Timothy Kimball Family

   Timothy Kimball reached the Vermont Settlement (Orland) in 1836, one of its earliest settlers.  He soon afterward built with his sons the first grist mill on the river just North of the settlement.  The building of this mill proved a boom to the community, and was patronized by farmers for miles and counties around.  He was also prominent in founding the First Presbyterian Church at Orland.
   Timothy Kimball was born 19 Apr 1784 in Chesterfield, Cheshire, NH and married 10 Jan 1809 Abigail R. Baldwin.  She was born in 1786, the daughter of Miles Baldwin and Anna Ives.  In 1820 they were living in Whiting, Addison Co., VT and moved to  St. Lawrence County, NY  then to Whitehall, Washington County.   In 1830 they decided to leave NY, fleeing from a scourge of Asiatic cholera, going to Detroit and from there by wagon to Washtenaw Co., MI and later to Tekonsha in Calhoun County.  He purchased about 160 acres of land near Orland, and lived there the rest of his life.  He was elected an associate judge on 7 Aug 1843 and served from 1844 -1850.   Mr. Kimball died 9 May 1854 and his wife in 1848, both are buried in Memorial Grove Cemetery in Orland.  Their seven children were as follows:
   1.  Betsy M.2 Kimball was born 22 Jan 1810 in NY and was known for her needlework.  She never married, died 31 May 1891 and is buried in Greenlawn Cemetery.     
   2.  Augustus2 Kimball was born 24 Mar 1812 in St. Lawrence Co., NY and married 12 Oct 1836, Eliza E. Eaton who was born in 1807 in Mass.   This was the first marriage in the Vermont Settlement and performed by Elder Hall.    He was a farmer and died on 10 Sep 1886 and she in Mar 1873, both are buried in Memorial Grove Cemetery.   They had the following three children:
       1. Omar A.3 Kimball was born 9 Nov 1837 in Orland, and became an apprentice of a blacksmith working in Orland and Sturgis, MI.   He married Mrs. Emily L. (Atwater) Morse on 18 Jan 1861.  She was born in Williamson, NY the daughter of Zimi and Vashti (Overton) Atwater.  He enlisted and served in the Civil War in “Co.C, 100th Indiana Volunteer Infantry” becoming a regimental blacksmith and served until the close of the war.  They had two children Lillie, who married N.A. Parkum and Charley who died in 1872, age 1 month.  Omar died in 1920 and his wife in 1910, both are buried in Riverside Cemetery, La Grange County, IN.
       2. Orah F.3 Kimball born 4 Aug 1841- 5 Dec 1911 and married 3 Jul 1878 Louisa Rude 1852-1943. They had five children: Ora C., Ella L. (Ritter), Emma A., Ray A., and Ruth E.  Emma preceded the father in death at the age of 2 1/2 years.  Orah has long been a part of Orland.  As a boy he played on its streets and attended its schools, and as a man he entered into its business activities.  Orah, Louisa and daughter Emma are buried in Greenlawn Cemetery Sec.G Lot 22.        
       3. Emma E.3 Kimball born about 1843 and married 27 Mar 1864 to James U. Bennett who was born in 1831 in Bridgeport, CT the son of Wildman and Anna (Nichols) Bennett.   He was a farmer and stock raiser and had been married twice before.  They had four children: James A, Ora P., Arthur N., and Emma E.   James Bennett passed away 13 Mar 1881 age 50 years, 5 months, 15 days old and is buried in Memorial Grove Cemetery, Orland.
   3.  Abiah2 Kimball was born 10 Jun 1814 in VT and married William H. Sherwin 1 Dec 1837 in Steuben County. He was born 26 Feb 1814 in Rutland Co., Vt., the son of Bildad and Philinda (Rider) Sherwin.  They moved to Appleton, WI in 1849 and he enlisted in the Civil War there.  He was wounded in the hip and was then granted a furlough and being unable for further duty, he was honorably discharged.   In 1871 they went to Iowa and lived at Brooklyn until January of 1877, when they moved to Dysart, Iowa.   He was in the hardware business from 1877-1882.   They had a total of  9 children, 4 died in infancy.   He passed away on 14 Jun 1896 in Dixon, Pulaski Co., MO and was buried beside of Abiah who died 26 Oct 1887 in Dysart, Tama Co., IA.  Their five children were:   
       1. Willard Wheeler3 Sherwin born 13 Sep 1841 in Orland and died 6 Jan 1928 in Cass, TX.  He married Mellicent Louisa Fleming on 27 Oct 1863 in Waupaca, WI and married Fannie Price 21 Oct 1888 in Kansas City, MO.  
       2. Harlan Porter3 Sherwin born 4 Apr 1845 in Orland married Martha Ann Baker 24 Nov 1870 in Portage, WI and died 28 Aug 1914 in Dixon, Pulaski, MO.  They had three children:  Edward, Miriam, and Mariette.
       3. Lamora Alphene3 Sherwin born 16 Oct 1847 in Orland, married Eugene Aldrich 2 Dec 1871 in Portage, WI and died 22 Apr 1924 in Thompson Falls, Sanders, MT.  They had nine children.
