible,  Cemeteries of Steuben County, Indiana 1920,  History of Northeast Indiana 1920

Submitted by:   Susan Musser Minch
                            26659 Carronade Drive
                            Perrysburg, Ohio  43551