Lewis Teeters Genealogy

My name is Garron Morgan WOODRUFF. Please email if any of this info fits. Thanks.

SURNAME, first name: TEETERS, Lewis

Birth Date: Unk
Place of Birth: Unk

Death Date: Unk
Place of Death: Lewis and Martha both died prob Abilene KS

Spouse (Full name): Martha Elizabeth JACKSON b. 5 May 1845 d. 2 June 1929?
Parents of Spouse: Mary Ann (Champion) b. Beaver Co PA 29 Dec 1818 d. 25 Jan 1914
Abilene KS and William John JACKSON b. Sullivan Co NY 9 Dec 1814 d. 30 July 1902?
Marriage date: (of Mary and William) 29 Dec 1839
Place of Marriage: (of Mary and William) Unk

Children: (of Lewis and Martha) Etta b. 2 Sept 1866, John L. b. 23 Mar 1868, Elmer, William
Henry b. 24 July 1871 d. 5 June 1940, Harriet May b. 16 May 1876, Franklin Benjamin b. 17 Feb

Father: (of Lewis TEETER) Unk
Mother (include maiden name): (of Lewis TEETER) Unk
Siblings: (of Lewis TEETER) Unk
Other Relatives: (of Lewis TEETER) Unk

Occupation: (of Lewis TEETER) Unk

Other information: All I have are my deceased (1986 at 110yrs) grandmother's notes which I
found Jan 1999, with the marriage date 27 Dec 1863, Stuben Co. Indiana, and a list of the kids
written on a piece of paper. I don't know if either Lewis or Martha were living there or not yet, but
they ended up in Abilene KS. Martha had lots of brothers and sisters.

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