       4. Ella3 Sherwin born 16 Jan 1854 in Appleton, married John Roberts on 1 Nov 1873 in Madison IA.
       5. Eva3 Sherwin born 29 Apr 1859 in Stockton, Portage, WI married Jacob Jones on 24 Dec 1876 in IA.
   4.  Julia2 Kimball was born 26 Aug 1818 in NY and married 4 Nov 1857 to Joseph H. Scott in Steuben County.  He was a widower with several children and a farmer.  She died 13 Apr 1879 age 60 years, 8 months and is buried in Jackson Prairie Cemetery Lot 115.  To this union were born:
       1. Julia E.3 Scott 1859.
       2. Herbert3 Scott 1860.
   5.  Jerusha 2 Stiles Kimball was born on 5 Apr 1820 in Russell, St. Lawrence Co., NY and died 6 Oct 1918.  She was a school teacher, never married and shared a home in Orland with  her sister Betsy.   She had a good memory and before her death was known as one of the oldest living settlers in Orland.  She was buried in Greenlawn Cemetery.
   6.  William MacKenzie2 Kimball was born 5 Oct 1824 in Whitehall, NY and married 25 Dec 1851 in Salem, IN to  Mary Emerson, daughter of Avery and Sophonia (Allen) Emerson born in 1831.   She died on 14 Oct 1902 and he on 28 Feb 1905 in Fredonia, Wilson Co., Kansas. They had six children.
       1. Frank Emerson3 Kimball born 6 Feb 1856 and he died in Aug of 1931.                                      
       2. William Timothy3 Kimball born 26 Jan 1858, married Fannie Clogston and died 4 Sep 1925.
       3. Alta3 Kimball born 10 Dec 1859 married Erskine McKinlay on 24 Jan 1890 and died 31 Oct 1914. 
       4. Minnie3 Kimball was born 10 Jan 1862 and did not marry.
       5. Mary (Mate)3 Kimball born 23 Jan 1866 in Orland and died 25 Nov 1911 Austin Co., TX.  She became a school teacher and married William Thomas Price Jr., 23 Apr 1891 in Elk Co., Kansas.
       6. Grace3 Kimball born 4 Oct 1871, married Donald C. McKinlay 22 Jul 1903 and died 4 Nov 1958.     
   7.  Miles B.2 Kimball was born 29 Aug 1826 in Whitehall, Washington Co., New York and  attended the first public schools taught in Orland.  He assisted his father and brothers in the making of the mill and in 1850 he went to the California gold fields and stayed until 1861.  Afterward he returned and invested in lands, and also conducted a hardware store in Orland.   For a time he was the owner of the flour mill known as the Greenfield Mill.   He married Elizabeth Persis Birch, of Gilead, Michigan on 9 Jan 1862.  He died 1 Sep 1895 and his wife on 6 May 1907, they are buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, East of Orland.  Miles and Elizabeth had the following four children:
       1.  Martha B.3 Kimball was born 15 Jul 1864 and married James Canse who was born 16 Dec 1860.  He died 25 Mar 1944 and she on 28 Mar 1938, both are buried in Greenlawn Cemetery.
       2.  Fred B.3 Kimball was born 12 Aug 1866 and attended public schools in Orland, Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio and Tri-State Normal College in Angola, IN.  He became a dealer in carriages and implements in Kansas City and remained in that city for about 20 years, returning in 1904.  He purchased a farm and became a stock dealer.  On 14 Jun 1905, he married Mary A. Wilder, daughter of Charles H. and Jennie (Casper) Wilder.  She was born on 28 Oct 1867 and graduated from Orland High School in 1883.  She attended Hillsdale College in Michigan and became a teacher in Orland High School.  In the Fall of 1892, she went to California where she taught school 10 years, then returned and became the first librarian in Orland.  He died on 30 Jul 1919 and she on 24 Mar 1927, both are buried in Greenlawn Cemetery.  They had two children: Miles W.4 Kimball born 3 Jun 1906, married Alberta Sorger on 11 Oct 1926 and died in Dec 1949 in Wisconsin.  And Charles Scott4 Kimball born 18 Jul 1910, and died on 22 Apr 1964, in Camden, N.J.  He is buried in Greenlawn Cemetery.
       3.  William3 Kimball was born 12 Aug 1871 and graduated from Orland High in 1891.  He died 4 Apr 1899 in Indianapolis, IN and is buried in Greenlawn Cemetery in Orland.  He was an assistant law librarian and member of the bar in Indianapolis at the time of his death.
       4.  Henry M.3 Kimball  (Harry) was born in Orland on 27 Aug 1878 and attended the town schools and graduated in 1894.  He then graduated from Hillsdale College in Michigan and served as principal of Orland.  He attended the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor graduating in law in 1904.  He commenced practice in Orland, moved to Rosebud, Nevada in 1907 and became a traveling auditor in 1908.  Moved to Portland, Oregon in 1909 and to Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1917 where he was elected as a Republican in the Seventy-Fourth Congress and served from 3 Jan 1935 until his death in Kalamazoo, Michigan on 19 Oct 1935.  He married Louise Young from Vicksburg, MI, who was born in 1878 and passed away in 1943.   They had one daughter, Louise.   His remains were cremated and the ashes buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Orland.                                                
And Now More Of The Story.....
   Many outstanding accomplishments were performed by the Kimball Family members.  They were noted many times in our county’s histories, but there is still at least one more item of importance.   Miles W.4 Kimball born in 1906, the son of Fred and Mary Kimball, was the founder of the well known  Miles Kimball Company  that sells cards and gift items, and is still in existence today, 65 years later.                                                                                                                                                                           

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Compiled by Jean Ann Childers